(Closed) Nosy Neighbours (kind of a rant)

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Helper bee
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Ugh, how annoying! My Hubby and I live in a townhouse too, but thankfully, we don;t have neighbors on either side of us currently.

I don’t really have any suggestions, other than just start complaining on them! Although that’s kind of a B!7*$y thing to do… lol

Can you have the condo board come over and see that you have unplugged your surround sound? Would that help at all?

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Busy bee
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We have a similar situation with our upstairs and downstairs neighbors. We moved in over a year ago and it’s been hell ever since. We work 2nd/swing shifts and don’t get home until 12-1-2 o’clock in the morning. The people downstairs will blast their music so loud, our coffee table accessories shake. Once we do get the sleep around 4/5 am we are woken up at 8 am by our neighbors upstairs blasting hard core death metal music. We have made many compaints on the people upstairs and were told that if we didn’t quit calling and compaining that we would be evicted. We have called the police on the people downstairs and nothing happens. I do kind of wish we had a policy like your condo does where the person would get fined but glad we don’t because of the people making up lies.  Good luck on this. Maybe see if you can have a meeting with the condo association and the neighbors to see if you can settle the differences.

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Busy bee
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Can you tell your association what is going on and that they are causign problems?  They can’t keep bullying you like this and file a complaint against them for harassment.  Keep detail records of what is going on an provide that as evidence of their harassment.  show them you hav been in compliance esp the police being called in. 

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Bee Keeper

You were in bed when they called in a noise complaint?

I would complain to your housing board.

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Bumble bee
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I agree with Sparkles, you need to keep a detailed journal of each incident noting times, complaints, etc. . .that comes in handy when you need to approach the housing board about this.

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Honey Beekeeper
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There are rules in the strata act for your province that must be followed.

Look it up online.

Has your condo board given you a chance to appear before them and explain your side of the situation? They cannot just arbitrarily issue fines without hearing from you also- not just the complainant.

There also should be some kind of mediation procedure.

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Bumble bee
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The police must be able to support your claim that the complaints aren’t reasonable. I would also keep all the letters they send so you can show the board.

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Bee Keeper
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Well my sister lives in a townhouse and her neighbors were extremely loud after hours for months on end, but the condo association wasn’t able to take any action until the police actually caught her neighbors red handed. So my sister and her husband actually called the cops on them 3 times, and since you don’t have to let cops into your house, they just made all their party guests hide in the basement the first two times, then the third time they got lucky and the Mom (owner of the townhouse) came home and let the cops in. It was her son throwing the parties whenever she went out. But the first two times the cops told my sister to pound sand and the condo association wouldn’t do anything about it.

So unless your neighbors have actual proof that you’re being loud, I don’t know if there’s anything they can do. And usually in most associations the rules are after 10pm you have to be quiet. IDK, maybe if you haven’t actually violated these rules and were still fined it’s possible your neighbors know someone high up in the association? Or maybe they have a warning policy? I would try to reach out to the association and explain the measures you’ve taken to reduce the noise level.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Could you take a timestamped video of when they’re noisy to show to your condo board? I would go to your condo board to appeal the fine and lodge your own harassment complaint. Also, show them the letters the neighbours have left you. Do you have neighbours on the other side of you? If so, if they’ve never made a complaint you could ask them to speak on your behalf.

I know a friend of mine moved into a condo and has had no end of problems with one of her neighbours, it’s such a pain in the butt!!!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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If you arent making any noices,thats odd that they keep complaining about noise, are they very elderly?

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Busy bee
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I am so sorry your going thru this. My upstairs neighbor is a complete a-hole . He pretends to not understand English and he listens to his different music so loud sometimes I am all done going upstairs I bang on the ceiling with my fist til it stops. But in your situation it seems they are just being a-holes themselves. Is there a board of some type you could write/call to.  It just seems ridiculous that you are paying all the fines! Hope things work out!  🙂

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Bee Keeper
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OMG so frustrating.  Fiance and I live in an apartment, and we are model tenants – our landlord hasn’t raised the rent in 5 years because he likes us (this is very unusual in my area).  But last year the people who moved in below us started complaining about EVERYTHING.  My fiance playing music (at moderate volume) at 9:30 pm.  Our dishwasher running. Etc.

And then, I swear to god I am not making this up, one Saturday morning I was awakened before 8 am to the sound of one them PRACTICING HIS TRUMPET.

Anyway, this is of not help to you, but I commisserate. That really sucks.

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Busy bee
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Unless there is more to the story, I’m thinking you’re getting steamrolled here. There is no way you should write that check until the Condo board gives you the opportunity to combat the charges.

You are an OWNER. You have rights to play your music (unless for some reason you decided to buy a condo in a place that has 24/7 quiet hours).  Probably only at reasonable levels and during certain hours of the day like 9am to 9pm or something (which would be set in your condo bylaws). It is up to your condo board to determine what “reasonable” is, NOT up to your neighbors.

Also, I would think you should file a counter-complaint with the condo board for harrasment.

Seriously. Don’t roll over. I would plug your system back in and listen to music at the allowed times and levels – following your condo quidelines to a “T”. And then when they complain, you can recite the exact subsection of the condo guidelines and direct them to the condo board.


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