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MissMelly:  Cutting down on excercise is okay, but you will see more improvement if you add calories to your diet. I’d try to add just 100-200 extra calories in healthy fat a day. An extra handful of almonds or a spoonful of peanut butter is all you would need. I know it is scary to think about gaining weight, but there is a reason you are not having a period right now. Our bodies are smart, and right now your body knows it would be a hostile environment for a baby to develop, and so it is protecting you and your future offspring by not allowing you to have one.


Its important to have a smidge of extra fat on the body. It will tell your body that you are not at risk for starvation and so it is safe to deliver more nutrients and calories to your developing baby. Not eating enough and not having enough nutrients to share can put your child at risk for poor organ and brain development, a spectrum of disabilities, and can cause miscarriages. It can also put your life at risk. So bare these things in mind while you weigh maintaining your figure against conceiving.


you can always lose weight after baby. Plenty of hard working moms out there still have six packs.

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Also, I’ll add that the most probable cause of you not gaining fat back is because you have built so much muscle. Muscle burns  calories while at rest, so even if you are not exercising you will have trouble gaining weight back if you do not increase your calorie intake.


if you don’t know what your intake is I would strongly suggest tracking it with my fitness pal for 2 weeks to get an idea of your daily average and then add 100-200 extra calories to your daily diet, track it, and increase as needed until you start gaining weight.

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I would recommend increasing your body fat. You can do this in a healthy  way by eating meats and nuts. I was 110 lbs. When I found out I was pregnant. At one point due to a surgery I was 103 lbs and my periods were off. By 108 lbs I noticenoticed a steady cycle and was able to concieve. It’s my 1st baby and everything is good so far, at 8 weeks along. Good luck and your weight does look just fine by looking at your picture. Very pretty! 

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I second all of the really good advice about gaining weight and eating more.  When you lose your period from overexercise and weight loss, it is very common to need to gain back more weight than you lost in order to get your period back.  I never got my period when I went off the pill — I was very lean but certainly a “healthy” body weight.  I had to gain about 7-10 lbs (up to my heaviest weight in my life!) in order to get my period back.  It was worth it though.  When your body starts shutting down non-vital systems in order to conserve energy, you are not as healthy as you could be, regardless of your BMI, regardless of how you look.  Women’s bodies often need a bit of padding in order to be capable of reproduction.  Think of it as building a luxury cruiser for your little one.

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MissMelly:  Two things come to mind. Are you having any other symptoms? My cousin hasn’t had a period in a year and has been having headaches. She just found out she had an issue with a cyst or something on her pituitary gland. Probably not that serious, but they couldn’t diagnose it for close to a year. They kind of stumbled upon it. 

Also, my BFF was thin, but within the normal range and she worked out a lot. Her periods were very very irregular. She stopped working out and began getting regular 30 day cycles and got her BFP 3 months later. Try eating healthy fats. Whole milk, almonds, avocados. All help to regulate. 

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MissMelly:  Make sure you are eating whole fat dairy (grass-fed, if possible). Low fat and non-fat dairy is horrible for women’s health and fertility. You could also have an underlying nutritional deficiency (many of us are magnesium deficient) I worked with a Fertility Nutritionist that helped me get healthy for my pregnancy. She did a hair analysis and really helped me target the right foods and supplements. If you are interested (she takes virtual patients), PM me. 

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Start eating and charting!

Get your BMI higher. Even then, it takes a few months for your body to catch up so don’t panic for at least 3-5 months. 

Chart to see if/when you are ovulating. Even if your period isn’t back, charting will give you a baseline of what your temps are like so when you do ovulate, you will know almost immediately. No time wasting.

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MissMelly:  Try taking Vitex. It’s a herbal remedy for hormonal imbalance. I starting taking this when my periods became irregular just to try and balance my levels and I was pregnant in 2-months and not trying. Now I’m not thin or have a low body fat %, just the opposite but it may help! it’s inexpensive and worth a try. Good luck!

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MissMelly:  It sounds like you most certainly have hypothalamic amenorrhea (google it, read everything you can). What is your Estradiol level? Based on your picture, you probably need to gain another 10 pounds. Vitex won’t cut it. This is a really complicated problem and it takes a while to fix. Good luck!

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