(Closed) now i remeber why im always sober sally -_-

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Honey bee
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Oh man.

I stopped drinking my senior year of college, and became a Sober Sally as well. I have not had more than one drink (one beer or wine takes me almost an hour to finish..I just physically can’t drink anymore!) in over 2 years…until my mom came to visit last time.

I was sitting outside with her and we were talking about wedding stuff on the porch for hours the one night with a glass of wine, and one glass became three because I was stressed out over talking about guest list stuff. The next morning I got so sick. I felt like crap and we had to get up early to go do something, and I thought I might die. The only thing that ever fixed a hangover for me was to eat whatever food I craved first, no matter how wierd. Strange, but true.

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Bee Keeper
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You’ll probably hate me, but I’ve never had a hangover – unless you count the slight headache the morning after DH’s cousin’s wedding – which was more than likely because I danced a TON and drank little water.

That’s not to say I haven’t gotten good and tipsy – my bff and I were seniors in college and we had always been pretty good – studious, didn’t party much. So our school has this HUGE week-long party in April, and we decided to go out on the Tuesday night after our club’s meeting (socials, we called them). We got pretty tipsy. Both of us were engaged and we started taking ‘nipple pictures’ with all the guys at the party (we’d pose with each of us putting a finger on their nipple, shirt on or off) and another friend would take a picture. We probably did this a dozen times. Most of the guys were our friends so it was ok 😛 Then the cops showed up. I’d never been at a party that had been busted so I was FREAKED that I was going to get arrested even though both BFF and I were 21, and her fiance (who wasn’t there at the time) was going to come and drive us home, so nothing illegal. We left the party to go to a different friends house, the whole time I’m thinking I”m going to be arrested, so I’m booking it.

All of a sudden I just fall flat in the yard we were walking across. The other friend with us is like ‘oh she’s so drunk’ and I’m like no I’m not! They had been doing digging in the yard and I stepped in a nice foot-sized hole (in the dark). I didn’t have a chance. I was covered in mud, but made it home in one piece without getting arrested.

Long story short: Bff and I had a fun time at our last college party.

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We had friends over earlier this year, and someone brought 99 black cherries to the party. I don’t remember a lot, but I was so hung over the next day, I seriously asked the hubs to shoot me. I am not a puker, never have been, even when I wanted to. But boy, did I throw up that day. Hubs said it was the worst he ever saw me, and he was seriously worried that i had alcohol poisioning and was going to have to take me to the er. I will never drink 99 anything again!

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Honey bee
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@FEFE215: LOL even our moms think we are wierd if they are the ones that give us the booze and we don’t drink it!

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Sugar bee
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uurrrgghhh i hate hangovers….. but i LOVE ME SOME WINE!! Usually i drink Pinot, or Moscato i have never been a hard liquor kinda gal!

**the best advice i could give you, down a jug of Children Pedialye. I know it sound crazy but it contains electrolytes. that is the reason your body is reacting to the alcohol like that because it is lacking electrolyetes and vitamin B** Promise it will make you feel alot better….maybe even taking a short nap in your car during lunch??

Hope you feel better!

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Bee Keeper
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I really enjoy drinking, but it’s definitely something I’ve struggled with balancing because I’m also a super lightweight and if my sleep is at all disturbed or if I get any less than a full 8 hours, I’m a total zombie with a pounding head the next day. I don’t even need to drink a drop to feel this way, it happens regardless of why I don’t sleep. But any more than about 1.5 alcoholic beverages and it happens to me.

The older I get, the less I feel like a second drink is even worth it, no matter how ‘good’ it makes me feel at the moment. But I definitely lose myself every once in a while the same way you did last night. One drink will become several and before I know it I’ve had 3 or 4 drinks. That never ends well!!

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Bumble bee
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@FEFE215:  Oh no!!! I’m the same way.  🙁  I can only usually make it through 3 drinks, if I get that far.  Then, I get a hangover before I even go to sleep!!!  

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Helper bee
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This made me laugh so hard only because that is me..I wake up in the morning and think, wow i’m feeling so good. yeahhhh no that hangover hasn’t even set in yet. Good luck being at work for the rest of the day–i feel your pain!! 

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