(Closed) now he doesn’t want to buy a house? wait.. what? (long!)

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Sugar bee
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Uh oh. This isn’t good. Do you think that maybe he could just be having an off day and maybe said something that he doesn’t really mean?

In our relationship, we share a bank account, bills, debt… everything. I make 3x as much as Fiance makes. I feel that if we are going to be together for the rest of our lives, it shouldn’t matter who makes more or who puts more money towards stuff because in the end it is OURS.

Is this something that you think you could see being able to handle in the future?

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Sugar bee
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I would just give it time. What says that you have to buy a house right now?

I would focus on paying off your debt for the time being, and once that’s done, then you can really help him out. It should be a joint effort, and obviously he feels pressured to pay for it all himself. 

I’m not saying the way he reacted is the best way, but it probably has been bugging him for awhile.

Like I said…let it boil over and talk about it in a few months.

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Bee Keeper

Yikes…personally? I would have a MAJOR issue with him throwing in my face the fact that he makes more money than I do. I would honestly not be cool with that. My husband does make more money than I do, and he also has a master’s degree while I have my bachelor’s, but he would NEVER make me feel as if we weren’t equals in our relationship. I see that as your main problem here…not the fact that he no longer wants to buy a house.

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Blushing bee
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I’m sorry. Maybe he’ll come around once he’s had time to cool down? People often say things they don’t really mean when there is an argument going on.

I do sort of understand where he is coming from though. I purchased a house before I was with FH and currently make and will likely continue to make significantly more money than he does. I won’t lie that there is resentment there, especially when he wants me to pay for the majority of something I don’t really see the need for.

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Helper bee
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All I can say is WOW.  My now husband put the down payment on my house for me and my daughter when we moved out here.  He also helped me financially when ever we needed it.  Now since we are married we have 2 houses and we re trying to sell one but anyway… 

If he said that to me I would have been floored!  You guys are engaged and have a date set to me he should be ready to share anything  he has with you.

I don’t think you are being materialistic at all!  I’m sorry but I have to agree with you, it would seem like there is a huge shift.

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Honey bee
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Honestly, buying a house ain’t all its cracked up to be.  In many markets, its much smarter to rent or lease  a home instead of buying it.  There’s benefits a go-go like not  having to fix the roof/mechanicals, many times not doing the yard work, having the flexibility to move again if needed/wanted, fewer costs/bills to pay, etc.  Aside from that, a home is where you make it!  You, him and his kid will still be able to feel a sense of ‘home’ and family if you make it happen.

This is going to sound mean and I REALLY dont intend for it to, but if he’s contributing 90% already and you are battling some serious debt, I don’t blame him for wanting to hold off on getting married or buying a house.  He’ll assume your debt once you’re married, and that can be a real problem for many couples. 


ETA: I also agree that this conversation shouldn’t be a realtionship-ender, but you guys definitely have some serious talking to do.  There’s probably something behind the scenes that he’s thinking/feeling that is materializing into this sudden change of heart.  Figure out what it is, then try to work it out together. 

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Bee Keeper
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I think it’s normal to want a house with your fi, as long as it’s something you could afford together, which is like you said.

I feel like if you’re having issues with this, than you might have issues with other things that come up that have to do with finances. Maybe you should have a long talk with him about how you’ll be handling money in the marriage.

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Bumble bee
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Um, I’m sorry…. what?!?! 

If your Fiance isn’t ready to stop viewing your finances as his money and your money, then he’s not ready to get married. I know it’s a tough adjustment, and my Fiance and I are having our own issues with this at the moment, but at the end of the day he needs to realize that once you’re married, his income is also your income. 

That being said, there is no law written that says marriage=buy a house. If he isn’t ready to buy a house right now, then that’s something you two should discuss. But him “baring the brunt” of the expenses shouldn’t be the issue. 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m sorry this is happening.  Maybe he was just having a bad day or off day?  I bet in a couple days he’ll realize he didn’t mean to say those things.  Maybe he’s just worried about having enough money for yall to pay for a house note, and it scares him now that it’s getting closer?

My Fiance makes 3x more than I do as well.  We’re also looking at buying a house either right before we get married or hopefully soon after.  I think he’ll come around soon and realize that he didn’t mean to say those things.


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Bumble bee
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Did he know of your debts/feelings about money/things before he asked you to marry him? If not, that was his fault. He can’t just change his mind about it now without having a serious discussion!

When paying the rent, financial advisors say that the person who makes more money contributes more. It’s a pretty basic principle. 

Tell him you are going to contribute what you can and you don’t expect him to entirely foot the bill all the time, but he is in a better financial situation to secure both of your futures together, so he needs to man up.

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Helper bee
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Money is the number one cause of divorce..so keep talking and compromise.  It sounds to me that he is resenting having to pay for things.  I think waiting until you pay off your debts…so that you can contribute to the house would be a good compromise.  Essentially it is his money and he should feel good about the decision of buying a house.

You should let him realize (don’t force him) the positive of owning a home.  He might see the benefits and want to do it for that reason (not just because you want one).  By The Way, I don’t think it’s materialistic to want to be a homeowner..I can understand a home you can’t afford..but a good comfortable home is an investment. =)

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