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I’ve taken both Lunesta and Ambien and prefer Lunesta.

I always woke up with migraines and felt groggy while on Ambien. It also took awhile for the Ambien to kick in which was kind of a pain.

Lunesta works very quickly so you have to take immediately before you are ready to go to bed. I always had very bad nightmares on Lunesta but somehow I slept well and always felt extremely refreshed in the morning.

The reason I stopped taking Lunesta was because of the after taste.

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My mom used to take Ambien, and it made her sleepwalk and eat in her sleep. yes eat!! (She used for about 6 months) and brother took it once and he went Sleepdrving and got in a car crash! he doesnt remember a thing, but he had rdrinks before that, and you shouldnt mix the two! we have done some research and this seems to happen a lot with ambien so we are not fans.

just a story i thought i would share! i have never taken either.

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I don’t have any direct experience, but I have heard that Ambien is very addictive.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s what contributed to Heath Ledger’s death, correct…?

Hopefully she can send you to a sleep study center – Fiance went last year and they were able to diagnose him and give him medicine that works.

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Agree about the Ambien… I’ve heard CRAZY stories! I used to take it and while no crazy sleep walking/eating/driving I would have a hard time functioning the next day if I didn’t get ENOUGH sleep (which on Ambien I feel like is more) and if I wasn’t in bed when it started to kick in it was VERY uncomfortable feeling. I once took it and tried to finish a paper (less than a page to go, but it does take a while to kick in) and the last paragraph was pure jibberish the next AM when I read it… I remember trying to type and feeling like my keyboard was swaying in waves like the ocean!

Any sleeping pill (or DRUG for that matter) could do that to you, just thought it was a funny/weird story πŸ™‚

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I have been on Ambien numerous times and it is not the best.  Same effects as listed above, and I don’t always fall asleep on it. 

Right now I have Ambien as an option, but take a real old school anti-depressant called Trazadone for my sleep, which usually works without any after effects.  150 mg works for most people. 

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Also- have you tried Benadryl?  I know a few people who use that at like 25-50mg and they get a great nights sleep.  I too have used it before.

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Ambien is scary strong.  I took a whole one once and couldn’t move my body.  It was really frightening, actually.  I’ve taken a half of one a few times since then.  Works ok, but leaves me feeling weird and not myself the next day.  I’ve heard good things about Lunesta.  I also will use Tylenol PM when I really need to sleep.

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I have taken both and prefer the Ambien over Lunesta. 

For starters, with Ambien, I fall asleep and sleep through the night (at least 8 hours) but with Lunesta, I typically will fall asleep for a few hours and then wake up and cannot go back to sleep.

Even worse, one of the possible side-effects of Lunesta is a disgusting metalic taste.  It’s really gross and almost made me throw up the first time I experienced it.  Unfortunately, this side-effect lingers (at least for me) so for two days after taking Lunesta I still had the taste.

So IMO, Ambien is better.  There are people that have problems with Ambien though – talk to your doc and see what they have to say.  You won’t know what works best for you until you try πŸ™‚

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I had crazy sleepwalking problems on Ambien too!  But I’m a natural sleepwalker, it was just much much worse (Benadryl and Melatonin also make it worse!)

@hotchild: You are right that there was some sleep meds involved in Heath Ledger’s death, but it was really the cocktail of like 3 or 4 drugs that caused his death.  I was concerned (one of the ones named, the Benzo, is one I was on for sleep problems!) so I wanted to make sure!  πŸ™‚

@JuneBride: I believe that the sleep inducing ingrediant in Tylenol PM is just benadryl, so you can save your body from the acetominophin by taking straight benadryl πŸ™‚  Also, I think the drug Requip is specifically for RLS, not insomnia in general, so ask your doctor about that!  I did a sleep study too (for insomnia and problems stemming from the sleepwalking!) and it was very beneficial.  Also I have (what I consider) crappy insurance it was covered minus like 80 bucks.  You also may not need to do the sleep study; first your primary doctor will refer to you a sleep specalist or sleep health center, who may be able to diagnose you without the hassle of the sleep study. 

Haha and if you do do the sleep study, make sure you can go to work late the next day…they use this super gross gel to connect the electrodes to your scalp, making a long shower absolutely necessary the next day! πŸ™‚

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They both make me feel like a train wreck. Melatonin never worked, either.

I did a sleep study. It SUCKS BIG TIME. THe gel is the worst. Plus, they don’t tell you that it takes an hour to hook you up, PLUS you have to sleep with this thing UP your nose. I woke up with the attendant trying to put it back in my nose. Ewww

For me, a muscle relaxer works best. I started taking them nightly for my TMJ (so i don’t grind my jaw in my sleep) and then, magically, i was sleeping through the night and not getting up and sleep eating. Yes, I sleep eat!

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