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It won’t matter for the first few months but eventually you will want your Master Bedroom privacy back.  Eventually, the baby will need their own room but you can deal with that later.  My two cents would be to turn the workout room into the baby’s room later and move the workout equipment to the garage.  However, set up a mini-gym in one half of the garage and add a little A/C and heater unit to make the garage more comfortable to work out in.

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@iarebridezilla:  ….all I could think of after reading your post was this….”I sleep in a drawer”

Your argument makes sense….but I think if I found out that I didn’t have a room until I was three or four because my parents didn’t want to get rid of their in home gym…that would probably give me a complex…..

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@beachbride1216:  +1

OP, I think this is fine for the first few months since most people do this anyways. Altough, the closet does bring poor Harry Potter to mind lol. But after that, you might regret the decision. You are going to want a place where you can go to relax. As far as eventually putting the baby in the workout room with the equipment, I’d be weary. Some kids are great escape artists and babies around workout equipment makes me very nervous. I’d recommend just moving the workout stuff into the garage once you move the baby in that room. Honestly, the small distance you’d have to walk to the garage vs the spare room shouldn’t discourage you from working out…

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We don’t have children yet, but I am guessing that you and your husband are going to want some privacy in the few years. A closet bedroom might work for a few weeks/months, but it doesnt sound like a long term solution to me. I would either clean up the garage and move the gym out there, or have a combo guest/gym room.

As the baby gets older he/she is going to have more clothing, books, toys, etc.


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@Nona99:  haha you so funny! I immediately thought of Harry Potter…

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I winced when I read this, I don’t know why, I think having a baby and getting the room all nice a ready would be part of the experience. The way you mentioned that you didn’t want to get rid of the gym made me read- my needs are more important than my baby.

I guess my feelings on the matter are based on the fact that when my father remarried we had to move in to her place and I had to give up my room, share wiht my brother and their new daughter got her own room (this was all when I was 16!) – I’m over it now but it hit a nerve!

So I don’t mean to sound rude at all becuase it’s personal preference but I can imagine as the pregnancy progresses and the baby arrives, your gym will be come the last priority here.




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We have a one bedroom, but we are okay with it for the first year because baby will be in our room anyway.  I just don’t know about a closet- because babies need fresh air and a window.  But having baby in your room is fine, whatever works for you!

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I haven’t ever had a baby but everyone I’ve known who did have one usually ends up with the baby in their room for a lot longer than they expected and the baby’s room stays empty. You’ll want the baby close by at first anyway. I’d say go for what works for you

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I think you need to move the gym equipment to the garage.  Having a baby means having a room full of junk for said baby.  Where is it going to go?

It shouldn’t make a difference where in the house you put the gym equipment, you will either use it or not based on your mood and motivation.  Beachbride1216 had a good idea about the AC/heater.  You may find that you want to get rid of that stuff altogether as your entire life changes after this child is born.

You need the privacy of your bedroom and a place to care for baby when the other partner is snoozing.  Just go ahead and get the move done before baby arrives.  I am pretty positive you will regret it if you don’t.

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@iarebridezilla:  I think your set up will be fine for the first 6 months or year. I agree that a workout room is a priority for maintaining your mental and physical health, but I don’t think putting exercise equipment in the same room as a toddler or small child is a good idea at all, for various reasons. Either move to workout stuff to the garage, if you’ve got one with enough space, or nix the guest room. You can leave an extra bed in there for if people come to visit (they’ll have to bunk with the kid), or you can get a sleeper sofa in your living room and guests can stay there. Prioritizing exercise AND guests over the kid isn’t cool once he/she should be in his own room. It’s not fair to the baby to not have a room in his/her own house just because people sometimes drop by to visit and want a bed.

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We are also not having a nursery. We don’t have the luxury of quite as much space as you have, but we do have a spare room we are deliberately not converting immediately. The baby will sleep in a crib in our bedroom, which I think will be easier for night feedings anyway. We have a 2 bedroom house, and right now the second bedroom is a guest room with office space for me. We’re also going to have guests during the baby’s first few months, so we’ll need a place for grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc to sleep. And I hate the idea of losing my computer desk! We’re telling people that we will convert the spare room to a baby room when he sleeps through the night or when he is ready for a toddler bed.

This arrangement seems totally normal and good to me because it’s what my parents did with my siblings and me when we were little. They always had the crib in their bedroom. My little sister slept in their room even after she was in a toddler bed because we were cramped in a pretty small house and there was no place else for her. That does seem to me like a little too much closeness for my personal taste; that’s where I’d draw the line because I think it would start to cramp the parents’ sex life and the child might start to remember waking up and hearing sounds, etc.

As far as when to move the baby out of your room, that will depend on when you move and how much you end up liking or hating the arrangement you have. Maybe also how much you love the workout equipment you might have to get rid of. Personally, the toddler bed is where I’d draw the line. It seems like that would be a particularly convenient time to move him out because you’re dealing with new furniture anyway.

I’m not really going to bother to decorate the corner where the crib will be, to be honest. Decorating isn’t really my thing. The crib is dark expresso wood to match our other bedroom furniture. We registered for crib sheets and linens that would match our bedroom as it looks currently, the paint and the bedspread for our bed. People have also given us some decorations that aren’t really to my taste and that I’ll probably return. Personally I don’t like the bright colors and babyish images of most nursery decorations, but that’s just me.

There is no reason to feel like what you’re doing is selfish at all. It sounds like you’re just making a practical decision based on what will work best for your family given the setup of your house, etc. Some might even say that keeping the baby closer to you is good for attachment. There really is no developmental reason why a baby needs his own room. Just our consumerist, materialist tendency to expand to fill all the space we can.

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Will the workout stuff not fit in the spare bedroom at all?  Obviously you will have guests, but not all the time, and you are hosting them – you can ask them for an hour a day to workout.  Even if it means trading the bed for a futon or sleeper sofa to make room, that would keep everything inside, and you could workout right across the hall from Jr while he/she takes a nap. 

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