Not sending cover letter…mistake?

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Helper bee

More info is needed in order to offer the best possible advice: What types of roles are you applying for? What is your education and experience?


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Sugar bee
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RunLift1234 :  50 jobs a day? That seems very unrealistic and quite literally impossible. You should apply for maybe 5 to 10 a week. I would say 3 a day tops. Dedicate time to your applications so that they are done with care. Filling out hundreds of applications a week means mistakes and rushed work.

To answer your question – cover letters are important, unless it is a very entry level position. If you want to work at Target you don’t need to write them a customized letter, unless it is a managerial position.

I suggest you write a general letter, and create a template out of it. Highlight the parts that have to be changed for each application – the address, who it is to, the name of the company, and a sentence or two on why you want to work there. 

Then for each application, you’ll just fill in those highlighted parts in your letter. 

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Busy bee
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it depends what kind of jobs – retail/hospitality/services? Then yeah a cover letter is a waste of time, no one will read (speaking from experience as a manager in hospitality, as well as a specialist hospitality recruiter).

Any other kind of work? I would err on the side of caution and say yes, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage by not including one.


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Busy bee

Cover letters sent directly to hiring managers via all (or someone in the company that can redirect to the right person) have been the difference between me getting someone’s attention for an interview and not. I recommend.

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Bumble bee

It also depends on the application. Most job a that I’ve applied are an online firm where you have basically written all the info on the cover letter into the boxes. Sometimes they give an option TO Dr CV and cover letter and in those case I don’t think they ar3 important since the application already asked all this information.

If it’s just sending your CV then it depends on the hiring manager, the type of position it is etc. I’d echo the pp and say to write a general cover letter and then customize a paragraph for every job. Then it makes it easier.

Also 50 jobs a day when  you already have a job? Slow down. It’s already impressive that you find 50 jobs per day that you can apply for. But the quality of applications will go down and they can’t all be jobs that you’d be willing to actually do. 

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Bumble bee
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Not sending a personalised cover letter is a really bad idea. You also need to personalise your resume for every individual job you apply for when necessary. Please don’t be one of those people who just send their resume to anyone for any job. It’s very  obvious and they won’t call you.

If you really want a job, you’ll put in the effort required.

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Came here to agree that 50 jobs per day seems like a high number. Each application should be carefully considered and honestly when I was applying for a role I would tailor my CV/resume for that particular role. Applying for that volume per week will drastically affect the quality of the application. 

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Busy bee
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I work in recruitment and agree with ppl – it’s best to spend your time really targeting your applications and reducing the number you aim to apply for significantly. Sending 50 a day sounds like there would be no time to tailor anything. I also recommend taking the time to call and introduce yourself (depending on the role/s) and to also tailor your resume. I always shortlist people who put in more effort than the others. 

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Buzzing bee
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I used to do cover letters for every job. I’m job searching right now, and haven’t done one at all this round. I created one for the first job I applied to a few weeks ago, but the online system never asked for it, or any other file upload besides resume/CV. So I haven’t done them for other jobs either. The modern job application systems (Workday, etc) don’t seem to ask for them. Thank goodness, because I feel like they’re antiquated. 

I do tailor my resume to each role, but as I get further in my career, the jobs I’m targeting are so similar that it’s just moving a bullet point around or two. 

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Helper bee
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Unless you are applying for the most entry level of jobs (we’re talking cashiering) at a major company, you MUST include a cover letter. I’ve been on many hiring committees, and no cover letter means that we don’t even look at that person, considering that most of the other candidates, who are also qualified, took the time to write a letter telling us why they want THIS particular job. 

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Busy bee

I meant via email not via all!

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Bumble Beekeeper

50 jobs a day? If that’s accurate then that’s what’s slowing you down, not your cover letter. 

What is your field? I suggest you narrow your search and apply for more like 3-5 jobs a day. That will give you time to draft unique cover letters that are tailored to each specific post. But…whether this is actually the way to go or not depends on your field. I work in a writing-heavy industry so cover letters have always been a must – no one would hire someone in my field without a cover letter.

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Busy Beekeeper

RunLift1234 : If the job needs a resume (not just an application form), then it needs a cover letter. Back in my hiring days I didn’t even read the resumes that didn’t include a cover letter (either as an attachment or put into the body of the email). Hiring people takes SO MUCH TIME. If an applicant be bothered to take 5 minutes to write a cover letter then why should I take 5 minutes and read their resume? Don’t make me guess/figure out why you want the job and why you’d be good at it – spell it out for me.

eta: also are you qualified for all of these jobs? That seems like a lot to be applying to! I remember once hiring for an entry-level paralegal and I’d get resumes from people with zero experience (fine, that’s expected) and also ZERO explanation as to why they wanted the job and why they think they had transferrable skills. After awhile I noticed the same people doing that for every open position I had. I not only didn’t even reply back/give an interview – I recognized them and remember “omg this freaking idiot again?”  Don’t be that person. 

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Helper bee
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I’m a career coach, and just yesterday I advised a client to apply for 5-7 or so jobs a week to be aggressive in her search.

50 jobs a DAY is insane. No way are you able to vet out 250 jobs a week (or 350 if you are doing weekends too) to see if they interest you and that you are qualified.

You’ll have much more luck if you slow wayyyyy down, and be strategic in your search. Otherwise you’re just doing the equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. If you are desperately in need of a job, take a temp job for now, and then you can slow down your search.

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