(Closed) November POAS Pt2! BFP's and Turkey for ALL!

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@Yellow.Clover:  Thanks for starting the new thread!  November POAS rocks!

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@Yellow.Clover:  Thanks for starting part 2!!  We are quite the chatty bunch, huh? =)

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i wonder if i am out this cycle.

i was slightly cramping yesterday. twice through out the day. but they only lasted for like 5 minutes and i was right back to feeling normal.

& this morning. i was chatting with my friend standing in my hallway and for a minute i was like wow, im real crampy. then it went away.

but im only…. ?? erm… 5 or 6dpo? idk!

im off to get my hair done. but i couldnt leave without checking the bee! xxo ladies!


ps. thanks clover for starting this!

pss. i absolutely LOVE that its nov.2nd and were on part 2! ahahaha. makes my day!

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@Yellow.Clover:  Oh my gosh, already a part 2? Lol. I am having a lot of EWCM so I’m pretty sure (hopefully) that I will O soon! My breasts are the slightest sore, I’m not sure if that meant I O’d already. Hope not! 


I want to dye my hair tomorrow, and am not sure if that is safe. Just a lilttle darker to match my roots. My poor blonde hair is getting darker now that it’s not summer =[

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Yay for part two! In keeping with my anti-symptom spotting resolution, I have had the following symptoms: sore breasts, discharge, teariness over cheesy things. Explanation: insanity. I am 2 DPO.

@LuluHeeps re: having resolutions in the second month and not doing that much better! I was like, sort of hopeful that I could overcome me being a crazy person. But it’s nice to know that when I start to lose it and POAS like crazy, I won’t be the only person doing it! Sucky re: BFN. Hopefully too early!

@MrsMaskatoBe: I def feel ya on the fb. I do find it weird though, that sometimes for some people I am actually happy, and others just make me want to die. I don’t have a strategy for coping!

@wifegoodman: don’t feel guilty! Last night I had a beer and a glass of wine and three cups of coffee in the TWW. And LOVE that dress. Want that dress. Eff it, I am buying that dress.

@mrs.stormylove – I am getting the CBEFM next month too! We will have to compare.

@Mrs.Sunflower: if you’ve been testing 3x a day (which I do too! I can’t help myself!) then you prob didn’t miss it! Mine was late this month, and it drove me crazy for days but it finally came!

@ChuckNorris:Yay re: follies!


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Good luck, ladies!  

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@wifegoodman:  Yay, I’m so glad those are good numbers! What are you going to do to your hair? I’m about to go get my hair done TOMORROW, sooo excited. I haven’t done this since before my wedding! Omg omg omg! Cramps could be a good thing…you never know! When I had a BFP in March, I had cramping. Who knows…. =) My fingers are crossed for you, as well!!

@Yellow.Clover:  Thank you for starting this! I am fairly certain I already said this, but happy birthday yesterday. I thought I said something but I can’t find it!

@Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:  I love that: Explanation insanity. I love it! I bet that you really are having all those symptoms because of your progesterone, since that’s on the rise! I get sore breasts the day I get my temperature surge.

@sailor:  Thanks for the luck!

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@Mrs.Sunflower:  I’m totally dyeing my hair this week because I go gray (Sooo sexy) and I don’t want to look like skunk if I magically get pregnant this cycle! I’d do it if i were you. If you’re pregnant, you share no bloodline with the fetus until at least 6w.


 @Yellow.Clover:  Thank you for the new thread!!


@ChuckNorris:  Yay for the u/s and the follies!! Good luck!! Hey, quick question: how much maca does your husband take? Paul takes two pills a day, 1,050 miligrams.

@wifegoodman:  I had cramping when I had to my sticky baby BFP! Not with my m/c (Well, the cramps came later). It can be a good sign! My cramps weren’t period cramps, more like a churning cramp.

I’m still here. CD9. No + opk yet! Hoping to O on CD15. Since my husband’s junk is not a fan of sex, we’re shooting for O-2 (which got me pregnant two cycles ago, but i lost it), and maaaybe O? Please jesus?

My thermometer is being a dickbag. I keep getting 98.0 every single morning, when I KNOW I can get a different temp at night. There is no way it plateued like that every single day. BOOO.


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@MrsPuddingface:  Oh man, I totally know that feeling.  You’re so happy for your friend but you can’t help but feel a little bit of the green monster and be envious.  I met up with a friend yesterday who is pregnant and she wasn’t trying at all, like wasn’t even really ready for it.  To hear her talk about it and how she was 5 days late before she even thought about taking a test, and then here I am testing 5 days early, enduring day after day of BFNs.  I totally understand how you felt.

People already start to annoy me with their commentary and we’ve only been trying for 2 cycles.  I really feel for people that have been trying for longer or have had a MC (or CP, etc.) and have to hear people ask when they plan on starting a family or why they don’t have kids yet.  People need to mind their own business.  In the midst of the hurricane this week, I was able to get cell service for a few minutes and I updated facebook to let our family and friends know we were okay.  One comment from DH’s family member said that lots of babies are made during storms, so I should get off FB and get to baby-making.  Really?  You have no idea what goes on in my bedroom so please don’t comment on it.  Especially on FB. 

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I completely missed out on the majority of part 1 due to being out of town, but I am back now.  Sorry to cross posting between here and 6month+ thread, but Darling Husband and I just found out we are not very likely to get pregnant naturally.  Very low count for DH’s SA.  So although I should O in the next few days, I am not as excited as I was just a few days ago.  I am trying to keep the mood optimistic though, especially for him – he is super bummed.  Here to hoping and to keep trying anyway!

@Mrs. Kiwi: “My thermometer is being a dickbag” thank you for making me laugh today, I needed it 🙂 We are hoping for CD 15 too.  Good luck!

@Mrs.Sunflower:  I am right with you, should O any day now, no + OPK yet but I hope I get one this weekend.  The longer until it arrives the better though, so my Darling Husband can build up (a new tactic for us!)

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