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With so much information on the internet, the rules of pregnancy come from far and wide, fact and fiction.  If you try to follow all the so-called rules you would drive yourself crazy.  I’m not an earth mommy but I do think your body probably knows best and so long as you tune into to your body’s wants and needs then you will be fine.  You have cravings and you avoid certain foods based on smell and taste for a reason during pregnancy as well.

The only things I will be concerned about are: 1) alcohol (a glass of wine here or there is probably fine but I was so sick it grossed me out anyway); 2) caffeine (it’s bad for you even when you aren’t pregnant); 3) raw meats/fish (higher chance of food poisoning); and 4) unprocessed dairy products (which are really difficult to find here in the U.S.)

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@stardustintheeyes:  I think it’s all different from dr to dr. Mine said I can have caffeine regularly and tuna in moderation (im suspecting ill have it twice a month tops). But deli meat is off limits unless you buy it yourself and heat it or get it on a heated/toasted sub. There could be listeria hanging around it and our bodies can fit that off but babies body cant. 

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The problem with deli meat is a bacteria called listeria. Even though it has all been cooked all the way through, because it’s sitting around it can sometimes develop it. Pregnant women are 20 times more likely to get listeriosis (from listeria) than other folks and it can cause miscarriage, premature birth, and still birth.

Listeria is the reason why smoked meats and seafood, deli/lunch meats, pates and meat spreads, and cheeses made with unpastuerized milk are on the list of no-nos for pregnant women. If you want more information, the March of Dimes is a great recoursce for pregnant women and talks about listeria here: http://www.marchofdimes.com/pregnancy/complications_listeriosis.html

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@stardustintheeyes:  Mrs lox beat me to it. If you google what’s safe to eat while pregnantyou can see what most doctors recommend. I’ve lucked out and my dr is ok with my caffeine use due to frequent migraines. But I’m trying to follow the rest as close as possible. It’s tough!

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I was surprised when my doctor gave me a very short list of what I should avoid/eat less of:

– Raw/Uncooked meat/fish

– Cold Cuts (unless I zap it in the micro)

– Limit Tuna to twice a month (also cod and some other fish, but said I could eat salmon a few times a week, which I love)

– No Alcohol

– No unpasterized cheese, they said to specifically stay away from feta and brie

-Make sure veggies and fruits are washed thoroughly before consumption

– 1-2 serving of caffeine/day


I don’t feel limited at all! I think it really depends on what your doctor thinks is best.   My diet hasn’t changed much other then instead of eating my typical cold cut sandwich for lunch I replaced it with homemade grilled chicken or just left overs from dinner.


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@stardustintheeyes: I basically follow all the rules, I suppose you could say! I ate healthy before the pregnancy so it hasn’t been a big deal for me to quit caffeine, booze etc. 

The main concerns are around mecury which is found in high content in certain fish. This is a pretty good list.  

Listeria has already been mentioned, so I wont go over it. Suffice to say you can get it from under cooked eggs and non-pasturized cheeses. 

As for under cooked meats the fear is around contracting toxoplasmosis while you are pregnant. Contracting this while pregnant has a significant and harrowing effect on the baby. In countries where woman eat raw/undercooked meat all the time (France, for example) most women already have been infected with toxo, so there is little risk they can get it in pregnancy. It can be contracted from eating dirt or cat feaces (by accident). 

All these things are rare, and as you allude to, women have been giving birth since forever without these “rules”. However, now that we know the risks and the potential benefits to baby in avoiding these things for 9 short months I made the choice to follow the “rules”. It literaly does not bother me at all, I would do it for the rest of time if I thought it would help in having a healthy baby. 


Good luck conquering your baby fever, you know they say there is only one cure Wink


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The most important things are not smoke or drink.

I have some caffeine every day, and eat sushi. It’s a personal choice.

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@stardustintheeyes:  I have to say I don’t get it either. I also don’t get the whole eating more calories thing. Unless you’re underweight, the baby does take what it needs. If you eat a good balanced diet then you’ll be fine and the baby will be fine. It’s the eating for two mentality that leads to gaining 60 lbs of baby weight.

People have been having babies for thousands of years and it’s only recently that a lot of this advice has come out. My mom certainly didn’t eat for two, she didn’t gain much weight at all (except the weight of the baby and fluids), and her kids turned out just fine.

I’m a cautious person and would never want to jeopardize the health of my future baby, but some people take it to the extreme. I say everything in moderation and unless you do something really stupid with your diet (or drink a LOT), chances are the baby is going to be just fine.

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@canarydiamond:  They actually dont recommend eating for two. Only 300 extra calories a day when pregnant and 500  when breastfeeding.

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@stardustintheeyes:  My doctor and midwife have not mentioned any of the “rules” that seem to be more prevalent on the internet. I was told to limit caffeine to 200 mg/day, cut out alcohol and…….that’s pretty much it. Having said that, I’m also in Canada where things are slightly more relaxed than the States, so I can’t really speak to whether American doctors are the same or different. I often think it has more to do with CYA/the litigious nature of certain societies than it does with actual risk.

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i think its down to more research and knowledge that has come to light in recent years. I have never been a drinker or a smoker and i rarely drunk coffee or ate chocolate prior to pregnancy so those things were easy to avoid. I will eat a runny egg on occassion as i know eggs are randomly tested here for salmonella and i have never gotten it before from runny eggs. I have been avoiding Liver due to the high vitimin A although when my mum had me 26 years ago Liver was a good thing to eat whilst pregnant because of the iron.

I will eat a medium rare steak if i know the meat is fresh and from a reputable butcher but am very careful with chicken and pork.

I think the trick is to be sensible and follow good food hygiene and everything in moderation is fine.


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