(Closed) Not losing much weight but running 3x per week… why?!?!?!

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@Corgi-cariad:  People overestimate how many calories they burn and underestimate how many calories they eat.

You’re running, which is great, but the amount of exercise you’re doing isn’t going to magically make you drop a lot of weight. It’s 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. If you ran for 3 hour a day, then maybe.

I would add weight training into your routine – you can burn calories long after you’ve finished lifting. You won’t bulk up because you’re a girl.

You also need to eat less. It’s hard (trust me I am in a similar boat), but gradual changes can work.

Keep it up – running is so hard… I have never been able to get into it!

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I always find dieting gets 10x the results of exercising. At least on the scale.

Exercising wins at making your body look better in the mirror – looking more toned. But no so much smaller.


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Weight loss is like 90% and 10% exercise in my experience. 

For me, removing carbs (except for lots of vegetables and nuts) from my diet is the only way I lose weight. I can eat some berries and dark chocolate but if I am doing a carb heavy diet I stack on weight and no amount of exercise will stem the flow of the gain. 

I’d switch out the carbs for protein and go from there. Have you thought about making some almond flour rolls or muffins which are packed with protein but will feel less’ salady’? 

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@SeaSalt:  +1!

I ran a full marathon last May, and I only lost 1-2 pounds over 3 months of serious training. My body changed shape (legs/butt looked way better) but I didn’t really lose anything from my torso. I’m pretty sure the calories I ate to compensate for being physically exhausted half the time didn’t help.

After the marathon, I started a weight training program and started tracking my calories and fat/carb/protien split. I lost more pounds, and overall my body is leaner and stronger than after the marathon. Moral of the story: eat right, lift heavy stuff, and you’ll look better!

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thats awesome OP! take progress pics , you see it so much more that way then by just trusting the mirror!


Also I read other commentors saying they ate 1200 calories a day. Unless you are advised this by a doc, please please please dont do this especially if you are excercising on top of this. it will put your body in starvation mode, can mess up your metabolism, making it harder for you to lose weight, and it will overall hurt your health… 

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@Corgi-cariad:  awesome!! I’m a little late to this thread, but I totally sympathize! I started running again (used to do track but only the 1 mile run) and decided to train for a 5k. When I was in high school, just running was enough for me to eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight. So I was totally shocked when running 3 miles every other day resulted in zero weight loss this time!! I wasn’t even eating that much, but I was craving ice cream every night (this was in the summer) so I just ate it since I figured I was running so much I deserved it… When I stopped running, I really didn’t gain any weight. 

I’ve just started working out again (joined a gum yay!) and have really been trying to replace my nightly desserts (i have a huge sweet tooth lol) with some fruit and yogurt. So far that’s been sweet enough to satisfy me. I really need to switch out pasta for vegetables more often but pasta is just so easy and good! 😉 the classes I’ve been taking at the gym have really helped me. They all focus on a blend of cardio and strength training and I already feel a difference. I am soo sore just after a half hour class, whereas running I very rarely felt sore and never even really broke a sweat so I think it just wasn’t mixing it up enough for me. I read that you have an exercise ball so definitely use that for some core workouts and i bet you’ll see even better results! 

ETA: I definitely wouldn’t run starving like you have been, since that makes you eat such big dinners. I usually eat a banana or energy bar while I’m driving home or before I leave work so that it’s about an hour or two before I run and I find it makes my run much better and I don’t even feel hungry after I run! It’s something you could try pretty easily and see if it helps. 🙂 

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Not to alarm you, but I’ve just found out why I haven’t been losing weight: I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS. It’s pretty common in women and it can be treated, so I guess there’s no harm in doing a little research, just in case. I’ve been on exactly the same boat, and I do understand it can be disheartening. 

Good luck! 

ETA: whoops, nevermind lol. I hadn’t bothered to read the other posts until now. yay! 

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Hate to tell you but running is not the best way to lose weight unless you wear a heart rate monitor and make sure you are in the optimal zone the whole time.  I ran marathons for years and would often hear woman complaining on the path about losing weight.  The heart rate is the key.  GL!

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