No period on Mirena…how would you know if you were pregnant?

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My ObGYN says he has never seen a pregnancy on it and he’s the specialist for them in the city… I had a scare with pregnancy like symptoms probably a side effect to the Mirena… 

Even though you don’t get a period you get monthly symptoms when youre ovulating, so I would guess that you’d just feel it other ways in your body?

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I’ve been on mirena for almost 4 years and while I don’t get an actual period, I can tell when my body is cycling for what would be a period. The symptoms are subtle but they’re there. I get a little tenderness in my breasts, a tiny bit of emotional change (I’ve never been a stereotypical PMS’er but I always get a little extra sentimental and sappy around certain phases of my cycle); at the risk of Too Much Information there are subtle changes in my body’s discharge too, not proper spotting but a little change in the amount and texture of what my body produces. It’s very predictable and if something was “off” I would probably be able to tell.

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I’m interested in this as well! I have Paragard, which I’m both happy with and still adjusting too, and the potential for no periods on Mirena is both tempting and slightly worrying to me. I think if I was on it, I would probably take a dollar store pregnancy test every month or two just to be sure until I got used to what my normal body signals would be while on it.

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As pp said, although my mirena stopped my bleeding during my period, I still have all the other symptoms, except cramps. I’m irritable, bloated, etc. And I usually spot for 1 day (i’m talking like 1 pantyliner for 1/2 a day) So, I still know I am having my period and my body is cycling through. I would know if I missed my period, just as I would if I was bleeding normally. 

You would know you are pregnant from other pregnancy symptoms…morning sickness, tender breasts, etc. And unfortunately, most pregnancies that occur while an IUD is in place, either miscarry or are tubal. So, you would probably experience abnormal bleeding and cramping. 

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Unfortunately, the same goes for any hormonal method of contraception, as you do not get proper periods on any of them, including the pill.

I’ve been on one method or another for 10 years now, inclduing the mini-pill, which I’ve had no periods at all on, for the last 2.5 years. Pregnancy just doesn’t concern me because the chances are so small.

I imagine if you were to get pregnant, you would experience other symptoms of pregnancy. Failing that, women who are very paranoid bulk-buy pregnancy tests and just test once a month or so to be on the safe side.

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I have the mirena. I had my son july 29th 2014. I had the iud put in the next month. I have never had a period, spotting, nothing. Here lately i keep having bad pains off n on in the bottom of my stomach. Sometimes i get pains so bad that hurt up in my sides, hips and part way in my legs. Its affecting my sexual relationship cause i never want to have intercorse but everytime i do have intercourse it hurts to wear im in tears. My husband says he can feel it stabbing him. Iv went to had my strings trimmed. But it still hurts him. Iv never tried to feel for my strings so idk if its even in place. Iv been having symptoms of pregnancy again but im just thinkin its the symptoms of the iud. Im scared of getting pregnant again while on it. And iv read that u cant take home pregnancy test with it cause it will always read negative. I think im gonna have a blood pregnancy test done to be on the safe side and i think im getting it removed. I just cant handle the pain anymore. Is what i said earlyier normal? Or is something maybe wrong?

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I had the Mirena for 6 years with no periods, and honestly I don’t think I would have been able to tell until other symptoms would have started to kick in. I didn’t have any CM, rarely felt cramps (maybe 2x/year), and couldn’t have told you what my cycles looked like at all. 

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I had the mirena and after persevering for 6 months had it out as it made me feel pregnant constantly. I’m sure it’s great for many and I was just unlucky but I did take many HPTs over those 6 months – all negative, thankfully. I’d been having swollen breasts and associated pain with nausea for a while but final straw was nearly vomiting on way to work. As I mentioned, not everyone has a bad time on it but in answer to your question, it was a very confusing time!

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I’ve been on the mini pill since October 2015 and haven’t had a period since. I do worry sometimes that I wouldn’t know if I was pregnant but I’m sure that you would know by the pregnancy symptoms.

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dmlotts93 :  My fiance can still feel it so that’s normal. Just something he’ll have to get used to. But I’d ask a doctor about the pain. This is the second time I’ve had Mirena and I didn’t have an issue with pain like that until it had started to embed into my uterine wall. I went to the hospital because the pain was so bad i couldnt take it anymore and they did an ultrasound where they told me to make an emergency appointment with my OBGYN as soon as they opened the next day to have it removed because if it embeds into your uterine wall and isnt removed quickly enough it can cause serious reproductive harm and surgery for the removal. Luckily we caught mine.

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