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ohplease :   Are you a fan of Calvin and Hobbes?  Calvin had some great lunches – cow pie and processed mouse loaf, all for the “benefit” of Susie.   You could use some of those lines.  LOL

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Oh my gosh that’s hilarious! My old boss was like that. Every now and then I email him to tell him exactly what I had.

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Oh god. There’s a guy in my office who is a little on the slow side…I feel bad for saying that, but man there’s something wrong in his head! We put puzzles out to do in between work, waiting for lunch to heat up, etc. and for the most part I do a lot of them because they are right behind my desk and I have more down time than some of the others in my office. Anyway, my coworker likes to walk past my desk all the time and say ‘oh I’ll vouch for you, you painted that one – just tell people you painted it and I’ll tell them yeah, you did and just put your signature on it.’

I swear, maybe it doesn’t sound as annoying as it actually is, but damn. I just give a little chuckle and pretend I’m super busy.

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I love this post. I just confronted a co-worker who comments DAILY on what I eat.

Background – I eat pretty healthy, only eat meat at restaurants (to cut back on meat for environmental and humane reasons), follow a macro diet, and am really into lifting/working out. So of course my co-workers think I’m a weirdo.

Co-workers bring in food all of the time and always “remind” me multiple times a day about the cake or candy that is literally sitting next to my desk. I have eyes – I can see it. The reminders are snarky and malicious. And don’t get me wrong, I eat that stuff, but I also know if I choose candy over something nutritious, I’ll be hungry…and as a result, a total b*tch.

Anyway – 2 days ago, a co-worker who comments the most…I’m talking DAILY, saw me at the vending machine. He completely changed the direction he was going to come see what I was getting. I raised my voice to the point that other people in the cafeteria turned to look, and said, WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT I EAT? He actually responded and said, I like to sabotage you. wtf. I responded, THAT IS RUDE AND YOUR DAILY COMMENTS ARE BOTH ANNOYING AND MAKE ME FEEL SELF-CONSCIOUS. PLEASE STOP. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WHY I EAT WHAT I EAT, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO CHAT WITH YOU. BUT ENOUGH WITH THE COMMENTS. EYES ON YOUR OWN PLATE, DUDE. He has now obviously avoided me for 2 days lol.

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ohplease :  Wow. I used to work with someone like that. Every day she would ask, make me so self concious about what I ate. I used to eat rice crackers with the window open because she used to very loudly and repeatedly moan about the smell (never a comment to my colleague who had a microwave curry EVERY  lunch time!). In the end I snapped one day and said….. “The more you moan about it, the more rice cakes I eat!” lol

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My colleagues do this. I am really an introverted extrovert (or an ambivert as they say) and there are some times where I just don’t like to be asked a billion questions about what I am eating. 😝 the other day I was heating up a spinach patty (yes, I like those) which has spinach, a little onion, egg and some pepper and they are amazing! My colleague loudly announces to the entire kitchen area OH WHAT IS THAT THING? I told her what it was which inevitably leads to more questioning. Ugh. I know people like to make small talk over what they are having for lunch but personally I HATE making small talk, I like real talk if that makes sense. I don’t talk just to talk because I feel awkward in someone’s presence πŸ˜… but yeah Bee I hear you the daily lunch questioning is very irritating 😝 

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MsBeer :  well it’s not like you heated up fish in the company microwave! LOL they are just rice cakes, I love those! 

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I have a co worker who asks everyone what time did they get into the office. Everyone shows up between 8 and 8:15 

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beegoingstrong :  I want to stab this coworker of yours. What an asshole!!!

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I have a nosey co-worker too.  They are always nosing in on any gossip or even just work related stuff and then they turn it into gossip.  It’s so annoying.  Hey, did you hear?  Me: NOPE, bye πŸ˜€

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Once my coworker ate my yogurt (that was open, on my desk, and half eaten).

But I work from home so that coworker was my cat πŸ˜„


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I have a friend like this. It’s insane! She has/does struggle with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, so I guess she lives vicariously through me, and I try to cut her slack for that reason. But it’s obnoxious AF, I can’t lie.

I’m not a health nut and I’m def not thin, but I’m a pretty reasonably healthy weight, I’m active, and I eat a balanced diet. But I think she thinks I just eat mac n cheese and donuts, all day, every day, and never leave my couch unless it’s for work. Same goes for any of our other mutual friends who have a BMI in the “overweight” range. But she seriously snapchats me every meal she has and will ask, “What did you eat for lunch??” Or, if I go on a trip, I’ll get texts like, “Did you indulge on the trip!?” Who asks stuff like that??

I’ve flat out stopped engaging with this behavior. It’s like, dude…unless you’re my doctor, eyes on your own damn plate. 

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Gosh, why are people so strange?! 

My (ex) annoying coworker used to always talk about what I ate for lunch. I have chronic stomach issues so my diet is pretty atypical from the average person (people around me knew this), but this guy still made all kinds of comments that made me feel SO awkward. I would be minding my business eating at my desk and he would turn to me and ask things like “so what DO you eat?” 

Starbucks was always a treat for me. He would randomly ask how much an item costs then go on to tell me all the other things I could get for $x. 


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