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  • poll: What are your hand-washing habits?
    I wash my hands, with soap, every single time I use the bathroom. : (260 votes)
    42 %
    I use soap sometimes, but not all the time. : (151 votes)
    24 %
    I only use soap when I actually get something on my hands. : (62 votes)
    10 %
    I don't wash my hands. : (19 votes)
    3 %
    I openly judge people who don't use soap/wash their hands. : (108 votes)
    17 %
    Kittens lick their paws, so why can't that be enough? : (23 votes)
    4 %
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    Did you tell her her eyeshadow was disgusting?  I dont know why she felt the need to impart her glorious wisdom on you.

    I really don’t like soap in public restrooms.  My skin does not agree with them, but sometimes I will use them.  Like you, I use my foot to flush.  Don’t sweat it.

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    How does she know what you did in the stall?  For all she knows you may have adjusted your panty hose- which does not necessitate soap.

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    I was my hands with soap a lot. I used to get sick ALL the time and it has really helped cut that down. I also work in a lab so I wash my hands a lot, but the bathroom is a non-negotiable. Sorry but I agree with the judgy-wudgy lady (though I never would have said that!!!).

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    @inspiredcreations:  Did you touch the stall door or the door to the bathroom? There are germs everywhere. People touch those doors when they might have stuff on their hand from #2. It’s not so much me that I worry about.

    I have to admit that the idea of not using soap when going to the bathroom (especially in a public place) grosses me out. I sometimes even sanitize after I wash my hands if I can’t open the bathroom door w. a piece of paper towel.

    I am a bit of a germophobe but I think most people don’t wash their hands properly. That’s probably why colds/flu etc. spread so easily.

    I try to wash or at least sanitize my hands before eating in public as well.

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    Most hand soap REALLY dries out my hands, so I will always use it after #2, but not always after #1. I also flush with my foot and open the door with a paper towel.  Thankfully our office has a purell dispenser right outside of the bathroom so I ALWAYS use that.

    Edit:  And to add…(and sorry this is probably totally gross to most), I grew up in a household where I was never taught to wash my hands after going to the bathroom, as well as never taught to wipe front to back, etc.  My Mom was not good at that stuff.  I never ever got sick, and I continue to never get sick nowadays.  I probably get a cold every 5 years and I don’t think I’ve had the flu for 10 years or so.

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    My skin is SUPER dry and pretty much all soap makes it worse. I usually don’t wash unless I have lotion around. I like what @MASPA:  said, you should have told her that her eyeshadow was disgusting.

    Women are so judgemental.

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    I’m a clean freak.  I wash my hands with soap  every.  single.  time.   Darling Husband doesn’t, however, he only uses soap sometimes, sometimes just plain water, and it bugs the crap out of me, lol.  I’ve never said anything to him about it, though.

    Hand sanitizer dries my skin out worse than soap does, I think I’m a little allergic to that stuff.  I only use it if forced to.

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    I always use soap (and hand sanitizer if I’m at work or out in public) because I think it’s hygeinic and I don’t want to get ill or spread illness. I think everyone should use soap personally.

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    I’m OCD about cleanliness and germs so I probably wash my hands about 50 times a day and use hand sanitizer…especially during the cold and flu season (yeah I know I’m crazy lol)

    But that lady was damn rude and I would tell her to ming her own business!!! There would probably have been more germs on your hands if you touched the soap dispenser in a public washroom anyways!!!

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    I wash my hands with soap each time, and while I wouldn’t loudly and rudely point it out if somebody didn’t, it’s something I’d notice.  I totally get that you may not have actually touched your hands to anything, and I also know the argument that too much soap/hand sanitizer lowers your immunity or whatever… but it’s just one of those things that’s been ingrained in me since childhood.

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    I almost always wash with soap and water. The only time I won’t is if I am at home and quickly peed without touching anything icky. If I am in public, I always do – even if I think I didn’t get anything on me. And yes, I absolutely judge people who don’t wash their hands – though I can’t say I’ve ever been concerned enough to notice if others use soap. I really only judge when someone leaves a stall then heads straight out the door, making it obvious they didn’t wash up.

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    I’m allergic to at least 50% of soaps. I often don’t use it in public bathrooms because I don’t know if I’ll react to it or not. (reactions range from hives to full on oozing mouth sores if I inhale the fragrance) The soap in the bathroom at work is not ok for me. However I do work in a lab with 3 bottles of soap, one of which I can use. So if I really need to wash my hands I go back to my lab.

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    What a….twat! I can’t stand people like that. Its not like you were serving food and she dosn’t know what you were doing in that stall. I wash my hands after going #1 or #2 (I am not good about avoiding touching the handle and such) but I also wash them when I was just in the stall changing because of judgemental people like this. I don’t know why I should care….

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    I use purell at my desk. I seriously hate touching my work’s nasty sinks. There’s scum everywhere. ugh. I also never get anything on my hands.

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