(Closed) Non-Americans, decided against or cancelled travel to the US since the election?

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  • poll: Have you changed your mind about travel to the United States since Trump won?

    Yes! I cancelled current plans to travel to the US

    Yes! I don't have current plans, but have decided against future travel to the US

    No, Trump hasn't impacted my plans to travel to the US

    I am American, I'll comment below.

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    UK here. I find it interesting that a lot of the Bees I’ve seen on this thread commenting that people are whining or being ridiculous are some of the ones that appear in other threads saying they won’t travel to areas recently affected by terrorism. I’m reminded of the various threads wondering if people should cancel plans to Paris in light of their numerous recent terror attacks. People were more than happy to boycott a country if they were to be attacked as a white person but they can’t recognise that minorities or POC can’t experience that same fear. And if anyone white boycotts they can’t recognise the solidarity to support POC and register their unhappiness with the result.

    Everyone has the right to spend their money and free time however they choose. 

    After the Brexit vote there were people saying they didn’t want to travel to the UK, some out of fear and some out of protest. It doesn’t matter that my country feels no different than it did before and that I personally have not noticed an increase in racist attacks but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. People are allowed to boycott the UK for whatever reason and I can probably provide a few more reasons. I’m also allowed to feel saddened that nobody wants to visit my country and I did feel saddened when people mentioned they weren’t coming here but they’re entitled to make that choice. So I get why the US Bees feel upset but you can’t change what people feel.

    Personally, the election results will not influence my plans. It would be highly unlikely that I would travel to the US in the next four years anyway. However, if a US trip was on the plans I wouldn’t change them. It’s not that I agree with the actions of Trump or believe in supporting a racist. But I believe it wouldn’t be Trump I would be hurting with my actions, it would be those working in the tourist industries who would possibly be hurt by a mass boycott, some of whom are going to be minirities who are already scared. Personally I don’t think these people need a threat of job loss in addition to everything else they’re facing at the moment. Obviously if I visited and a place which had obviously racist staff or slogans I would not give them my money as I don’t believe I should support such activities.

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    barbie86 :  That’s fair enough if you would apply the same logic to other countries. I agree that the comparison can’t always be made, for example in countries which do not have a democracy.

    I suppose I’m failing to see how stopping travelling to a country for social reasons is helping the situation. I’m assuming it is simply a matter of principle. Perhaps I simply don’t care enough about politics to allow it to affect the choices I do still have – if I dislike Trump I would only start disliking him more if I felt forced to cancel a holiday I had looked forward to, therefore I would have made the current situation even more irritating for myself.

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    loz24 :  Agreed that cancelling a travel plan is more likely to hurt the tourism industry in said country rather than their leader. Also important to note, the person you will affect/hurt the most by cancelling something you previously wanted to do is ‘yourself’ – by allowing something like this to limit your exposure to the world and new experiences.

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    jpbee :  but America until recently did the same thing to Cuba for a very long time but that was a government directive (offically banning travel to a whole country and an embago on goods) rather than civillan choice. So how is that right or better? 

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    j_jaye :  It isn’t right, or better. I suppose they have set a bad example by doing that and possibly inadvertently encouraged some into the latest boycott (or at least made people think it is a done thing/natural reaction).

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    Whaaa…?? I’m in a blue state, Minnesota! Come visit! Though maybe wait til spring, winter is about to hit!!

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    America is the same place it was before. Not everyone just turned into racists overnight. What is everyone scared of, you are making us Americans feel like a bunch of assholes. We are still the melting pot people.

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    We don’t have plans to travel, but don’t really want to travel there right now (and haven’t for a few many years). It’s not the Trump election, although that has contributed. It’s more so the gun laws for me. 

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    jpbee :  personally I think that if enough people vote with their wallets, yes, it can bring about change and can have an impact. And yes, for me it’s a matter of principle: I don’t wish to contribute to the economy of a country who has elected someone like Trump, and where a large number of people support him and his policies. 

    As for feeling worse about cancelling plans: I guess that’s personal. Also, most people responding, myself included, do not have concrete plans. Looking ahead I was thinking about booking a trip there in 20183,but nothing is actually booked. There are literally dozens of other countries I also want to visit, and so I will be prioritising those countries tries over the USA for the time being. Not visiting the USA for the next few years really has zero negative impact on me or my life to be honest. I’ll still be going abroad several times a year, just to different countries (might look at bumping Canada up the list, for example). 

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    Canadian here – nothing has really changed for me in terms of visiting the US. We have friends in the US, and events we like to go to, so we will probably still visit once in a while.

    What has changed is where I will purchase goods from – I want to put my money towards companies I believe in. That means companies that are not actively destroying the environment, companies that support their workers, companies that believe in social systems and companies that don’t put profits above people. If that means I can only buy one shirt instead of five, that’s fine, I have too many clothes anyway. I do anticipate that means less of my money going towards American companies, and more towards local businesses. And I will definitely be proritising Made in Canada over Made in America (till now, as long as it was made in North America, I felt good).

    Money talks – we all need to spend more time looking into who we are supporting with our dollars and make sure we are supporting what we believe in.

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    WestCoastV :  We are aware of those facts, but thanks for sharing again. We haven’t fully taken CA off the table, entirely because of the points you mentioned, but then we are still feeling bad about it, a lot of back and forth, sigh. We have a lot of friends in the San Diego area and visit as often as possible, because, who wouldn’t (espeically when the rest of your time is spend in Toronto!!) Just still feeling put off by the whole thing.

    Just go #Calexit and we’ll basically move in lol


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    I’m American and even I do not want to vacation in the US. I’m so turned off by my country right now that I have no motivation to vacation in it.  I’m just sick of it, I’m sick of it’s bullshit.  When I take a vacation I think I’ll want a break from this abusive relationship.  Of course we have our blue beacon states and cities but I’m just not into it as a whole at the moment.  Obviously for me it’s not about a boycott.  And both my husband and I are white, christian looking, heterosexuals.  So we are spared the issues that every other group outside of that must consider.  I simply have no desire.  I’d rather see more of the world before nuclear annihilation.  It is also nice to vacation in places without the horrible gun violence we have here.

    At the same time, I feel a vague unease about an upcoming trip to Mexico.  Shame & sorrow that my countrymen elected a man that so horribly insulted Mexico & its people. A country with leaders that actively threaten Mexican people thereby encouraging its citizens to do the same.  

    My husband and I assured so many Europeans & Australians we met on our last overseas trip that DT would not win.  It’s still so hard to believe we lied to them, we (as a country) went ahead and elected him.  The Europeans seemed to me to be more afraid or alarmed by him as if they knew better than we did that it really could happen.  They were less confident in his defeat than we were.  And a few talked about holding off on arranging US travel until after the election because they would not visit if Trump won.  

    It seems to me that if you can’t understand why foreigners would not want to visit Trump’s America you must be very shallow.  And the false equivalencies made in this thread are so painfully shallow.  I will be glad when the false equivalence phenomenon is over.




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    Our country isn’t as horrible as people make it out to be.

    The US is filled with awesome sights, and places to visit. The average US citizen is a good person. I’m sure there are a ton of good experiences you can have if you choose to visit the US.

    Racism and violence against people based on their skin color won’t ever become legal or socially acceptable in the US again. I live in a very red area, with several minority populations (so it’s not a sheltered white community). There has been no uprising of violence  against ANYONE since the election.

    The media and the far-left leaning people want the world to think we are a nation of horrible human beings. We are not. People should feel free to visit.

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