(Closed) Not losing much weight but running 3x per week… why?!?!?!

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I’m actually in the same boat! My half is in April and I am p to 6 miles…but have only lost 7 pounds so far and only one inch around my waist…I also count my calories using fitness pal, and usually have around 1400 calories a day….but I realized I eat a TON of sweets so I am trying to incorporate more veggies right now and eliminate the sweets/cut down 😉 I would recommend writing down what you eat so you can see exactly where your problem is! I also plan to add on some weight training here soon!

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Do you feel like you’re STARVING after running? I ALWAYS do (training for an early May 1/2 marathon).

The SECOND you get home, drink 16-24oz of water. Then drink ANOTHER 16-24oz before you eat!

Also, a 1/2 hour run is only going to burn like 300 calories! So if you’re eating more than that every day after you run, you’re not really going to lose weight!

You also said you’ve lost about 6lbs in 2 months– that’s almost a pound a week! That’s a really good amount of weight loss!

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Track your food at http://www.myfitnesspal.com 

Cutting out as much sugar as possible is ideal; lots of stuff has sugar in it that you wouldn’t think of. Opt for sugar free over fat free because fat free tends to have extra sugar for flavor.  Also if you restrict your calories too much your body will hold on to fat.

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You should eat a protein filled meal after your runs, not carbs.. Carbs are for before the run to give you fuel, proteins will keep you full and help your muscles recover.

also, which kinds of carbs are you choosing?

weight loss is 80% about your diet, so this is what you should be looking at if you want to lose weight. I second the pp who suggested a food diary for a while, which would help you pin point the problem.

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Someone else mentioned this – eating habits have the largest effect on weight loss. Replace one of your meals per day with a salad, and cut most of the refined sugar out of your diet. My sister is a real health and exercise buff, and she will only have refined sugary foods Fri-Sun.

Now, for the exercise. In my health, fitness, and wellness class, the breakdown was basically that if you are running 3X a week for about 30 minutes, that is enough to maintain your current weight, or have pretty slow and minimal weight loss, which it sounds like you are experiencing.

If you want to lose faster, either lengthen your workouts (for slimming up, it is time spent in cardio and not speed that counts), or add an extra day. I think adding an extra day would probably be best.  Make sure you are always running at least 30 minutes. Any less and your results will really be minimal.  You will be healthy, but not actively losing.

Hope this helps.

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Have you tried adding strength training? It builds up muscle but you won’t get bulky. It does a great things for your metabolism. I usually do it before cardio because I’m so tired and worn out after cardio. It also builds up your muscles so that the chance of injury decreases a bit.

That and what others said about changing your diet. I was working out 3-5 days a week and not losing a single pound. I changed my diet and within three months, lost 15 pounds.

Keep up the good work though! I hate running outside so I commend those who do.

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To burn fat you need to build lean muscle, cardio will only do so much.  The more lean muscle you build, the more fat your body will burn. Try adding in some weight training exercises into your workout routine 3-4 times a week.  Nothing real heavy or strenuous, you can get a pack of resistance bands for pretty cheap and use them at home.

Also, pre-run or workout, grab a energy bar/granola bar or something (watch your calories!) so you’re not starving afterwards and tempted to over-eat.  I like the yogurt granola bars.

For your after workout meal, stick with proteins, fresh veggies, and brown carbs(like brown rice, whole wheat pastas/breads/sweet potatoes.  You can look up quick healthy meals online.  

For water, it is recommended that you drink half your body weight in ounces a day.  For example, you said you were 170lbs, so you should try to drink at least 85 ounces of water a day.  I had a hard time doing this because I tended to not drink anything unless I was thirsty, but get a water bottle you can carry with you everywhere and you’ll get used to it.  Cut out any sodas and tea as much as possible.  

Hope this helps!

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you need to eat more! if your body doesn’t have enough fuel for your workout and your metabolism is faster due to your training your body will basically go into starvation mode. It will not burn fat and store it instead. I’ve read many many forums where people basically drop their calorie intake to about 1200 and are working out like crazy and didnt see much of a drop in their weight. 

once they upped their calorie intake where your body has enough to fuel through a workout and burn all that fat. they shed pounds like crazy.

you should be eating 5 small meals a day and drinking a lot of water

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@Corgi-cariad:  The most recent thing I heard that has helped me a lot is to pack yourself full of good stuff so there is no room for the bad stuff.  What it means is to stock up on whole grain products and fresh (or frozen) fruits and veggies and make them easily accesible and ready to eat so that you can just grab and go.  Over time, you will choose the good stuff because it’s easy to grab and it will fill you up enough that you won’t have room for the sweets and goodies.

We don’t buy soda or chips or sweets when we grocery shop.  We buy fruits and veggies on a rotating basis depending on what is on sale and what is in season (in season fruits and veggies tend to be cheaper.)  If you don’t have the bad snacks in the house you can’t eat them.  We allow ourselves to indulge once a week, usually Saturday or Sunday.

Also, I recently cut out alcohol for Lent and I have been losing weight steadily.  I knew I was drinking up a lot of calories but I didn’t realize how much until I forced myself to go dry.  When Lent is over I plan to keep alcohol cut back to a once a week splurge only; and only after I get in some extra exercise the day that I splurge to make up for it.

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Everyone else has given you excellent advice! Myfitnesspal is awesome… I can pretty much guarantee that you are eating more calories than you think you are! It is CRAZY how fast things add up, so having somewhere to track your calories should really help!

And definitely add some strength training to your workouts, on non-running days. You don’t have to throw around hand weights or anything like that; there are plenty of strengthening exercises you can do using your own body weight. Google is your friend!

Good luck!! 🙂

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If you are toning up, you are probably gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. 

Congrats on the marathon though! Keep up the good work!

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@Corgi-cariad:  You burn 100  calories a mile, so you need to run 35 miles to lose a pound. And that is without eating extra to compensate for the calories you burn, which I find is impossible. Running is great to lose weight, but it goes slowly.

Also, try to make your carbs come from veggies and whole grains. I find that grains with fiber (oatmeal, quinoa, sweet poatos) fill me up faster than simple carbs. I tend to eat about 2000 calories and I run about 40 miles per week. In training, you need fuel to get through long runs, but quinoa, kale, and squash are better choices than bagels, pasta, and rice.

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