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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

We had postcards made up that had our picture on the front that said THANK YOU from J and K and our wedding date, but the back was blank and we wrote a personal message to each person.


Granted, i’m not done yet, and it’s been over a month since my wedding, but I have them all almost done!!


I think when alot of people said “do what you want” they meant that it’s my wedding and I should do what I want… but noone said that it wouldn’t be remembered in a year! How rude to say that!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2011

My FSIL’s wedding was amazing, she had all these beautiful little details and spent a fortune. It was an outside wedding, the chairs were set up early and then it rained a little bit later. I guess everyone assumed the chairs would dry by the ceremony and I guess no one checked, but once all the guests arrived the seats were still soaked. Everyone had to sit in wet chairs and when we all got up our butts had giant water spots!

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Honey Beekeeper
  • Wedding: July 2010

As much as it maybe sounds bad, I’d say that in general it is true that no one but the bride will remember little details and random things about the wedding a year later.  We as brides pay so much attention to these things for our own weddings but when other people look back on it, they aren’t going to remember what they ate, what flowers you had or the other little details you added.  They’re going to remember that it was beautiful and that they had a great time with family and friends (and they will also probably remember funny things that happened like everyone having wet butts from the seats! Smile)

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2010

Fav: cocktail hour chairlift ride during a summer wedding reception at a ski lodge

Less than fav: trying to find a reception venue that wasn’t in google maps/GPS and the directions card they’d given in the invitation was wrong

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: August 2011

I agree, people DO remember the really good and the really bad.  9 years later i’m still talking about the amazing dessert display and touching ceremony of a wedding were I was the “and guest” and didn’t know the bride and groom.  On the other hand, I definitely remember and still mention how friends of ours who got married about 3 years ago included their registry info on the invite and how they never sent thank you card.  (their whole wedding was horrible and yes, everyone still talks about the various horrible details)

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2011

To add another one: See I forgot about this!! I agree that people mostly remember the bad. I was a Bridesmaid or Best Man in a friend’s wedding and she had a huge affair with tons of extras, she actually had live peacocks (that was her theme) it was really neat. She also splurged on a big expensive ice sculpture shaped like a peakcock and no one knew what it was. When we talk about her wedding now most people refer to it saying something like, “oh yeah isn’t that the wedding where they ran out of beer?” thats what people remembered from her big day.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 2012

Oh! I can remember exactly who didn’t send me a thank you note out of all the wedding’s I’ve been too.

My old friends wife came into my store & was acting so cold to me… so I was like “Why are you so sour? Its not like YOU didn’t get a thankyou note for the gift you spent $100 on!” (PS. I wasn’t even invited to the reception) Seriously, it made me feel so much better. Now all is forgiven.

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Bee Keeper

OMG…the wet butt story is hilarious! Probably not for the guests, but funny to hear about!

I remember the very good and very bad too. There was one wedding where the meal took basically the entire evening. I was a little annoyed at that b/c they only had dinner music during dinner! But had a 7 course meal that basically took over the entire reception. They then lit off fireworks for the couple, which basically took the rest of the time, so zero dancing made a not so fun wedding.

On the other hand, I had never been to a black tie wedding prior to one I was in, and that was by far the best wedding I had ever been to. The cocktail hour alone was amazing with raw bars and pasta bars…the food was so darn good!

And, my best friend’s wedding was half Hindu and half Christian…it’s hard for that not to be memorable when it’s not your norm!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2015

I went to a wedding once that had a crazy SIL. She was wasted and was a therapist and saying she wanted to talk to me about being shy to my mom and kept calling me “antisocial girl”, It was actually super irritating. My aunt apologized the next day saying that she has needed “mental” help for a long time. I’ve been to a ton of weddings, One was a dry wedding and it was sooo boring, but we stayed for part of the reception anyway. Then the other wedding was my aunts and she had the ceremony in her backyard and we had to stand there and there was no chairs and you sunk into the backyard, and then my grandma caused a bunch of drama at the reception because my aunt didn’t dance with her first in the money dance and just ugh. It was bad. Lol. I’ve had only bad wedding experiences really. My family seems to be the epitath of drama and I’m having a no drama policy at my wedding, if you’re gonna cause drama you can leave!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: March 2018

I remember a lot of details, but I have always loved weddings. I was trying to justify chivari chairs and my mom said “no one remembers the chairs” and i proceeded to tell her what type of chairs were at every wedding I attended. (except one from when I was 12) lol. I really remember touching details and funny moments from all the weddings.

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Busy bee

I went to  my first southern Baptist wedding two years ago where there was no music, no dancing, and no alcohol allowed at the 4pm reception.  Everyone lined the walls of the hall (there were no chairs) and just watched the bride and groom visit each food station and get pictures.  My parents and I left after giving our well wishes and drove down to New Orleans for some fun. 

I don’t think it was a bad wedding at all, but it was just not what I am used to in weddings at all.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

I have been to and in sooo many weddings in my life and there are some I remember more than others. Do I remember the chairs? Not so much…but that doesn’t mean I’m NOT going to have chivari ballroom chairs! I’ll remember my own wedding so if I want 10 dollar chairs I’m getting them!

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Bee Keeper

I think that things that happen both before and during a wedding make people talk about them more so it triggers memories (and especially if no one will let you forget!)

In my case  it was more of my ‘bad luck dress’ that was a magnet for wedding disasters. The first time I wore it was for my sister’s wedding,which was 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter.  It was a beautiful green silk dress, and of course during dinner (and even tho I thought I was covered adequately), my Mother kept making a face at me across the table. I had no idea what she was doing,so I ignored her. Several minutes later she came over to me to tell me to go to the ladies room…….I was breastfeeding and the breast pads were soaked and leaking all over the front of my dress. OMG. I was mortified.

I wore it again to another friend’s wedding when someone reached across the table to shake someone’s hand and dumped an entire glass of red wine in my lap.

Even tho it was getting creepy that so many things that never happened to me before were happening when I was in this dress,I wore it yet again to my cousin’s wedding. After leaving the dance floor and stopping at some relative’s table to chat,I was asked to sit down. Yep. Down I sat, right on a huge piece of white icing that dripped from a cake plate on to the chair……….and once wiped off my dress , left a large greasy stain on the back of me.

I never wore it again.

I’ve been to weddings where an Aunt had a heart attack on the dance floor and the ambulance came. I’ve been to weddings at a camp in the mountains in front of a teepee, one where my BF’s Mother split her dress open doing some kind of tango, ones where we were treated like royalty, and one where half the wedding cards were stolen.

I think people will remember…especially if something exceptionally great or weird happens!

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