November 2019 POAS

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Your age/partner’s age: 33/35

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: 8 

Ovulation Date: ~19 October

POAS Date: 1 Nov

Usual Cycle Length: 27.5 days

Cycles Trying: 1

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): Folate, vitamin E, aspirin, app period tracker, OPK

Trying anything new this month? First month trying. Have been taking vitamins for awhile and tracking period (not temps etc) for years. Now that it is time to try, will give an OPK a go… my husnand and I don’t like losing so not a good combination for this!

Link to your chart if charting: 

For fun: What’s your favorite fall food(s)? Live in Australia and just had my first (of many) mango for the spring season!

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catmom17 :  Thank you for the reassurance, that makes me feel better!! There’s so little good info on luteal phases, so it’s really confusing to be on the border. I tried vitex before TTC because I was worried about it, and I did have one slightly longer LP, but then it was followed by my shortest LP ever (9 days) so that sorta freaked me out and I stopped using it. It seems like it’s not recommended unless you’re fairly sure you have an imbalance, and I don’t have any evidence that I do. So for now I think I’ll keep trying and then if it doesn’t happen by cycle 6 or so maybe I’ll try vitex again? 

I hope you have luck this cycle despite your early O! 

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catmom17 :  I’d hate that too, fingers crossed you get a BFP this cycle and don’t have to decide!

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Yes the Clomid is for PCOS along with the lower carbs as both together seem to be working as had almost a normal cycle in Octobe

catmom17 :  

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Roll calling for the first time since having my daughter last March. I can’t believe I’m back already, but excited/nervous to be on this journey again.



Your age/partner’s age: 35/36

Baby #: 2

Current Cycle Day/DPO: 26, but I’m NTNP, so trying not to pay too much attention to my cycle days for now

Ovulation Date: NTNP

POAS Date: Mid-November, let’s say the 14th. I’m waiting for a missed period first.

Usual Cycle Length: Around 29 days, I think? I’ve only had 2 pp periods so far.

Cycles Trying: 1st NTNP

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): Nothing right now, just taking prenatals. I dont think I’ll start seriously tracking until after the holidays, if nothing has happened by then.

Trying anything new this month? NTNP, which I’ve never done before. We’ll see what happens…

Link to your chart if charting: 

For fun: What’s your favorite fall food(s)? Turkey, stuffing and apple pie!

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Your age/partner’s age: 25

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: 21/1 DPO

Ovulation Date: 12th October 

POAS Date: 28th October 

Usual Cycle Length: 35 days 

Cycles Trying: 1

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): I’ve been charting for 6 months now but have also added supplements and vitamins this month and we are BD every other day and every day during ovulation 

Trying anything new this month? Increasing frequency of BD to every other day/every day during ovulation and we’re both excercising more which has given us both more energy! 

Link to your chart if charting: NA

For fun: What’s your favorite fall food(s)? It’s summer in Australia so all the stone fruits have come out. I’m in heaven right now with peaches and nectarines in season! 

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Your age/partner’s age: 38/45

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD7 

Ovulation Date: 24/10

POAS Date: 7/11

Usual Cycle Length: 30 days 

Cycles Trying: First cycle NTNP

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): Prenatals, charting, OPKS from curiosity, NTNP until 2020 

Trying anything new this month? My Darling Husband had a vasectomy reversal at the end of September. He has one daughter from a previous relationship. The surgeon we picked is the ‘the’ guy for vasectomy reversals, patients go to him from all over the world. The plan is to NTNP until next year to allow the swimmers to hopefully recover and start flowing again. The surgeon advised us to spend the winter BDing as much as possible to keep the tubes open and hopefully prevent scarring up. I have very regular cycles, I’ve been charting since May so I’m sure I’m ovulating regularly as I have positive OPKs, a temp shift and watery/EWCM around CD18. My LP is 12-13 days. 

Link to your chart if charting: 

For fun: What’s your favorite fall food(s)? Anything slow cooked, such as stews, curries and ragus. Love using the slow cooker at this time of year. 

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Didi6 :  was your daughter born March 2018? Our son was born that month as well and we’re also pseudo-trying for our second. 🙂

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We have a bit of a dilemma! We have just realised that we will find out if we are pregnant or not this cycle while we are visitng my family for almost a week. We have always said that we will be open and tell people soon after we find out. However, we would like just a little time to have the news to ourselves first. 

We could try to stay in denial the whole time and not test at all, but if we are lucky and my period does not show up, it will be too exciting not to test. The other thing is that there will be a few family celebrations happening and there will be questions if I am not drinking (especially because they know we are trying). I could just say that it’s my TWW and I’ve decided not to drink then, but if we are giddy with happiness they will know somethings up. The next time we will be with them is Christmas and we could share the news then, but it is a long time away and we didn’t want to hide it for that long. When it does happen I want to tell them in person, not over video chat. 

So I guess the point of this whole long thing is, I don’t know whether to test or not while we’re there! Considering the odds of success each cycle we might be blustering about nothing, but I like to consider options and be prepared! 

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BakingQueen :  That sounds like an exciting possible dilemma! It might help to think about how much you mean by “a little time” to keep it to yourselves. Would you be able to sneak away with Darling Husband for a day to process whatever the test results may be? Would it put a damper on your trip to get a BFN while away, or would you be happier knowing whatever it is, ASAP?  Either way, FX for you!!!

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BakingQueen :  To be honest, we are the type of people that wanted to wait until we were in the all-clear, which didn’t happen until about 12 weeks along.  My first pregnancy, we went to visit our family a week after I got my positive test.  I was EXHAUSTED, going to bed at 8pm every night… and so hungry.  My parents suspected, but they did a great job not saying anything.  We didn’t see them in person for a long time after that, so our announcement was a sonogram via text from our NT scan.  It’s really whatever YOU are comfortable with.  With my last pregnancy (in August), I was a bit trigger happy, and told a couple of my best friends really quickly, my April 2018 birth group, one coworker because she would comment out loud on eeevvvvverything I did that was a bit out of character, and one stranger on the street… but we lost the pregnancy 8 days later, and I hated that I just told those people.  The CP hit me HARD.

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SeaOfLove :  

minimalistoverplanner :  

Didi6 :  

Are ya’ll in the same group as me?? I recognize your usernames from TTC last time but didn’t think you were part of my March 18 group.  Am I weirdly non-observant or is there two March groups?? 🙂

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