(Closed) No one to kill bugs for me!!

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Bumble bee
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GRRR. I hatee that. I can’t handle bugs. And spiders? Mann.. Good thing I have a well trained cat. If I say “Tom, LOOK!” he comes running and purring and eats whatever I’m upset about. Haha.

But I’d so prefer to have my SO here to handle it 🙁 We’re not even long distance, but I feel stupid calling him up to kill a bug for me. 


Maybe you should try vacuuming it? 


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Bumble bee

Hairspray and a lighter.


Disclaimer: If your bathroom or your eyebrows also catch on fire, I’m not to be held responsible.  😉

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Sugar bee
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The three things I hate start with S’s:
1. Sharks
2. Spiders
3. Snakes

All I gotta say is…GET OFF MEH!

I have to fill up my tires by myself. He always used to do that for me. 🙁

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Busy bee
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I survived a long distance relationship and fell in love all over again when I had a rogue cricket in my closet and he wasn’t there to kill it for me. I was on the phone, whining that I didn’t want to crush it (cricket juice, eww), when he told me, “Just spray something on it! Anything!”

Lucky for me, the closest thing at hand was a can of Scrubbing Bubbles. Ladies, it is the BEST THING EVER. You spray it on the bug, it dies, and bonus: it’s covered up by foam and you can’t see it. Then you can scrape it up with a piece of paper or something (quickly, before the foam dissipates), and toss it. Second bonus, your floor is clean, and you don’t have to worry about bug germs (or is that just me?).

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LOL, I don’t really mind killing the bugs, its everything else- I detest yardwork seriously my yard is horrid, which is crazy because the inside is AMAZING!  My latest task was changing a breaker and praying to God my 2 children did not find me dead in the hall with my hair fried. My fiance and I trade out weekends so he is here twice a month, but I hate to fill his entire weekend with man house chores.

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Bumble bee
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haha i hate bugs too! ugh, scary things!

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Bumble bee
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Uggggh I so feel you on the bug thing right now. Now that it’s wet and warm outside, the house centipedes are out in FULL FORCE and our house seems to have an especially large amount of them. I CANNOT STAND THOSE and there have been ones in the kitchen, above my bed in the morning, crawling in my bath towel, running UNDER my bed right as I’m about to go to sleep, and under the couch. Lord knows where else they might be. I see at LEAST one every day. And SO is not here most of the time (he visits 1-2 days/week usually) so I have to vacuum them up myself. I told him specifically that he’s changing this vacuum bag out because it’s going to be full of thousand-legger corpses D:

A couple weeks ago I walked into my bathroom after having just been in there a few minutes ago…and discovered THE MOST GIGANTIC house centipede you could ever imagine (seriously like 4″ long and 1″ or more wide) SQUASHED ON THE FLOOR. Like I had walked in there the previous time (I had the lights off that time, so this is plausible) and stepped right on it. Thank goodness I was wearing shoes. I literally had a bit of a breakdown and bawled on Skype to SO for half an hour afterwards because my brain couldn’t quite process the information.

Ugggghhh…our long-distance ends in TWO MORE WEEKS when SO moves in…I keep telling him that the #1 thing I’m excited for is having a resident bug killer…and I’m almost not even exaggerating.

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OMG!!! This sounds like what happened to me last week!! There was this weird spider-looking thing in my bathtub of all places and it was moving so fast and kinda jumping around. So I called Fiance and had him talk me through it. It was soooo scared it was going to jump on me when I tried to kill it. I put on a sweatshirt to cover my arms and put my hands in a pair of Uggs and just smushed it dead! I know I looked insane bundled up in the house with boots on my hands, but it worked.

I can’t wait until we live together because these critters are BOLD!

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