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Sorry this is happening to you.

Could you maybe invite her to lunch/coffee to work things out?  It sucks to be the bigger person sometimes, but it’s a long life to deal with someone there’s tension with.

Have you been around longer, or was she the only girlfriend for a while and then you came along and she feels threatened?

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I am actually dealing with a very simular situation. When her and my Future Brother-In-Law got married she univited me to the wedding and told my Fiance that he could bring anyone he wanted other then me. 

I know exactly how this feels.  Future Brother-In-Law also does not talk to me after she annouced not liking me.  She doesn’t even talk to me though.  In he head it is better to not say anything at all.  She wont even acknowledge that I am in the room so you are one step ahead of me. 

All of my girlfriends/maids know the situation and plan on keeping it in check if it is out of control.  I think I am also going to talk to Future Mother-In-Law or Fiance about sitting down and talking to them about what is expected for that day.  If she hates me so be it but I will not feel horrible on my day because of her actions.  The funny thing is she will not even out and out admit that she doesn’t like me.  She tells them all it is in my head….which everyone sees how she acts though. 

Maybe someone could talk to her about what is expected for her on that day? 

Try to focus on everyone else other then her! 

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If you can’t invite her for a coffee/drink to extend an olive branch, then I would suggest just being polite and cordial every time you see her. Don’t give her any reason to dislike you and behave in a mature manner. At this point, you just need to diffuse the tension.

To be honest, you’re comment “I can’t wait to see her just to see her reaction towards me” comes off immature and snarky to me. OBVIOUSLY she is probably feeling jealous and resentful. Be the bigger person here and be nice. What if she had become engaged before you?

Just treat her with kindness and be the better person. You’re going to be part of your FI’s family and shouldn’t cause too much drama right away 🙂

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i am really sorry about your situation.

but if the fi brother’s girlfriend is just a girlfriend, maybe you will never have to worry about her being your fsil 🙂 

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I don’t mean to be rude, but how many times have you posted this same thing over and over again? What new advice are you looking for?

To be honest, what alarms me is that, when reviewing all the posts you have started, a good portion of them are written about people who are “jealous” of you. The fact that “jealousy” seems to be such a common trend in your posts, and moreso that you post the same things over and over, makes me think that there are bigger issues at play here. Maybe you need to reexamine yourself as a person — ask yourself why so many people may be acting negatively towards you, be constructive and try to understand what behaviors or scenarios you’ve exhibited might have put them on the defensive, instead of automatically assuming that every person who has ever had a beef with you has just been jealous. Sometimes the reactions others have to us are good indicators of traits or issues that we need to work on for OURSELVES. By no means am I saying that we should all be liked by every person, just that we should certainly be liked (and want to be liked) by those we care about!

I think you will be much happier when you start being honest with yourself and confront the true issues, so that you can have healthy relationships with your Future Sister-In-Law, friends, and other important people in your life.

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@grenadine: I’m wondering if the OP is a troll because I honestly can’t believe all the stuff she writes. Either she is a troll or she is a teenager or someone who is barely out of their teens. To the OP: why don’t you log off and go do something constructive? I clicked without knowing it was you. However, your reduntant posts are starting to veer towards ‘spam’ territory.


Don’t like future sister-in-law

Jealous Future Sister-In-Law

Need advice on bad friend





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Wow!?!  Another person is jealous of you?  Either you are the most amazing person in the world and you have everything going for you or you are seriously deluded.  I am leaning towards the latter. 

OP, you need to realize that the problem isn’t your family and friends, its you!!  Get over yourself! 

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UGGG!!!! I wish there was a way to block people like in Facebook. 

Seriously…I don’t care if I get banned, suspended, called cruel, a bitch or whatever…BUT SERIOUSLY…… stop writing posts about how people are jealous of you or that you don’t get along with this person or that person.  WE GET IT and we still don’t care!!  You have been posting about this for months now.  BUILD A BRIDGE…GET OVER IT.  

If you are a troll, kindly remove yourself.  If you aren’t a troll..GET PROFESSIONAL HELP PLEASE!!  

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Don’t pay any attention to those posts, TG20.  They’re probably just jealous of you.

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@ATP2011:  Hahahahahahahaha!!!!  You are so right!  I am totally jealous of how completely awesome she is!  Cool


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