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Darling Husband has had a few jobs that are prone to injury/accident, and I want to kill him every time he calls and starts with “I’m okay, but…” Most of his aren’t false alarms. There were mornings with his last job where I’d wake up to see his hand wrapped in gauze with blood seeping through it. (He used to get home after I was asleep.)

His most recent “adventure” involved a rabid raccoon and some related liquid that got into his eye (it might’ve been water, but couldn’t be sure). Probably a false alarm, but he had to get a series of shots anyway.

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Before Darling Husband and I lived together and when he was already late arriving at my apartment, he called me and said, in an awful, fading away sort of voice “Sorry I’m running late. It’s not good news. I’ve had a bit of accident…” and then the phone went dead! I called back FIVE times without getting an answer, all the while visualising some sort of terrifying, life threatening accident that now left him unconscious and beyond revival.

Not having a car then (I lived in town, he lived 5 miles outside in a completely rural area that has no public transport) I couldn’t rush to his aid. So I phoned the neighbour, very apologetically and said I was seriously concerned.

The neighbour kindly went next door and found my Darling Husband cheerfully making himself a cup of coffee in the kitchen. He had a very small bandage wrapped round his hand but no other sign of injury. It turns out that the tap in the garage had been leaking so my totally hopeless at DIY) Darling Husband had attempted to fix it. In the process he hit his hand with the wrench and then went all wobbly at the very tiny amount of blood from the wound. It was at that point he phoned me. He felt better almost immediately so decided he’d have a coffee but left his phone in the garage. So couldn’t hear me calling.

To be honest, I could have killed him….


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My Darling Husband told me yesterday that for the first time ever he fell asleep DRIVING on the way home from work………TWICE!!! I about had a heart attack! We just got married 2 days ago and I nearly lost him already!

I shouldn’t be surprised because the man is asleep the second his eyes close when we go to bed, but sweet biscuits that gave me a good scare! I’m so thankful he made it home safely! But now of course I’m going to worry every time he drives tired.

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OMG!!! I would have gone crazy calling the cops, the firefighters and the Pope himself!!

Lucky it was just a broken finger!

A month ago, my SO told me he was going to the beach for a drink with a colleague, and that he would call me when he got back for lunch. At 8PM I haven’t talked to him, so I tried calling him. NO ANSWER. And I called SEVERAL times.

I even called the cops to check if any car crashes had happened that afternoon, meanwhile calling him again and again, and ended up calling his parents. Nobody knew anything. And at 11PM he called me back… He fell asleep on the sofa.



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@RenoSweeney24:  Oh my gosh, I HATE that “little information” for practically nothing but it scares the heck out of you. 

Darling Husband works for the city and one day they called me at work (I work at a restaurant, so this is REALLY weird) and his boss said that he got into a car accident. I asked for details, and he said he couldn’t give them over the phone. So I run over to my manager freaking out and telling her I have to go, and she was totally fine with it. I sprint to my car and drive the hour to the city. 

Come to find that some idiot wasn’t paying attention and hit Darling Husband while he was parked (he replaces water meters and always pulls over with his truck lights on) at 45 mph. Luckily, he drives a massive utility truck and he and his vehicle were totally unhurt. However, the other guy lost his whole front axle.

I still had to drive an hour to Portland thinking nothing but the worst on my way, come to find he was fine. It was a good relief, but geez, his boss scared the heck out of me! 

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I have one (from me, not FI) 😀

I rescue horses. I got one about a year and a half ago and after he’d been quarantined and bought up to date on all health care needs, I started to ride him. I had been told he was GREAT under saddle, but I took it with a pinch of salt (as I always do when rescuing).

Anyway, I rode him a few times in the roundyard, and he bucked and reared a little once, but I sort of figured he might have been testing me and because I stayed on, I hoped that’d be the end of it. So after 2 weeks he’s riding pretty well in the roundyard, and I wanted to take him out into the larger paddock. I had Fiance open up the gates and we walked out. Then he completely stopped listening to me. Walked backwards, sideways ect and then he started walking sideways towards an old water tank. We get reallly close and Fiance and I both sort of knew what was about to happen but neither of us had time to stop it..

He bumped the tank with his side. Freaked out, bucked, threw me on top of a fence and then somehow my foot got caught in the stirrup. He dragged me off the fence and at this point I’m freaking out, thinking I’m going to get kicked or dragged, and so all I can think is ‘quick! Get your foot loose!’ Just as I reached forward to try and do that, he kicked me in the stomach/ribs.

My foot came out though!

So Fiance rushes over to me ‘OMG, ARE YOU OK?’ ‘Yeeeeep.’ Then I went to sit up and couldn’t, so that freaked me out. All I could think of was that movie 8 seconds where the cowboy (spoilers) broke a rib and it punctured something and he died, so I say ‘Call an ambulance’. Fiance proceeds to catch the horse while I call myself an ambulance (he did do the right thing, at the time I was like WTF?! but if the horse had of gotten hurt, or spooked and ran I would have been pissed at myself).

Anyway, paramedics eventually get there and take me away.

Nothing was wrong with me apart from some grazing (and I think a slight muscle tear that is now gone). I was riding again the next day. I wasn’t even in a lot of pain, but I was really worried that my ribs/stomach had been seriously injured!

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Our situation was actually a big deal, but I include it because of the limited info phone call.

I was at a conference in Pennsylvania and my Fiance (bf at the time) was at home in Texas. E had only been dating about two months. He called me to say that his throat was swollen and he felt like he couldn’t breathe. I had problems hearing him, as I was at a busy networking fair. I asked him to repeat, and he said “I can’t really breathe, but you sound busy, I’ll let you go.” And then he hung up.

I think I made some bad impressions by racing out of the ballroom to the nearest quiet hallway, frantically crying and calling him back. He ended up in the ER for an allergy reaction. But my god, when he hung up, that was one of the scariest moments of my life.

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@RenoSweeney24:  What a streesful thing for you to have gone through.

His finger! His finger?!? lol.

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@RenoSweeney24:  not exactly like that (which by the way made me laugh out loud) but once for some reason unexplained by science (presumably witches, we think) FI’s pint glass just shattered in his hand! The shards cut up his hand and I immediately grabbed him and braced myself to bear his weight. The man is a lifeguard and carried me off a soccer pitch when my tibia was through my shin and has cleaned up my puke and survived all sorts of other nasty experiences …. but passes out immediately at the sight of his own blood. It’s the weirdest thing.

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I have two (not me or SO, though).

A few years ago, we had a really rainy week. Roads were slick, everything was dark, lots of wrecks happening because of the limited visibility and wet roads. I was at home nursing a really bad flu and I get this phone call from one of my best friends, sobbing her eyes out. At first I can’t really make out what she’s saying but I finally make out the words, “{Other friend} has been in a car wreck!” I don’t even think twice, I have one foot in a pair of pants before I can say, “I’m on my way.” When I ask what hospital she’s in (I’m thinking the worst), I hear giggling on the other end and then my friend bursts out laughing.

Turns out she was with our other friend, who was fine. They’d pulled up too far at a stoplight and when they backed up, grazed the car behind them. Basically there wasn’t even a paint scratch, but they thought it would be funny to play a joke on me (but one friend didn’t realize the other was going to make it so convincing and serious). I laugh about it today, but at the time I was pissed. I made them come prove to me they were okay and when they came up I was still so freaked out from the adrenaline rush, I was shaking.


Another time, a different friend texted me “{Friend} has been in a car wreck” (the same friend who was supposedly in the hospital last time). He didn’t text anything else- no “she’s okay,” “it was a minor one,” no nothing, just that she’d been in a car wreck. I got the text when I woke up the next morning, and called my friend at the buttcrack of dawn absolutely freaking out to make sure she was okay. This time, at least, she had actually totalled her car, but she was fine.

Needless to say, my friends have learned not to fuel my overreactive tendencies.

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