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@leenh78:  They say that anything you choose to do regularly becomes a habit after 2-3 weeks.  A work out routine is on the high end of that statement.  It can often FEEL much like a chore.  And because of that, can be easy to give up.  I think to choose to stick out to a workout program is the biggest mental f*ck game you can play with yourself. 

I am not a workout guru by any means.  When I felt pretty bad about myself, I changed my diet, and then told myself I have to start working out. I chose jogging. Those first few weeks I HATED IT.  I mean, I did it, but I did not love it.  Then, after about a month, I saw improvements in my body.  I saw improvements in my distance, and time.  Something snapped, and that chore became more of a reward.  It became something I wanted to do, instead of needing to do.  It became a game to get better/stronger/and keep making my clothes looser and looser!

I started signing up for races left and right, etc.  Today, I cannot imagine going a day without at least running a mile, just to clear my head.  It is almost as if my body ‘needs’ it to get thru.  This all my sound cliche, but I think if you gave it longer than 2 weeks, and found something you ‘liked’, it will become second nature!

Good luck!

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I would strongly recommend attending group fitness classes (yoga, tabata, zumba, etc.). Try a bunch of them and see what works for you. Keep at it, you won’t like every instructor or every class. I was so hesitant at first. I didn’t want to look stupid. But there are always new people and most people are focusing on themselves and not paying attention to you. Just tell the instructor you are new and they can help you. It’s great because someone else is telling you what to do. You can easily quit running on the treadmill or lifting weights on your own. It’s more difficult to quit when you are doing it together with a group of people. 

I found that I made friends the more I went. Then there is a little accountablity, you are ‘expected’ to be there. But I also get excited to meet up with my friends now. 

The key is really to find something you enjoy and people with similar interests to keep you going back. 

Now I do yoga 3+ times a week. Group fitness (boot camp tabata, INSANITY, and FIT) 3x a week. And I run on my own. 

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@leenh78:  In your same boat 🙂  Happily in a relationship with a man that loves me too.  Jump starting my routine was so difficult, but the validation I have now is sweeter, because NOW I know I did it for me!!  I pound the pavement most days to be healthier for me, which has completely added a new dynamic in our relationship too.  Even though he had no complaints, I think he likes seeing a happier, updated version of myself…if that makes sense!! 

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I feel somewhat unqualified to answer because this has been a life long struggle for me and I’m only about 2 weeks into “starting over” (again). Nonetheless, maybe this will help. 

In the past, my only real motivation for losing weight was to lose weight and look good. But similar to you, as soon as I met my husband who loved me regardless that motivation basically died. This time I’m trying really hard to focus on why I actually care about losing weight. Which, I need to lose a lot more than you do so my reasons probably won’t apply to you. But for me, I really want to lose weight for my health. I’m about to hit 30 and I know losing weight is only going to get harder and health problems are going to start popping up, not to mention difficulty with pregnancy. So that’s my motivation to work out for now. 

I don’t really buy the “find something you love” advice because I don’t think it always works. I’ve gone through periods of working out well (even for as long as 2 years of regularly working out) and I never got used to it or didn’t hate it or craved it or thought it was fun. I basically always hate it. But I just need to realize that it is necessary to make the rest of my life better and it doesn’t take THAT long so I just have to suck it up.

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@leenh78:  I try to keep things interesting and varied.  I really love dance fitness, so I do Zumba twice or three times during the week and supplement with cardio on the treadmill/stationary bike on off days.  I also bought a Hoopnotica set and love it.  It’s not necessarily a super tough workout, but it keeps me moving and it’s FUN and addicting.  Looking to incorporate strength training soon, too, but not sure where to start :/  Other than that, I bribe myself, lol.  If I don’t go to the gym, I can’t have my frozen yogurt. 

Funny you mention attracting superficial guys when you looked what you considered your “best.”  I look back on my earlier 20’s and think I looked pretty damn good–yet back then I was always attracting jerks and then feeling awful about myself and believing that I wasn’t “good enough” to keep them interested.  I met Fiance at my absolute heaviest ever, and it’s amazing to know that looks aren’t what keeps him with me.  He actually loves me for who I am (although I’m sure he appreciates my recent efforts, lol!).

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@leenh78:  I started doing Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30.  It’s a 30 day program, and each exercise is only 20-25 minutes long. Knowing that the routine only takes 25 minutes tops makes it SO much easier to just do it!! Plus they are not too difficult, but get great results. 

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I find it easiest to be motivated and stick with working out if I have a set schedule. For example, last year I wanted to start running. So I ran for about one week, got sick of it because it was difficult and I didn’t see any results (it was one week , duh!) and quit. Then I decided to give it another shot, but this time I used the Couch to 5k and later 10k and eventually a half marathon training schedule. By just following that, it was easier because I didn’t overdo it and I knew exactly what to do each day. 

Likewise, now I am doing the insanity workout, which is a 63 day workout with a calendar and videos to do each day. I’m almost done with week 3 and only missed one day, which I essentially made up later.

If I just went to the gym and lifted weights or hit the treadmill aimlessly, I know I’d give up before long again.

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@leenh78:  I feel your pain. I am totally unmotivated right now. Usually when my clothes get tight that is motivation enough, but not now… I just bought a girdle and I am quite happy. Maybe when the girdle stops working then that will be motivation enough for me. Sorry I am no help with ideas but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone with being unmotivated.

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I am likely not the completely appropriate person to give advice – as a competitive athlete (olympic weightlifitng and powerlifting) – people often think I am addicted to working out – but I’m not. 

Almost every day I have the “ugh – wouldn’t it be easier just to not go to the gym today?” talk to myself.

I find having a goal or an “event” to train for really really helps. You can try signing up for a colour run or a tough mudder or something of the sort. They’re fun events and usually not huge (5km or so) and you can sign up with a friend. Once it’s booked, it’s easier to go to the gym. There’s an “end date” – and something to get excited about. 

For me, I like to book a meet or an event and say okay – it’s 12 weeks away, or however long – after that, I can relax. After an event I normally take some time off and relax and not worry about food. Setting an actual time in place event can really help not only because its something to work towards, but because there’s an END. You can count down the weeks. Then after it’s done, you will likely find yourself wanting to do another. 

I find it just helps break the motivation into manageable chunks rather than “omg – I have to do this FOREVER?!

I hope this helps! 🙂 Good luck – motivation is like bathing – recommended daily. We all need little boosts almost every day. 

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The key is to find something that you enjoy (or at least tolerate). For me, it’s Jillian Michaels videos. They’re quick and effective, and with 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30, they’re easy to count down to the end. My other option is a mix of videos from Blogilates. I find Cassey kind of annoying, but I like her videos, so whatever. I come home and do them ASAP before dinner. I really dislike working out at the gym, and prefer to work out barefoot and in just a sports bra and tiny shorts. I overheat if I have to wear more. :

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I just made a new resolution to do at least 5 minutes of active exercise a day!

I have some very short Denise Austin videos from YouTube, and they get me moving while keeping me giggling… because sometimes the things she says are so strange!

I also have Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred… I plan on starting that in a few weeks (and not doing it in 30 days, maybe like 3 months… I have time!) after a bit of the daily 5 minute videos. The 5-minute ones are just for me settling into a routine and getting into a tiny bit of shape.

I also like looking up excersise videos on YouTube and just doing some random ones. I’ll look up something specific (i.e. “hourglass waist workout” “hip exersies” “sore shoulder excersies”) and do and handful of the videos that pop up. It keeps it fun and I learn some new moves that way!

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