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Sugar bee

For ME:

1. That you can pee and throw up at the same time. 🙁

2. Morning sickness= ALL day sickness or evening sickness, it’s not over in the morning!

3. Throwing up gives you no warning…be it in the bathroom or the grocery store parking lot

4. How many times I have had to use the bathroom during the night

5. you are not tired, but EXHAUSTED!

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@MsMamaBear: oh my, I didn’t know you could be peeing and throwing up at the same time either!not my favorite thing, especially now that my morning sickness has seemed to return.


I didn’t know that once I got close to the end it would hurt sometimes when the baby moves and twists around.

restless leg syndrome – annoying!!

that nausea/sickness would return at 35-36 weeks.

that I would be 36 weeks and not have my hospital bag packed yet, but still be ready to meet our little dude.

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@mrstilly: You’re kidding about nausea returning, right? I JUST took off my Sea Bands. 🙁

One thing for me is sneezing hurts really bad, so I’m definitely not looking forward to when I laugh/cough and then have to pee.

I also didn’t realize that you aren’t second trimester until 14 weeks. I know, basic math, but I’ve never thought about it before.

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I’m only 7 weeks…but there are some things that have already surprised me

*My boobs would hurt so bad that I can’t sleep on my tummy and sometimes it even hurts on my side

*I am SO tired all day, but also have terrible insomnia at night

*That spotting could be normal. 

*It isn’t just constipation!  haha!  If you have IBS…the hormones can make it much worse.

*Your face will break out like you are 13 all over again!  haha!



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Sugar bee

mrstilly- It may just be me who has that problem.LOL I guess my body just goes crazy!

Nausea comes back? Oh, no. I’m just feeling human again!

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I got majorly freaked out when I started leaking milk during sex at 5 months. I ran and found my WTE book and frantically searched until I saw that that was normal and then I was like WHY DIDN’T THEY WRITE THIS IN BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS WHERE I WOULDN’T MISS IT.

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Sugar bee

ohheavenlyday- I just freaked out reading that! LOL But at least I got a warning!

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Busy bee

Nothing caught me off guard more then ACTUALLY seeing my child move while IN my tummy! o_O After the initial shock wore off it was pretty awesome, lol :).

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My big thing is on the emotional side:

I didn’t know that it was perfectly normal to seriously FREAK out about being pregnant when you first find out & not be that excited about it. I stressed, cried & fell into depression for the first couple of weeks after I found out. I felt like I would be a horrible mom because I wasn’t immediatly over the moon excited. Then all my sister-in-laws said “nope, that’s normal ~ hormones are a bitch” ha!


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Sugar bee

I think the first trimester surprised me the most.

That there are some days (especially in the first trimester) that pregnancy and mono felt the same.

Waking up to eat in the middle of the night because I was absolutely starving.

My boobs were in a race with my stomach to see which could grow the most.  I expected bigger boobs but not so early and so fast.

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I agree with troubled. The first trimester sucked big time. i didn’t even throw up but I felt like I had to 24/7. I was exhausted, starving, and I felt like I was turning green.

37 weeks sucks ass too. I’m just sayin.

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My first pregnancy syptoms were the ones that took me most by surprise. The first thing was the change in my vagina. My husband and I had sex about 2 weeks after conception an my vagina no longer felt the same way it had before. My OB said that’s normal. I had no clue your body changed like that. 

The other thing was the change in my skin. I got really bad eczema that left me scratching and scratching all the time. My doctor also said that is normal… just annoying. 

I also didn’t know that food cravings and aversions changed throughout the pregnancy. The first few weeks I could not get enough subway. I was literally eating subway everyday. Then one day any type of bread or meat made me want to hurl. I turned over to fruits an tomatoes and brocolli. Also in the first few weeks I craved soda and coffee, then, about the same time my food cravings switched, the smell of coffee and soda made me sick and now I can’t get enough water. It’s so weird. 

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@ShellyT: Based on what I’d read online I totally was expecting a vaginal ultrasound at my first appointment so I was surprised when mine WAS abdominal. 🙂

Couple of things that I wasn’t prepared for:

– The rate at which my boobs grew

– Numbness in the left leg (doc said it’s baby on a nerve – luckily I haven’t had pain)

– Sudden weakness/shakiness (doc said it’s my low blood pressure/low blood sugar)

– Bloody noses (might be partially due to the cold weather)

– Extremely dry skin/itching

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@firsttimemom: My chacha changed too! I was very freaked out. My case was the opposite of yours, where things just felt so jam packed that sex just became miserable for me all around.

• The cramps! Nobody talks much about the crazy period like cramps like I had during my first trimester. The occasional twinges, yes, but not the near-constant aching. That sucked.

• Random Bloody Noses. Apparently it’s from your increased blood supply and the stress on your nasal capillaries. I haven’t had any since I was a young kiddo, and now I feel so lame when they hit me with no warning.

• The excess saliva. Never was a drooler until pregnancy. Talk about embarrasing!

I feel like I was lucky in that I missed the most widely known pregnancy symptoms (nausea, cravings, puking) but I was hit with all the crazy uncommon ones. The fatigue hit me like a freight train, as did all the other random stuff. Saliva, bloody nose, cramping after sex. This is one crazy ride!

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