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  • poll: What are your hand-washing habits?
    I wash my hands, with soap, every single time I use the bathroom. : (260 votes)
    42 %
    I use soap sometimes, but not all the time. : (151 votes)
    24 %
    I only use soap when I actually get something on my hands. : (62 votes)
    10 %
    I don't wash my hands. : (19 votes)
    3 %
    I openly judge people who don't use soap/wash their hands. : (108 votes)
    17 %
    Kittens lick their paws, so why can't that be enough? : (23 votes)
    4 %
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    @inspiredcreations:  I agree with you. I often touch literally nothing except my own pants when I”m in the bathroom, and yet all day I’m touching dirty subway poles, keyboasrds, other people’s hands… and the only time when we’re expected to wash our hands is after the bathroom?! I think it’s much more important to wash my hands when they’re dirty, which can be any time. 

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    Every single time.  I teach that to kids as well.

    I’m sorry but I’m siding with that woman on this one.  No soap = gross.  Rinsing doesn’t clean anything.

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    @ChemistryBride:  Is there anything to back that up?  I haven’t seen anything linking alcohol-based hand sanitizers to antibiotic resistance.

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    See it this way – I did a training for restaurant hygiene a few years ago – 


    Picture a buffet table. All people who touch the service forks and spoons in the different kinds of foods, in some restaurants hundreds of people..and how many DO actually wash their hands etc after no 1- no 2? Think if they actually got poo on their hand or something? And, can you imagine all of those germs? 

    After that .. I stopped eating buffets. 



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    One thing I find interesting is the increase in auto-immune diseases in the children of “hygenically superior” countries.  While I was raised to be paranoid of germs by my mother and grandmother (always wash hands with soap, open the door with a paper towel, etc), I find articles like this (Hygiene Hypothesis) very interesting.  Especially if you consider that sodas were once regarded as “healthy”.

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    I use the restroom like a gazillion times a day. Because I already have super-dry hands, I do not wash my hands every time. I wash them before touching food, after #2, and roughly 50% of the time otherwise.

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    I am someone who uses soap, and usually a LOT of it.  I must admit to being unhappy and even grossed out when I use a public restroom — particuarly in a fast-food establishment or other restaurant! — where there the dispenser is empty. Ewwww.

    However, I could not even imagine having the audacity to admonish a perfect stranger for not using soap in a public restroom.

    A number of years ago, late in the day, when few people remained in the office, I was in a restroom in the building where I worked, and, even though there were many stalls, I could tell I was not the only person present.  I could hear the rustling of the pages of a newspaper while the other person and I both apparently were there to, well, conduct similar business.

    What astounded me is when a very high-ranking person in our organization emerged from the stall and simply folded up her newspaper, tucked it under her arm, and walked straight out of the restroom without bothering to stop to wash her hands. Although I suppose it’s possible that she, like some of you, may be allergic to the soap or something and perhaps was returning to her office to use hand sanitizer instead (a possibility I had not ever even considered until reading this thread), I was stunned that someone in her position would do this.

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    Soap and water.  Every time.  To be honest the fact that I’ve discovered from this thread that people flush the toilet with their foot (that’s a new one on me) takes my horror of public restrooms to a new level.  Great – now I don’t just have to worry about being in contact with all of the regular gross things in a public bathroom – there’s ‘street dirt’ on the handle too. Ace. Think of all the gross things you see lying on the pavement…

    Yes, I’m almost like Sheldon…I’m a step away from buying ‘bus pants’.

    I wouldn’t call someone out on it though, to answer that part of your question, but as others have said I do think that basic handwashing is a common courtesy.

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    @cornflowerblue:  You could just start foot flushing too Smile

    It’s something I’ve done for a long time.  I do a funny twist thing so my face isn’t facing towards the toilet when I do it to avoid as many droplets as possible.

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    @HisIrishPrincess:  I use my sleeve when there aren’t any paper towels.

    I always wash my hands! I hate thinking about the door handle, the locks on the stall doors, etc– bleechh! And I do judge people who I see not using soap, I admit, but I would never actually say anything to their face– that’s just rude.

    The thing in public bathrooms that freaks me out the most is the menstrual-product disposal box, if it is one you have to touch with your hands to use. Ugh ugh ugh, other people’s blood and crotch germs. EEW. I really like it if the ladies’ trash in each stall is in one of those lovely trash cans with the foot-pedal opener.

    I also always flush with my foot and keep my face far away from the toilet bowl while it flushes. The toilet aerosols gross me out as well.

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    @ChemistryBride:  Other than the last one (wouldn’t load), those are all about antibacterial cleaning products that have something like triclosan in them.  That’s very different than an alcohol-based sanitizer.

    There might be a link, but I just haven’t come across any yet myself.

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    Previously I just did a water rinse after going #1 too. I didn’t feel like there was much harm in it since I’m not actually coming in contact with urine, and even if I did, it’s sterile…however

    I realized the other day that all day long I’m coming in contact with OTHER germy stuff… my keybord, the doorknobs, phone, elevator button and on and on, so washing up with soap the 5 times a day or so that I go pee is a GREAT opportunity to kill some of those germs, and help reduce the spread of colds etc…

    So, now I use soap all the time.

    She was pretty rude though.

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    I usually use soap when I wash my hands after the bathroom, but I wouldn’t feel the need to say something to someone else who doesn’t.

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    @AB Bride:  While it depends on the specific formulation of the sanitizer, many of the alcohol based ones that I have seen also have non-alcohol antibacterial agents in them as well (especially ones with lower alcohol %, it needs to be at least 60% alcohol to kill bacteria effectively). And it is the first active ingredient in any alcohol-free hand santizer, so I do think it’s still relevant.

    While it’s a much lower risk if you buy a high alcohol % hand sanitizers with no added antibacterials, the average consumer doesn’t generally know what to look for, or look closely at the ingredients label when they pick up a bottle of hand sanitizer. I’m not saying it’s dooming us to create more drug resistant bacteria, but when hand washing with non-antibacterial agents has been shown by the CDC to be just as effective, I think it’s a more conscientious method.

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