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I have sapphire ring and the overall reaction is like, “hmmmm” or it gets no love at all. I don’t know which is worse. Lol I think there is still a strong sentiment that diamonds are the only “proper” engagement ring or that you are somehow “settling”

Just ignore the odd comments. I think every girl here who has a gemstone ring would agree.

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I had asked my FH for a gemstone engagemeng ring, and ultimatly he got me a diamond because he thought the tradition of the diamond was important. I think he’s being silly (and ever since I mentioned wanting a gemstone ring, I assume any woman with a gemstone on her left hand is engaged, lol)

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I am a blue sapphire too. Everyone expected me to get an odd ring.  Everyone agrees my ring looks better now that I replaced the diamond with a sapphire. It is more me. 🙂  I have gotten many compliments on it from women but strange comments on it from men. One guy wanted to know if Fiance knew he was SUPPOSED to get me a diamond. I love shocking them by saying he did and I had it popped out and a sapphire put in its place.

Closest pic I could find for my e-ring:

 I justed popped out the center stone for a sapphire.

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I do not have a sapphire (but, oh how I wanted one!), but my ring is really unusual.  Whenever someone says something about it I immediately say “it was my husband’s great-grandmother’s.”  That cuts off any negativity or comments about how unusual it is.  I don’t know if your ring is an heirloom, but you may want to develop a quick one liner that explains why you love you ring and cuts off further comment.

On your Kate Middleton question – I think my point is *exactly* why she doesn’t get flack – everyone knows her ring is an heirloom and heirlooms are exempt from snark automatically.

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Im with ya girls!

I don’t have a gemstone (tho i loveee sapphires <3 my birthstone) but I have a bright yellow diamond and when some people grab my hand they say the same thing “did you want that?” or “oh..(awkward pause)..how (smaller pause) nice.”

some people cant handle the unusual or somethng outside a traditional solitaire.  good thing they dont have to wear it.

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I’ve only had my sapphire e-ring for a few days now. 

I’ve gotten several Kate Middleton comments, even though it looks nothing like hers. 

My favorite comments have been from old ladys. They say “Oh, it’s different.” in a dissapointed way. 


It is different and I love it. Everyone has a diamond. They’re a dime a dozen. I’m the only child in my family and so is my Fiance. When our relatives pass we will end up with all the fancy jewelry. I believe that includes at least 5 diamond rings, and not a single sapphire one. 

My ring wasn’t super expensive, but it is very rare. I like it that way.

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I actually wanted a gemstone, but Fiance thought I needed a diamond.  The one he picked is very unique because it’s more of a traditional cocktail ring than an engagement one.  It doesn’t have a main stone.  The largest rock on it is *maybe* a whopping 0.015 carats.  The normal comment I get is, “Wait, that’s your engagement ring?!?”  When I confirm that it is, they normally respond, “Well, it’s… unique.”

My one-liner is, “Yes, Fiance saw it and knew it was perfect.  He tells me it was beautiful and very unique, just like me.”

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I have an aquamarine and was pleasantly surprised by the comments. Maybe they are just being polite. But quite a few times I have gotten, I like your ring. Or that is really different I like that. And just to show of my pretty…(with wedding band too)

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My birthstone is diamond and all my life I disliked it,  I wanted a birthstone with color! So when it came to an engagement ring I always knew I wanted either a sapphire or emerald.  I decided sapphire goes better with my skin tone than emerald so that’s what I got and I love it! I always get “oh, you’re just like the princess.” Um…no I just always wanted one 🙂

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I’ve had a ton of different comments ranging from “Wow it’s big”  “You like your bling” and “that’s something different”  Overall the comments have been great though and I always wanted sapphire stones.  I don’t care what anyone thinks as I fell in love with the ring as soon as I saw it and knew it was the one.  It represents me.  It’s vintage from the 1930’s and my wedding band (my grandmother’s) is from the 1920’s.

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My ring is an antique-style diamond cluster in white gold; the setting is unusual, a kind of flower shape, with 7 small diamonds surrounded by tiny little diamonds, and a diamond-set band. I love it, but it’s not traditional; solitaires are very common in England, so a cluster, esp one in an unusual shape, is quite different

On the whole I’ve had really positive comments, and at work I’ve had a lot of customers comment on how pretty and different it is (in a good way). But you do get the odd ‘Oh, it’s very different..’ in a tone which kind of suggests they prefer a solitaire.

I absolutely adore my ring though. I always wanted something kind of vintage looking, and a bit different; I’ve never liked diamond solitaires, I find them really boring. My OH showed the ring to his brother before he proposed, and his brother questioned his choice (despite the fact I’d actually pointed the ring out lol so my OH knew I loved it) and said he should have got a solitaire! My OH actually asked if I was happy with it after he’d proposed as his brother got to him I think, and I told him I loved it (as soon as I saw it in the box, I was like ‘OMG, that’s the ring isn’t it?!!’) and would have been really disappointed if he’d got me a solitaire, as basically he’d completely have ignored my feelings just to go with ‘tradition’.


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 I have a pearl engagement ring because it’s what I asked for. Fiance really wanted to get me a diamond because of tradition but he picked out this one:



Thank you for starting this thread, glad I’m not the only one who gets the, “hmm that’s nice” comment. I didn’t want him to spend a ton of money on a ring and I wanted something that reflects what I like, not just what’s traditional.

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