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I had one coworker who would ask me what I ate everyday. Sometimes I skipped lunch as my stomach hurt at times if I ate alot mid-day in one go. I usually snacked on my lunch throughout the day during those days. She loved to comment how I was soooo unhealthy and shouldn’t do that. Twice she mentioned that I need to eat 3 meals a day or I would get diabetes. I am not anywhere near at risk for obesity or diabetes and blood sugar is fine. Not sure how she made that assumption from me not eating my meal in one sitting. My response those two times was “Thank you, but my dr. is aware and I am perfectly healthy according to her and nothing to be concerned about. If anything she said it was quite healthy to spread my lunch throughout the day.” I left the company soon after

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Not a coworker story, but I have a friend who will always order the exact same thing I order in a restaurant. Doesn’t matter if we are eating out in a big group or only the two of us. It’s been going on for years and it’s just so strange..

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I have one coworker who means well and is nice, but sometimes just talks too much. Listening to her “small” talk grinds on my ears, especially after the weekend with the same “how was your weekend?!” question over and over all morning.

But this past Monday was the worst. After grilling myself and one of my officemates on how our weekends were, she moved onto one of my supervisors. My supervisor said her weekend was alright, she didn’t sound particularly excited about it and CW was like oh come on, you must have done something fun! And S said oh, not really. And CW goes really? Nothing fun?! And S goes “well if you must know, my partner and I are separating, so I was moving him out this weekend.”

Mic drop. I don’t think I’ve cringed so hard in my life. This coworker also comments on my lunch every day, which wouldn’t bother me, but she’s always expressing envy at the food I eat because she’s doing weight watchers and apparently can’t eat anything (according to her).

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Any co worker that tries to start a conversation with anyone on lunch break while reading a book! Do you not see the book infront of my face?!

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😂 these are hilarious! I have a girl who works for me and has no filter. I’m off on maternity leave in a couple of weeks and so far she’s asked me, in front of my boss, if I plan on breastfeeding, and if I plan on having any more babies!

Another guy has a heart of gold, but says everything twice for effect! Ask him how his weekend was and he’ll saying ‘very nice’….’veeeeeery nice’!

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ohplease :  I regularly ask my friends this when I’m talking to them, like, “So, what are you doing for dinner? Cooking something or take out?”. I don’t know why but I like talking about food in general and just curious for no particular reason. They once in awhile ask me but it’s usually me who brings it up. My mom will be the one to ask me this all the time. 

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I have a cowrkr, we’ll call him Bobblehead. Bobblehead is always doing something with his mouth. Food is going in, words are coming out, often simultaneously. He is especially handy with his can of coke. He will slurp that shit allllll afternoon. I have tried to replicate the noise he makes while slurping from the can. It’s really hard to reproduce, so, something is obviously wrong with him. He is also the guy wandering in at about 0940 in the morning, and begins making plans for (a noisy) lunch. He has been spoken to twice by HR for sleeping at his desk. Bobblehead is an effing gem. 

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Lots of food-related stories on here!   Mine’s not, though.

Some years ago, I was at an office job working in a cubicle.  I had a cubicle neighbor who was friendly, but sometimes annoying and very nosy.

One weekend, I was with a friend who bought a used car.  The next week, at work during break, I started looking for used cars, curious what was available, what prices were, etc.  I wasn’t in the market to buy a car – still not ( mine still does the job after 9.5 years) – but I guess wanting to see options whenever I was ready.

My cubicle neighbor must’ve noticed this when she walked by from the printer to her cubicle, because later that day, she asked me what kind of car I wanted.  Dude, why is that your business??? And why are you admitting to me you’re being a snoop?!

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