November 2018 Babies and Mommas!

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Bumble Beekeeper

Omg congrats bee!! What a journey you’ve been through to get your beautiful bfp. FX for an uneventful 9 months, and thanks for starting the Nov board! Hoping to join you soon here…5dpo now so we will see!!

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HC_IC721 :  thanks for starting the board! So exciting for you after such a long journey. I just got my BFP yesterday (after some super squinters on Monday). Here’s my info:

How far along are you? 4w – 1st day of LMP was 2/1 so I’m still super early.

Estimated due date? 11/8/2018

What # baby is this for you? #2. Our first was born in February 2017 (one month early!) so they’ll be ~21 months apart. 

How many cycles trying? Just 1 – I was so surprised since I’m still nursing.

When did you get your BFP? Strong enough to fully call it yesterday, but got some super faint squinters on Monday, and on my dried tests from the weekend (but they didn’t look positive at all when fresh).

Who have you told? My husband and the moms from my Weddingbee March 2017 moms group.

When do you plan to tell other people? Not sure – I may wait to tell my parents when they’re here in early April, but I may cave and share the exciting news earlier. We didn’t do a formal facebook announcement or anything last time and probably won’t this time either.

How did you tell your partner? Nothing special – I’d been making him squint and when I finally got one that was a real like I made him come in and look at it.

Any symptoms? SO thirsty – all the time, even after I’ve just chugged water! And I’ve had pretty crazy dreams the last week. And I’m already always hungry.

What are you most excited about? Having a big belly again. 

When is your first appointment? Haven’t scheduled it yet. 

Are you planning to find out the gender? Nope – team green this time. We found out last time because I desperately wanted a girl, but my husband really wanted it to be a surprise. We compromised by saying we’d keep it a surprise for the next pregnancy.

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Blushing bee

I miscarried my first pregnancy in November @ 6 weeks so I still hesitant to be excited about this pregnancy. Trying to take it day by day and hoping this is our rainbow baby.  I think my mind will be a little at ease if I make it to my 8 week appointment & we see a strong heartbeat on the U/S

How far along are you? 4.5 – 5 weeks (depends on if I use Ovulation date or LMP)

Estimated due date? 10/31 – 11/4

What # baby is this for you? #1

How many cycles trying? 5 total if you count the cycles before our MC, but first after the MC

When did you get your BFP? Squinter on 2/17, more definitive line on 2/18

Who have you told? My husband and our imediate families.  Last time we didn’t tell anyone and when it ended in MC I kind of sucked not having anyone other than my husband to talk to.  Hopefully nothing happens this time, but I think I want the support in case it does).

When do you plan to tell other people? Probably after the 1st trimester.  However, if I have a good 8 week scan I may feel comfortable telling a few close friends sooner.

How did you tell your partner? Nothing special – He knew I was taking the tests

Any symptoms? I’ve been really tired, feel like I’m really thirsy & needing to use the restroom frequently.  I’ve also been experiencing some cramps which I’m hoping are normal and not a sign of something bad

What are you most excited about? Just having our rainbow baby in our arms.

When is your first appointment? First appointment w/ Nurse on March 12th, First OB Appointment March 23rd

Are you planning to find out the gender? Nope – there aren’t many suprises in life and this will hopefully be the best one!

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Bumble Beekeeper

busybee1016 :  Thanks so much bee, and major congrats to you! I’m so happy for you! FX for a healthy 9 months <3

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Helper bee

HC_IC721 :  Thank you for starting this board! I would have, but I’m manaigng the March 2018 POAS board so it would have been a lot to keep up with!


How far along are you? 3w4d, LMP 2/3

Estimated due date? I’ve got different apps saying different things. But Somewhere around Nov 9-12?

What # baby is this for you? Assuming all goes well,it’ll be our first!

How many cycles trying? We started trying initially April 2017 after having my IUD removed a month before. Got pregnant that cycle but it was ectopic. Took 12 weeks for that to resolve. So we had been trying again for 7 cycles before BFP. But since we started it’s been about 10 months. 

When did you get your BFP? Yesterday! The first time I waited until 11dpo to test!

Who have you told? Darling Husband, my best friend, Darling Husband told his best friend, and the bees!

When do you plan to tell other people? Planning to keep it secret until mid April. Maybe announce to family around DH’s birthday on 4/13 and make a social media announcement the next week. 

How did you tell your partner? I had a box put together for a while. Bought The Expectant Father months ago, made a onesie that says “worth the wait” on it. And a small print I designed on my iPad and ordered that has to do with a video game we play together. 

Any symptoms? Not really. I felt like I was going to vomit yesterday during the day, but I think that was mostly related to the nerves/anxiety/excited about getting a BFP. And have a random episode of dizziness last night while we were hanging out watching The Office (dehydrated maybe?)

What are you most excited about? To finally experience pregnancy! 

When is your first appointment? I had my first beta today. Will do a repeat Friday. Then I guess maybe Monday I’ll get the first appointment sorted out if everything looks good. 

Are you planning to find out the gender? Yes, but I want to wait until the anatomy scan. I think I’ll like having a while of not knowing and we already have names chosen so it’s not like knowing 6 weeks earlier will help us out there. 



Congrats to everyone! I hope we all have healthy, uneventful pregnancies!

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Busy bee

HC_IC721 :  YES!! Been waiting for this. I’ll do my roll call then read everyone else’s.


How far along are you?: 4 weeks

Estimated due date?: November 7!

What # baby is this for you?: First one! Numero uno. 

How many cycles trying?: four, but only two where we were able to time things right, logistically.

When did you get your BFP?:  Tuesday! So it’s all a bit new still.

Who have you told?: Darling Husband only so far. My dad lives with us, so we’ll tell him now just because there is no planet on which it won’t slip out.

When do you plan to tell other people?: Depends how much I struggle to keep my mouth shut LOL. I’ll tell my bff after my dad, probably, and the rest at the usual “safe” time.

How did you tell your partner?: I ran into the room at 5:30am with my squinter and shook him. Not very romantic! Next day on a FRER I did the same thing. 

Any symptoms?: Bloating, so far. And cramps. But that’s it.

What are you most excited about?: When I first start to show in a way that isn’t just “Oh gee stokesto has gained a few lbs!”. Also, you know… the tiny human. 

When is your first appointment?: March 28! Will be 8 weeks by then.

Are you planning to find out the gender?: Heck yes! I am so not good with surprises.

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Busy bee

nolagirl0909 :  Yay team “telling Darling Husband by forcing him to look at a pee stick!” hah!

busybee1016 :  FX for you!!

nursebee22 :  Wow – super impressed your names are chosen already! Ours is chosen for a boy, but God help us if we have a girl. I have a list of about a billion names and cannot decide AT ALL. Good thing we have time LOL.


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Busy bee

So. I need some advice.

My mother likely won’t be 100% supportive of this pregnancy. She thinks I’m too young (I’m 27, turning 28 this year), and has been after me to get an IUD since I went off hormonal BC pills. She was suspicious that I went off BC, and kept asking if I was trying to get pregnant. I do NOT want any joy sucked out of me, since I am already anxious enough about having a baby (to be fair, I have GAD, so basically my life is anxiety lol). 

However, my mother and I are known to indulge in wine when we are together. We both LOVE our red wine. Even when we’ve both been on health kicks, or diets, or it’s only noon – we drink wine. So. Not drinking wine will IMMEDIATELY be suspect for her, I think. She just asked if I wanted to go for dinner soon. (Well, actually, she texted me “Wine?”, which means dinner.)

How do I hide it?!?! I’m not ready to tell her yet.

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stokesto :  not sure with wine but I was able to hide my first in front of friends by putting water in a beer bottle before I was ready to tell. Or I used the excuse that I overindulged the night before and was taking a night off drinking….but that sounds like it’d be hard to keep using given that wine is such a part of what y’all enjoy together!! I hope that her joy at becoming a grandma would overshadow her inclination to tell you you’re too young. Good luck!

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nolagirl0909 :  Ok the water in a beer bottle thing might work, I might use that in the future!

I could say something about having a headache – she and I can both get headaches from red wine? Oh man. My mother also does NOT want to be a grandmother, because she doesn’t want to be “old”. Le sigh.

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