(Closed) Not knowing what to expect from a "normal" pregnancy after a miscarriage

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Hi, we seem to be in the same boat. I found out I am pregnant yesterday after miscarrying in June and I am super anxious as well. I am trying to be positive but as you will know, its very difficult.

I have noticed differences in how I felt last time, this time I feel “more” pregnant already, my boobs are less sore than last time but I feel nausea already which I didn’t before. I am taking that as a good sign because it probably means my hormone levels are higher? idk. I think I might be cramping more as well.

I started to suspect I was miscarrying because my boobs stopped hurting and that was basically my only symptom then other than some cramping. Do you feel different than last time?

Good luck to us both! 🙂

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Same situation here and really, I’m trying not to over analyze too much. If I’m not spotting or having serious cramps, then it’s fine. I’ve had mild periodic cramps since my BFP but nothing like real ones.  Hardly any symptoms at all, actually, and my hcg almost tripled so I’m trying not to put much stock in symptom spotting. 

Maybe your doctor can do a couple hcg tests to see if your numbers are doubling. If they are, enjoy being pregnant. Gotta take the good as it comes and try not to worry about possibilities. 

if nothing else, you can symptom spot here on the bee. You’re in good company 😉

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My first pregnancy ended in a MC at 10 weeks. When I got pregnant the second time I was in the same boat as you – trying to compare the two. The only real difference I noted was that I didn’t have any morning sickness with the first pregnancy and with the second, it started just after 6 weeks. Other than that, they were both very similar. I know it’s easy for me to say now, but try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. You have absolutely no control over whether or not it will result in another MC. 

One thought that that gave me comfort, was that almost all the women I knew had had only one MC at some point while they were having their children. So I told myself, that was my one. That definitely helped ease my mind. 

Good luck to you and a happy and healthy 9 months!

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JessicaBrooke926: Little cramping stabbing pains are normal for up to the first 9 weeks, so if you are getting them i wouldn’t worry too much. The worst part for me was the morning sickness which has finally disappeared after 4 weeks, the sore boobs are a killer buy a couple of sports bra 1 size bigger than you are, you go up by at least 2 sizes but after 12 weeks get measured properly and buy a couple of maternity bras and maternity sleep bras.

Try not to worry i’m sure you’ll be fine 

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I am pregnant after a miscarriage at 8 weeks last year. I’m 16 weeks along now and everything is going great. This pregnancy has been so different from the MC. I actually feel LESS pregnant this time and my hormone levels are much higher than they ever were with the mc. I have not had any nausea/morning sickness, my boobs got bigger at first and were tender for awhile, they are still bigger but they don’t hurt anymore. I’m having some round ligament pain now but had not had any cramping up to this point. With the mc I had a lot of early cramping (ligament, not AF/MC type cramping), boobs were SO painful, nauseous, no appetite. It’s really tough to not compare and be worried, but I hope you can try to relax and think positively. Good luck!!

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I’m in the same boat…I’m almost 6 weeks into my 4th pregnancy after 3 miscarriages.  All I can say is every one has truly been different, so I don’t think you can rely on symptoms to reassure you that everything is ok or vice versa. What I do tell myself though is that I know what miscarriages feel like, and I will know if that happens.  So unless I have the severe unmistakeable cramps or the actual bleeding…I’m trying not to worry. Easier said than done though I know.

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i’m 7.5 weeks now after having a MC in early April at 6 weeks. I’m nervous. I passed six weeks and feel good about that, but it feels like anything could happen. I feel differnt that I did with the first, but I dont know what “normal” shold feel like. I also had cramps but no spottings and I’ve heard that its normal.. hang in there.. we’re in the same boat, and we’re here for each other. Best of luck to you…

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First off congrats! Like PPs have mentioned so much easier said than done but try not to compare so much, you’ll drive yourself bananas. I miscarried around this time last year at 7w, the only symptom I had was sore breasts once that started fading away the bleeding and cramps started few days later. I’m currently 31w5d and the beginning of this pregnancy was different. I didn’t feel the sore breasts like last time and the nausea hit full force starting at 6.5 weeks and lasted into the beginning of my second trimester.

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