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@MuchGreater: Awww don’t get freaked out. Not everybody poops despite what that book claims. 🙂

Plus you’re just seeing a list of all the crappy stuff but I don’t think anyone experienced every single thing listed here. I personally never got ANY morning sickness. Although I did throw up once, but I’m pretty sure it was from bad food.

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@firsttimemom: I didnt poop 🙂 I did fart on the nurse but I apologized and that was that!!

The most amazing feeling is right after the baby comes out! It feels like you just had the most amazing poop of all time except you pooped out a living breathing human lol.


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@ChantelleyLace:  That made me laugh harder than I have in a while… thanks for that!!  LOL!

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nobody ever told me:

—if you start seeing stars or feeling it’s suddenly too warm and youre fanning yourself while everyone is in coats, means this could be it!!!

—that prenatal vitamins make you nauseated on an empty stomach

—you can get nauseated as early as 4 weeks!

—that its okay to take naps, its not taht I’m lazy, I’m tired

–that I would be dry heaving while walking down the sidewalks in front of people, any minute of the day

—nobody told me I would be eating round the clock to feel better; I must have increased my caloric intake by 30%

—that my sleep would be disrupted by this need to use the bathroom 3x a night, wow

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@Soon2beeMrsM:Yes those things MAY happen.  but the thing about pregnancy is it is so different for everyone.  #1-4 on your list didn’t pertain to me at all.  nor did I have crazy hormone emotions – in fact, I frequently reminded my husband how lucky he was that I was so not hormonal!!  I was crazy tired and queasy in the first trimester, peed all the time, got giant boobs and was surprised at how darn long it took to show – despite the fact that my clothes stopped fitting early on….

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i didn’t know that you could throw up so much in a day that all the blood vessels in your face pop.

that in a months time you can go from an A to a D in bra size

that you will never have more vivid and just plain weird dreams in your life!

 that waking up in the middle of the night to find a pool of blood on your pillow from your nose is normal.

waking up and you you cant see out of one eye. which i later found out blurry vision is a symptom of pregnancy and is also normal

that one minute you are in shorts and a t shirt in a foot of snow and the next you are wearing 5 sweaters and a parka cuddled up by the fire place.

bursting into tears, and your SO asks whats wrong and you have no idea why your crying but you are.

when the dr says he wants to check your cervix , hes  going to use his fingers

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Sneezing so hard you kinda pee

Crying during the credits of a movie because the song is sad

Coming to terms that there are mommy types out there that are batsh!t crazy

Drinking so much water you feel like a water buffalo

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this post scares me haha my sister is pregnant right now and she always gets these crazy pains and her MOOD SWINGS OMG she went from the nicest person ever and turned into a complete biitch. i know its the hormones but we all know its really her just out of her “shell” her skin changes, eating habits.. the fact that shes changing all the time it just seems so scary. I don’t know how you ladies do it… and how terrifiying it must seem throught the whole process. I applaude all you moms and moms to be! seriously… men don’t have to do squat. 

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Haha I can name what I’ve learned from my sisters four pregnancies. 

Mood swings:my first exposure to pregnancy in 6th grade. I come running in the door and my sister is laying on the couch bawlingher eyes out asking me to hug her. I go to hug her awkwardly and ask her whats wrong. In between sniffles and tears she wails out “I dont know but I love you so much!!”

Throwing up: It’s awesome to sleep in on the weekends when your in middle school. Not awesome to be woken up at odd hours on saturday morning because the bathroom sink shares a wall with my bedroom. 

Pooping while giving birth: This one shocked the hell out of me when I heard it COULD happen. For my sister it didn’t with all four of her girls BUT when they were giving her the epidural on the first one she had to sit up and all she could say was “ow ow owowow doctor have you ever had someone fart on you before?” him: ” um no not yet. But if you do thats perfectly okay” her:” Good because it feels like I’m going to” She didn’t but it was still funny all the same. 

The afterbirth: It looks like a flattened brain. (Remember I was in 6th grade) That’s all I could think of. And whil we’re on the subject… My cousin was only three years older and definitely at the wrong end and saw the baby come out. She ran to the bathroom and threw up (She still hasn’t had kids and when she does she wants two. At the Same time to get it over with. She was a little traumatized. haha Great birth control!!)

Leaking: This might be exclusive to my sister and probably gross. But I was really grossed out when she started leakin so at unexpected times she thought it would be the funniest thing to squirt me  …. Yeah funny sis. thanks. Again. 

Ice: During the birth she couldn’t get enough ice.

Food: Finding out what foods grossed her out and eating them in front of her anway. (mean I know but it was payback for her giving me a cup of “koolaid” when I was really thirsty and gulping it down only to spit it out and realize it was wine) She liked to play tricks on me a lot then too. I blame the pregnancy for that!

Also, some more things: Yes you can squeeze my hand hwile your pushing but PLEASE not so hard!! OW! 

I found out Even though I didn’t have a license and wasn’t of age I drove through downtown traffic to see my niece being born. (They told me she was coming. I got there and she was no where near close)

OMG babies go through so many diapers!! WTH!!! I had no idea until then. And my sister has four girls so you can imagine between diapers and toilet paper what they go through!

That’s all I can remember for now. But seeing the baby kicking was probably one of the most awesome things I have ever seen and felt. 

And now that they’re all here, it’s even more awesome because I’m the fun aunt that spoils them!! yeeee!!! 😀 Looking forward to our own in a couple years!! More him than me! haha He wanted me to get pregnant while he was deployed so “I won’t have to deal with your crazy hormones… I don’t know if you’ll let me survive to the end” Gotta love him. 

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I witnessed my Boyfriend or Best Friend give birth live. OMG seeing on tv doesnt compare. Speaking of the poop thing, she was a few hours into labor and told us she had to go bathoom. Here she goes trying hard to get off the table.  We look and told her. uumm no thats not a bowel movement… it the baby crowning. It was the funniest thing.

Oh and that placenta…yuck looks like a crime scene.

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What surprised me is that the time you kind of need the most accommodations because you are exhausted and nauseated all the time is the same time that you look totally normal and it’s too early to just tell everyone, so you have to suffer in silence.

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what surprised me was when i got my first nosebleed! i was like, WTF is wrong with me?!

And also the plugged ears. I get it all the time and it is sooo freakin’ annoying! but apparently “normal”.

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This is an amazing thread that needs to be “bumped”! Make the pregnant gals feel normal! LOL


I am SO surprised nobody mentioned hemorrhoids…. I was pregnant at 18 and had NO clue what to expect. Lets just say my friend’s Dad about fell out of the truck laughing when I told him why he had to rush me 30 miles to the hospital and the only Rx I had was for sitz baths and over the counter cream… ROFL I was more or less mortified! 


OH, and the random numbness in my ribcage/belly. Seriously, I would rather of had both feet fall asleep at the same time than deal with that… its a very strange sensation! (Remind me again why we are TTC?!? lol)

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I have been experiencing “pelvic vibrations’. Apparently it is your uterus  expanding, but it basically feels like you have something buzzing in between your legs…..

It is not uncomfortable, but so weird!

Has anyone else experienced this?

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