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Oh my god, stop the judgment! Leave the poor woman alone. IT’S FINE!!!

(OP, before you get mad at me, I’m directing this more at some of the people who’ve responded than at you. Your original post was not necessarily judgmental.)

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ann.reid.9277:  seriously?!  Desperate to drink?  Maybe she just likes beer!  I’m pregnant and sometimes I have a sip of my husbands beer or wine.  And I’ve had an ODouls. It does not make me desperate to drink.  It means I like beer.  

And Yes it’s probably healthier for me and baby to drink only purified sparkling water for my entire pregnancy, but damn it no one is perfect.  It would also be healthier for me to never ever eat a chocolate chip cookie and only eat fruit and vegetables my entire pregnancy.  But that’s not happening either.

Get off your high horse.

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Bellagiobride:  yes, my doctor told me one or two non alcoholic beers is absolutely fine.  You would need to drink 8 bottles to have the equivalent of 1 normal beer.  

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My pregnant friend told me that her doctor says it’s okay to drink wine occasionally, she just had her baby last month and it’s completely healthy. I personally wouldn’t want to risk it though, I could never forgive myself if something I did during my pregnancy affected my baby’s health. 

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Sometimes I drink alcohol removed wine when I’m around my friends that are imbibing. I guess, according to this thread, I should probably check into AA to treat the underlying alcoholism that this indicates. 

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In the 70s, pre term labor was treated with IV alcohol. It was a terribly effective tocolytic, although I hear the L&D ward smelled like a bar. Thankfully, medicine has advanced and now we have Magnesium sulfate (which can make people almost as sick).  That said, I know many OBGYNs and Midwives who recommend a wine or beer later in pregnancy to help stop cramps. It wont stop real labor, but can relax the uterus, like a shot of terbutaline can, and break an annoying braxton hicks pattern.

We can’t really study effects of fetal alcohol exposure very well, since we can’t ethically expose babies to alcohol for the sake of science. All we have is cases of bad fetal alcohol exposure, which we know causes problems.  So yeah, ACOG cannot recommend a safe amount because they just don’t know. 

My personal opinion is NA beer is gross (the one’s I’ve had), but has a pretty negligible amount of alcohol. Pretty sure there is no harm done, even if she has one every day. I would say the same thing about a regular wine or beer esp in the third trimester.

Pro tip: if you’re ever on a flight where someone is going into labor, get them drunk, it will buy you time to get on the ground and may prevent an in-flight delivery. (kidding, but not really)

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I just tried one the other day and am 11 weeks!  I love beer, particularly strong hoppy ones but even the non alchoholic beer gave me something cold to sip on.  I plan to keep having them on occasion and will probably eventually allow myself sips of my husbands drinks… My friend would drink a full glass of wine in her third trimester maybe once a week and if my doctor approves it I may do the same!   Sheesh, the judgement!!

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I wouldn’t  think twice if my friend had a regular beer once in awhile while pregnant.  She’s an adult and my judging isn’t going to change anything.  I’m one to look at the actual risk vs perceived risk.  The perception in the U.S. is that a sip of champagne dooms the fetus.  In reality that does not seem to be the truth.  Otherwise the many surprise babies would be walking poster children for women of childbearing age to abstain pregnant or not.  

I wouldn’t think she had an alcohol problem either.  Maybe she wants to be social.  Maybe someone just brewed a great batch of home brew and she wants a small taste.  

I can’t imagine non-organic strawberries or HFCS or aspartame are good for a fetus either, but no one would judge a mom getting her fruit or having a soda with her pizza.

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My sister did it, though she wasn’t proud of it. It’s the equivalent of a large sip per bottle. Everything in moderation. It’s like 0.5% alcohol as opposed to the 5+% on most beers. I wouldnt do it (I dont love beer that much), but my niece is perfectly healthy.

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Bellagiobride:  I hope the baby will be fine.  It’s a small amount of alcohol.  I’m sure your friend is not the first and won’t be the last to drink a bit while pregnant.  Before I found out I was pregnant, I drank a good bit (because I was in college, and having fun) and the moment I found out I was pregnant I stopped drinking and a year later, my daughter is perfectly happy and healthy.

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If it’s nonalcoholic I don’t see why it is a big deal.  If the level of alcohol is so small why would it matter?

There is alcohol in orange juice and apple juice FYI.

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I’m no expert, but I have read a lot of research into this subject, especially as I’m newly pregnant. From what I’ve read she’d have to drink a crapton of non-alcoholic beer to cause any sorts of issues. Like over 10 of them all in a row. Which seems unlikely. So I’d say she’s probably just fine. Especially if it’s with food. Large amounts of alcohol should certainly be avoided. As should drinking quickly or on an empty stomach. But, I believe, the total ban emphasized in the US is more a product of our letigious society and the fact that it’s easier to just tell people to avoid it altogether, than to talk about how it can be done safely. This attitude of trying to eliminate anything that could, potentially, cause risk to a pregnancy, is also what’s lead to tons of unnecessary restrictions, “just in case”. I also know OBs who think that if they tell a woman that it’s okay to have a glass of wine per week, suddently women won’t be able to stop themselves from having eight. I, however, think most women can understand the concept of moderation. Personally, I try to be more realistic and scientific about risk. So, I’m comfortable letting myself have an occasional small drink with dinner once I hit my second trimester and I’m not worried about it. I realize that lots of women find it preferable to just stop alcohol altogether during pregnancy, and if that works for them, great. I have no issue with that, at all. I try not to judge other people’s choices and I appreciate when they don’t judge mine.

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Unless she’s drinking a freaking case of them a night I think her baby will be absolutely fine. Let’s try to keep the sanctimomy judgments to ourselves.

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JenGirl:  This is pretty much how I feel.

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