(Closed) Not-So-Perfect Proposals: Share Your Stories!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: March 2015

Oh, bless. That’s actually very sweet. My proposal I mistook for him asking for the above mentioned sex act… It is a running joke between us, but turns out when he said it was dark and we were alone, he was actually asking me to marry him! 

I forgot to mention we’d had a lovely meal out and I was stuffed to the gills with delicious food and cocktails. And wearing a suck-me-in body suit. In the Australian summer. So not sexy…

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2015

This made me smile and laugh 🙂

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

Oh, where to start?! I knew a proposal was coming, because I saw a bag from the jeweler hidden in my husband’s closet while I was tidying up his messy apartment waiting for him to get home from work (we didn’t live together before we married.) Somehow I had the self-control not to peak! My mom had been acting weird for a couple of months, always wanting to watch wedding shows with me… you know, all that TLC stuff. Turns out DH had talked to my parents 3 months before proposing about what he had planned.

It was a cool spring day in NYC, and we went to a cute little French restaurant for lunch. We were taking a walk to Central Park and my husband’s hand was so sweaty when I tried to hold it! We get to the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park (we are both avid Beatles fans), and I knew it was coming. He turned to me and started givng me this adorable speech… when some teenage kid decides to park HIS ass on the bench right behind me, basically giving him a close-up view of MY ass! My husband looks around me to glare at the kids, says “REALLY?”, moves me to another spot, and tries to start again but is so frazzled, he basically ended up just getting down on one knee and proposing… at which point a tour bus full of people shows up. So it was just really chaotic. But so romantic.

Also… REALLY not intending to bum anyone out, but… a really good friend of ours (my husband’s best friend) passed away 2 weeks before our engagement of a rare blood disease that he had been battling for a year. My husband was actually planning to propose that weekend, postponed it after that, and couldn’t wait any longer after 2 weeks. So our proposal story is far from perfect, but I am happy to be married to the man of my dreams.

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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: April 2014

Haha, ours just happened while we were laying in bed talking. Didnt have a ring or anything.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

@MsBark:  I had been a not-so-patient waiting bee. FI and I were dating 5 years (living together for 3) and he was about to have surgery to remove a non-cancerous bone tumor that was pressing on a nerve. I was hell bent on not being a “girl friend” at the hospital and during his 2 month recovery. We had already talked about marriage and knew we were meant to be – we had looked at engagement rings 6 months after dating, so he already knew what I liked. 

We live in NY and Hurricane Sandy hit our area VERY hard the week of our engagement. That week FI was acting very weird (it was the week of his surgery, so I figured he was nervous about that). We had no power, no heat and 90% of the stores in our area were closed. There were massive lines at gas stations and you could hear everyones generators running 24/7. Many roads were impassable, power lines and trees were laying in the street and on buildings. It felt like very surreal. 

Fi kept passing 1 shopping mall over and over and over to see if they had gotten their power restored. I knew what he was looking at the Jewelery store (he had left the ring at the store before the storm to have it resized). The morning of the proposal I happened to be next to the Jewelry store (the entire shopping mall regained power) and I texted FI about it. He replied “when do you get off?” I KNEW IT WAS THE DAY…. 

Fwd: I get home, hes in our apartment with candles and flower petals scattered everywhere (IDK how he found candles or fresh flowers, our entire area was sold out of all candles and there was no power for refridgeration at most places still). He was there… speechless. So I walked over to him and asked “do you have something to ask me?” and he just got down on one knee and opened the box. Fi isnt very good with words but he really didnt need to say anything. His face said it all. 🙂 He had made a card that said “Will you marry me? Check yes or no” and he had even drawn two boxes…. yup my future hub is super duper corny! haha Made me smile.

 We got to spend the first 2 months of being engaged together (during his recovery). It really was an amazing special time (we never get that kind of time together, with our schedules). 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

@Kay1126:  Definitely sounds like a true NY proposal! lol Some days it is very hard to grab those quiet moments in NYC! Sounds like your hubs planned it out so much! So super sweet! 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2014

I helped design my ring, but left some details up to him.  A couple of weeks before it happened, I went on the ring designers website and saw the ring!  It was a video you could watch if you were considering that style!  I was positive it was my ring, but I was pretty darn sure.  So at that point, I “knew” the details of it.  

He asked me to go to Niagara Falls (NY) and I was sure it was going to happen!  On the way there he made a werid comment that made me think it wasn’t happening.  He’s not usually one to try to deceive me (even playfully), so I was convinced his comment meant he wasn’t going to do it, so I was bummed.  We got there and took a walk around the park.  We went up to out hotel and got ready for the evening.  On the way out the door, he grabbed my arm and said “wait”  then he got on one knee and proposed.  I cry at everything, but I didn’t cry.  I had pyched myself out so much about the whole thing that the emotions didn’t come.  I mean, I was thrilled, but no happy tears.  

We were there on 4th of July weekend and the park was soooo crowded.  He explained that he planned on doing it at the falls, but it was so packed that you were basically brushing shoulders with everyone around you.  He said he would’ve felt weird getting down on one knee with a huge crowd around us.

I still kind of wish he would’ve done it at the falls.  I couldn’t care less about the “down on one knee” part.  It could still have been a private moment.  No one was paying any attention to anyone else.  As it is, I found a panoramic pic of the falls and the city and I can see our hotel.  I bought it and circled our room on it with a little heart!   

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Sugar bee

@MsBark:  Mine was perfectly imperfect. I knew he had the ring cause I was the one home when it came in the mail. I was getting mad that he wasn’t proposing, we had a small argument about it because I though he changed his mind or something. He knows I can’t wait for anything, EVER! Then he suddenly wanted to go for a walk down by the river (which was nice, perfect locale IMO).

So we did and there’s a spot where the trees clear out and you can walk right up to the edge of the river. We’re hugging and kissing and I turned around to see my ex (that I lived with for 8 years and have two kids with) and his new wife stopping to carry their bikes across the creek right directly behind us. I said “You’ve got to be kidding!” Yes, I seriously said it out loud. lol.

Then I took us up the creek bed (FI had never been there, so he wouldn’t know to go there) on purpose because it’s secluded and we’d have no chance of being interrupted. And we weren’t. He pulled out the ring when I wasn’t looking and it surprised me because after seeing my ex I had kinda thought FI would chicken out. But then all he said was “Will you marry me?” Blank stare. And I whispered “Is that all you’re gonna say?” I just wanted a little embellishment, something about loving me forever or something. Heh. 

So yeah, it wasn’t perfect, but it was still sweet and I love him.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2014

We were sitting on the couch, Fi works midnights so he was tired, I woke up to be with him… So here we are in our sweats, and he gets up saying he wants to go to bed, I get up to give him a hug… And he just says “Will you marry me?” My brain would not work and I blurted out WHAT?!

He so sweetly repeated the question, I agreed. Then my most favorite part he kissed me and said “I’m going to bed” and walked away… Lol it wasn’t the romantic proposal he had wanted to do, but it was very low key like I had asked for… 🙂 Oh well! I wouldn’t change it for anything!

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: March 2015


Our proposal wasn’t exactly ~perfect~ or ~fairytale~ but that’s exactly what I loved about it haha.  We had gone to NYC for the day & FI had pre-paid tickets to go to the top of the Empire State Building (something that has been on my bucket list) where he had planned to propose.  Well, first of all I nearly ruined my proposal when we got to the bottom of the Empire State Building and I looked up and was just like “Oh man, that’s really high up!  I’m not so sure I want to go up there anymore” blah blah blah.  FI looked like a ghost when I suggested we do something else instead & that just seeing the building in real life was amazing in itself.  After like 20 mins, he eventually calmed my nerves & up we went.

Well, once we got up there I was in absolute awe at the view, however it was VERY crowded.  It was literally elbow to elbow with little to no wiggle room.  Well, we were wiggling around to catch a glimpse of the city from each side when I noticed FI acting really weird.  I asked him if he was feeling okay and that’s when he grabbed my hand, pulled me close, and asked me to marry him.  There was no getting down on one knee (there was literally NO room for that haha), no ring (he was spinning my promise ring around my finger while proposing, he wanted us to pick out the ring together), but it was literally the most perfect moment of my life & I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.  It’s like time completely stood still for us for that 1 moment & I will never forget it. 🙂


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  • Wedding: March 2015

FI proposed to me on Christmas morning.  

He got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (who gets dressed on Christmas morning?) and asked me if I was just going to wear my gross fuzzy robe all day.  Then he said he wanted to film our daughter opening presents and I usually want to look half decent when being filmed so I changed.  Well as I was changing, he got the camera rolling and handed it to my dad (who stayed the night).  When I came out of the room he kinda just scurried over to me and opened the box and asked me to marry him in a squeaky voice – he TOTALLY forgot to get down on one knee lol!

I’ve never seen him so nervous, he was shaking trying to put the ring on haha!  You’d think after 4 years and 2 kids he would know I’d say yes!

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: November 1999

These all sound pretty amazing to me. I dont know when this trend of over the top propsals became the new standard. Ill take normal, simple, imperfect anyday.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2013 - Mansion House at the MD Zoo

These are amazing! My DH proposed when we were using a friend’s beach house in North Carolina. I knew he had bought a ring because he told my BFF plus he’s not too smart and left the confirmation email open on the computer. He didn’t know I knew though. So I kept trying to “create” moments, like a nice romantic walk on the beach at sunset, a special dinner out, etc etc. (I am also not patient at all.) One day we were doing some minor stuff around their house and he cut himself. He passes out at the sight of his own blood, so we were standing there washing his hand and all of a sudden he threw a paper towel at me, took 3 steps, and fell down. I thought he had hit his head and was having a seizure because he couldn’t get up because his blood pressure was so low. So after that traumatic morning, he was like, I’ll cook you a really nice dinner, go get some nice wine and I’ll go to the grocery store. We got home and he’ s cooking, and he sits me down at the table and puts my food in front of me. Then all of a sudden he was like, hold on! And ran downstairs to the bedroom/bathroom. I thought he all of a sudden had to poop or something. He came up and knelt down in front of me and before he had a chance to say anything I started screaming “yes!” and tried to jam the ring on my finger. THen throughout teh whole dinner I kept looking at him and going, “really? is this real? are we getting married?” I think I was annoying him. So we had bloodshed, a possible seizure, what I thought was diarrhea, and then me acting like an ass. Pretty much perfect for us. 🙂

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