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  • poll: What are your hand-washing habits?
    I wash my hands, with soap, every single time I use the bathroom. : (260 votes)
    42 %
    I use soap sometimes, but not all the time. : (151 votes)
    24 %
    I only use soap when I actually get something on my hands. : (62 votes)
    10 %
    I don't wash my hands. : (19 votes)
    3 %
    I openly judge people who don't use soap/wash their hands. : (108 votes)
    17 %
    Kittens lick their paws, so why can't that be enough? : (23 votes)
    4 %
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    Bumble Beekeeper
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    It is a courtesy to others that you wash your hands.  I am always bothered when someone doesn’t, not that I would shout it out-

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    Sugar bee
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    I have itchy hands (eczema) so I only wash my actual fingers. I used to lather up my whole hands but it irritates me too much. 

    Also, watch Contagion. It will freak you the F out

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    I mostly wash my hands after using public restrooms.   You never know what someone might have.  I will also use my sleeve, or a paper towel to open the doors, because you never know who hasn’t washed their hands. Now, I don’t use Purell, or anything like that, because I believe that anti-bacterial things like that has two negative results: 1. weaker immune systems, and 2. stronger bacteria.  I will occasionally wash my hands, after, at home, if something actually gets on my hands, or if I have defecated.

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    I only really wash my hands at work – if someone is in the bathroom.  I know that sounds gross, but I hate bathroom hand soap.  I keep hand sanitzer on my desk and use it frequently.  I rarely touch anything in the bathroom, our bathroom doors have foot pulls so you don’t have to actually touch them, except to lock.  If I am going to get sick from germs on a lock, so be it.

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    I actually can’t use soap in public restrooms. In many of them there is a certain ingredient I am allergic to and I am jut not willing to take the risk of trying that particular soap out just to see. I always have hand sanitizer with me so if I feel like I need it, I use it after rinsing my hands with water.

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    @KateByDesign:  People get feces on their hands and those germs when they wipe their be-hind, you would be surprised!  After touching the same surfaces as people that have been going number 2, I wash those puppies 🙂

    I see poop all over in public restrooms- so gross!  I just hate public restrooms!  And if THEY didn’t wash- eeeeew!

    When I was teaching kids- they literally would get poop all over every surface.  Not only kids are in public restrooms- all kinds of people!  EW!

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    I wash my hands every single time.  I’ve noticed I haven’t  been getting sick like a I did the whole time I was growing up. I also line that toilet seat like a champ with toilet paper.

    However it really pisses me off when they do n’t have paper towels in the restroom and I have to use my freshly washed hands to open the freakin door to get out.

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    My husband washes his hands before using the restroom as well as after.  He always says he doesn’t want any gross germs on his private parts!  I guess he has a point . . .

    I don’t do that, but I do ALWAYS wash with soap after using the restroom.  I try to be pretty religious about it all the time though, as I work in a place where if people get sick they could lose a big chunk of their year’s income.  I don’t want to be responsible for that!

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    @cbee:   Ew! hahaha

    I had an ex boyfriend who worked at a famous chain restaraunt.  They had a disgruntled customer go into the bathroom and write “F YOU” on the mirror with her own feces.  A WOMAN!  Unfortunately I can expect that from a man.

    But, how gross!!!

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    @Cady:  I dont even eat at take out places..thats how paranoid Iam about germs (I also have a bad stomache problem that stops me from doing so nayways) I think that girl was a twat also! (love that word hahaha)

     @inspiredcreations:  OMG dont even get me started about airplanes!! I dont touch anything on it! The worst thing to touch is the little pocket behind the seat that holds the magazines to buy things…eww!

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    Sugar bee

    In public? Soap, all the time, every time. 1 – because it’s a public restroom (can anyone say gross?). 2 – because I don’t want the perception to be that I’m some nasty germ spreader. Same goes for restrooms in someone else’s home.

    At home? It’s a little more lax. I usually use soap. Sometimes I don’t, like in your example, if I didn’t touch anything “dirty” and didn’t soil my hands in any way. I know my Darling Husband doesn’t wash his hands every time he pees and I’m not actually grabbing my genitals when I use the restroom. We’re not germ-toting potential patient zeros by any means. There just aren’t any soap-police monitoring our bathroom habits in our home. We are pretty clean though.

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    @KateByDesign:  That is funny and disgusting at the same time.

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    If I wet my hands at all, I use soap.  If, like you, I did nothing that got my hands dirty and am feeling lazy (or my hands are ulta-dry from over-washing, then I don’t wash them with water or soap and just walk out.

    I do think it’s weird to not use soap if you’re going to bother getting them wet.  Why would you not use soap??  I also always wash my hands if someone is watching to avoid moments like this.

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    I don’t judge others for not using soap, as a kid I didn’t in public washrooms because of allergies.  Now, the thought of not doing so grosses me out.  I actually do wash my hands or at least use hand sanitizer anytime after touching money.  I know other people don’t, so I wash my hands as soon as I get home.

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    I always wash my hands after going to the bathroom, at work, in a public restroom, at home, you name it. I do think it’s disgusting when people don’t, and I will judge you for it. I probably wouldn’t say anything to you but I would visibly raise my eyebrows.

    I also don’t think hand sanitizer is a replacement for soap. Firstly, I’m not a fan of them because they actually contribute to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, so when they do just as good of a job as good old soap and water, I think they are best left as a last resort. Only places I will use hand sanitizers are really scuzy public places (subways, planes, doctor’s offices, etc)

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