(Closed) nursery IN the masterbedroom?

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  • poll: Should we incorporate the nursery into the masterbedroom?

    No, even considering your circumstances.



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    Naturally baby is usually in your room at first anyways… but I would say that around 3mths or so baby should have their own sleeping space. Alot of times baby might wake/rouse for a short period and then go right back to sleep, but when they’re in your room you’re more likely to prematurely get up & get them OR they see you and then want you.

    We had DS in our room for… well he was in my room till I got married recently, and there were definitely times that him being in his own room would’ve been MUCH better for him and easier on me since it took alot of discipline to teach him to be/stay in his own bed when I was RIGHT there. lol

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    I think it might work.  My daughter’s 3-1/2 months and sleeps in our room, she has her own bed but our room isn’t that big and she doesn’t seem to mind.  She sleeps pretty well through light/talking/moving around, I don’t know if it’s because we got her used to it from an early age or that’s just her personality.  She usually sleeps between 11 pm – 6 or 7 am and has since she was just a few weeks old, which again I think a lot of is just her personality.  I like it because I’m much more likely to be able to fall asleep if I hear her moving about if I can just open an eye and see that she’s just settling herself and nothing’s wrong without having to get up, which I do if she’s away from me.  So for us I don’t think I’d mind sharing a room for the first year. 

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    I see nothing wrong with having the baby in the bedroom for the first year. I think if it comes down to a space issue then your options are limited. Honestly think about what couples have been doing for years. It might kill the sex life, but that is were improvisation comes in 😉

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    We kept our daughter in a cosleeper next to our bed for the first three months. At three months we switched her to exclusively sleeping in her own room in her crib. At that point, I pretty much moved myself in to her nursery to ease MY separation anxiety, lol. I then gradually eased myself into sleeping in our room. I think it would be better for you to make the transition to nursery as soon as safely possible. The longer you wait, the more stressful it is for your child. I would personally invest in an air mattress and move into the nursery after three months. My daughter now 10 months old, loves her crib and her room, is happy, well adjusted, and for the past 6 months has slept 12 solid hours every night.

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    I think around 3 months is a good time for the baby to have his/her own space.  When we moved out son we found all of us slept much better.  And it happened when he didn’t really know much better – if we moved him now (at 1 year) it would probably be much harder on him!

    And you can always arrange the nursery so there is a bed in there too, and bring the baby into your room in a pack n play when you have guests for the weekend…

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    Both my boys slept in the room with me until about 4-5 months. They were in their bassinet until they outgrew it basically. By that age they started to scoot around a bit and definitely needed a bigger space. They were also sleeping most of the night by then so it worked out really well to have them in the crib in their own rooms. Their rooms were right across the hallway so they were still really close. I’m not sure I would have been comfortable having them downstairs if my room was upstairs.

    I did end up letting my younger son start sleeping with me when he was about 1 1/2 until he was about 5 and I would NOT recommend letting your children get used to sleeping with you!! It is very hard to break them of that habit! My advice would be to start off with baby in your room and move them out when they are sleeping most of the night and when you guys feel comfortable with it!

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    Personally I wouldn’t due to my SIL/BIL have a very small house. They had their now 2 year old, in fact I believe she still sleeps in the same room with them. They have had issues since she was born of her not sleeping and a lot of times Brother-In-Law has ended up sleeping on the couch downstairs. 

    Our plan is to have munckin in his own room right off the bat.  And the room we are using was a storage/extra guest bedroom but turned it into a nursery. 

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    I was living in a single bedroom up until my son was about 18months, so naturally we shared the space. In my opinion? It SUCKED. Sure for the first 3 months of co-sleeping it worked well enough, and even up to 6months was ‘ok’ considering the circumstances (he had his crib next to my bed) but in all honesty? I would never ever ever do it that way again. If I chose to co-sleep with future children it would likely be in a ‘spare’ bed in their room, and they would have their own crib etc. 

    Simply having your own space to relax with your partner sans baby (you know without baby gear EVERYWHERE) is so so precious. I value[d] it like GOLD. Yes it IS nice to have a spare room for guests etc, but at the same time, it is also nice to have your OWN space you know?

    Everyone is different and what works for some may not work for all.

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    @cvbee: Lots of people do it. One of my friends just stopped cosleeping with her daughter and she’s one or so. I would not do this personally but I know that it works for lots of people.

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    @runsyellowlites: isn’t your son 7 or something?



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    If the master is big enough for that, and the second room would be better off staying that way, then sure, why not.  Can you screen off the nursery area with a room divider so that the master is still your space, and baby sort of has his/her own space and wont see you at night when he/she gets older in case of waking up in the middle of the night.

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    Personally, I would never do it, no matter the circumstance.  I believe that babies (and parents) need and deserve their own personal space. 

    You have a second bedroom.  It honestly doesn’t make any sense to me to not use it for the baby.

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    I read this article on offbeat momma recently:


    I think it is an awesome solution if you have a large closet. That way there is a seperation between you and your baby, but at the same time they are on the same floor and reasonable distance away. 

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    You can always also see how things go and make a final decision later.

    We had DS in a cosleeper in our room till about 3 months, when we moved him to a crib in his room. I sleep WAY better if DS isn’t right there- if he’s in the room, I wake up every time he shifts or snorts.

    I do think that if you plan to move them eventually, it’s best that once they get old enough to have real memory (like 4 months or so) you are working on getting them to be able to sleep without you right there. And if you keep the baby in the room with you past about 4 months, I’d try to keep his/her space and setting as similar as it would be to having his/her own room as possible (i.e. I wouldn’t want to hang out in bed and talk to DH while DS was still awake and trying to get to sleep, so that DS wouldn’t get used to going to sleep to our voices). But if you want to keep your kid in the room with you, you could also always just put up a privacy screen or something so that your baby can’t see you all the time. If the master bedroom is that big, sounds like you could be creative and kind of cordon off a section or a corner for the baby and try to make it as separate as possible.

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