(Closed) Not happy with my smile…please help!

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I think crooked smiles are charming–I had braces when I was younger so I have the same teeth everyone else has, or so it seems. =/ I’m sure it’s not terrible, but I do understand how it feels to be self-conscious about a smile (the “cupid’s bow” of my upper lip is slightly uneven so I feel like my smile always looks way goofy). That, or I screw up and show too much of my teeth. AGH!

I guess the best way to deal with your insecurity is exposure. Take a crapload of pictures of you smiling, either in your normal way or a totally weird, funny-looking way. Laugh at them. Embrace your difference. 🙂 Then realize that no matter what, your pictures will be gorgeous because it’s your wedding day and you will be so, so beautiful and happy no matter what.

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I don’t know of anything that can straighten teeth for less money than Invisalign, but I can offer my two cents. I have a crooked tooth on either side of my front teeth, which braces temporarily fixed when I was young but they slid back into place pretty damn quickly after I stopped wearing the retainer. They irritated me for years, until one day my mother showed me an old black and white photo of her father, my grandfather, posing for his portrait in his high school football uniform. He’s grinning ear to ear, and my mom pointed out the crooked tooth next to his front teeth, and then pointed out the same crooked tooth in her own smile. I like my crooked tooth a lot more now.

If you really hate it, you could practice smiling with your lips together. That can look cute!

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Even if you did have health insturance, it wouldn’t cover dental, and most dental plans don’t cover orthodonic procedures for adults…

I don’t know of anything you could do that would be inexpensive to fix your teeth. I also don’t know that invisaline would work in less than a year…

I do know that your photographer can touch up your pictures so that your teeth don’t look crooked. That’s what I would have done if I was worried about it. I know I plan to ask our photographer to remove from the picture any signs of the scar I have on my face.

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Okay, I had braces.  I endured all that pain for them to incorrectly make my bottom retainer.  Guess what, I wore that bad boy for a while before I found out that it shifted my teeth!  By then the damage was done and I was too dumb not to ask to have braces to be put back on.  My bottom teeth are not aligned and my top teeth has one tooth out of alignment (pushed from a bottom).  So I feel for you.  My teeth are in better shape than they were before I had braces but they aren’t perfect like when I first got them off.  My sister has permanent retainers and her teeth have even shifted a bit.  It happens.  With that said, I have those clear retainers that are very similar to invisalign.  I hardly wear them b/c well, they’re painful and they don’t really work that well.

I think your best bet is to hold off until you’re married to get braces.  However, if you can somehow swing the cost and go in for a consultation, then do it.  Your fiance loves your current appearance and I think he’d rather see you smiling from the joy of your wedding versus grimacing from worrying! 

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Check with your dentist to see if veneers would help .They can cover a multitude of sins.

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@julies1949: I’d love veneers!  I’m pretty sure they’re more expensive than braces or invisalign though.

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There are resin ($300 and up) and porcelain ($1000 and up) veneers. At least phone around to a few dentists in your area and see what the cost would be.

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If it makes you uncomfortable, check with your dentist to see what he can do!  My best friend just recently got a veneer over a crooked front tooth and you can’t even tell that it was crooked at all.

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Could you ask your photographer whether they could do a little straightening in post processing? At least on the close up or portrait photos.

$5000 is a LOT to pay for something purely aesthetic, IMO, if you don’t have the available money. If you hadn’t mentioned your financial concerns, I might be more in favor of it, but it doesn’t sound like a wise expense for you and your Fiance right now. Maybe someday in the future.

I will say this: I bet your smile is actually really cute, and you’re the only one who dislikes it. BUT I understand that something like this, well, if you haven’t gotten used to it by now, you probably won’t embrace it anytime soon, unless something drastic happens.

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I also have a crooked tooth on one side of my smile and always take photos from the other side. I have always been completely self concious about it. I decided to get invisalign after I got engaged with my wedding in mind, but it is something that I have always wanted.

So far, I am very happy with it. I am so excited to see my teeth changing, and although I won’t be finished with my treatment by the time the wedding comes around, having my invisalign in makes my smile look so much better because you can’t see the spaces. Contrary to what another commentor said my dental insurance covered $2,000 leaving me making payments for $4,000. And I would still make the same decision over again. And over, and over, and over lol.

You just have to decide how important it is and what is best for you. I suggest you go in for a consultation. That way you can find out how long your treatment will be, how far along you can be with your treatments by your wedding, etc.

If you have any questions about the consultations or treatment itself feel free to message me!




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I’m in dental school right now and also had one crooked tooth that drove me insane (more from a professional stand point…I felt judged!).  I decided to get full on metal braces because Invisalign required my teeth to be filed down more than normal, and I didn’t want to lose good tooth structure.  My bite was deep as well.  Now, my face shape has lengthened and my teeth are straightening up.  It’s normal to have slightly crooked teeth, but if they bother you, take the plunge and get some braces.  If cost is an issue, find a local dental school.  Our school charges $3000 as opposed to $6000 on the outside.  I think it will be worth it for me in the end (at least I hope!).

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I know how you feel.  Growing up my parents couldn’t afford to get my sister and I braces and even though my teeth weren’t ever horrible, I was very sensitive about how my smile looked in pictures or if people were looking at my teeth instead of listening to me.  Last December I finally decided to do something.  I saw an Orthodontist and decided to go w/ Invisalign.  My insurance covered $1500 of it and I’m paying the rest w/monthly installments w/no interest, a plan I noticed many of the pratices I visited offered. 

I’m 2 months away from being done with treatment and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made for me.  It might sound weird, but I notice that I’m much more confident.  I brief alot at work and I notice that I make eye contact more, I’m more confident in my speech cuz I’m not focused on wether or not they are looking at my teeth. 

I also know that, yes my teeth weren’t horrible, however, when you let something get to you the way it got to me, it can really affect the way you you live and how you perform in life. 

I say go for it.  Shop around your area, see who will work with you and get an interest-free payment plan.   

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i had braces when i was younger but didn’t follow through with my retainer and the two teeth on either side of my front teeth slid back into their own old crookedness. last year i started going to a new dentist and he said he could do some filing of the teeth that would make them look straighter. in one hour i went from having two very crooked teeth to having one completely straight looking tooth and the other one is only slightly crooked. i didn’t even realize how self-conscious i was about my teeth until all of the sudden i wasn’t–i was smiling big for photos and Fiance noticed that i was just smiling more in general. my mom has the exact same two crooked teeth and now she is considering going to my dentist for the same procedure–she is jealous of my teeth! and it was only about $300 for both teeth–best investment i ever made.

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If you can afford it yeah, but it may be a costs that has to wait until after the wedding.  My only cosmetic alteration before my wedding was to remove an unsightly mole under my arm. 

There’s always photoshop.  Let the photographer know and if you ask he can edit every single photo!

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