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I waited until after my milk came in to get nursing bras.  It was too costly for me to guess at my size and possibly be wrong and have to wait for exchanges or orders to come in but if you can find them in your size locally, maybe it isn’t such a big deal to do in store exchanges.

Bigger chest/smaller back: I like the Elomi nursing bras.  I have the wire free one but that is only because the wired one didn’t go high enough in my cup size.  Be sure to use the conversion chart. 

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@Pelikila: what did you wear while you were in the hospital? I don’t want to fork out money before my milk comes in but I don’t want to just be “hanging out” when visitors are around…

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Although I am not quite there in my pregnancy yet, friends who have recently had babies told me that the sleep nursing bra from Motherhood Maternity was very comfortable.  It’s not as supportive as a full nursing bra for daytime, but would work while at home/in the hospital I believe.  You can find it here.

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I spent a lot of $$$ on nursing bras…it depends what you want and if you will be going back to work, etc. I am one of the *un*lucky gals with an oversupply, so I always leak and have to wear breastpads as well, and if you do you that adds bulk as well.

Motherhood maternity was pretty good for the nighttime nursing bras, but BEEware, I once fell asleep nursing and the crisscross bra was open on my right side and I ended up getting clogged milk ducts.

Bravado make really nice nursing bras, as does H&M and the Gap.

For me I knew my back wouldn’t get much bigger and the thing is once your supply is established your breats get smaller again and softer. Of course ever women is different, but this is the reason why finding the perfect nursing bra really depends on so many variables.

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@dj: I was only in the hospital 36 hours so I didn’t wear a bra the whole time I was there and just wore home the bra I went to the hospital in (only immediate family for visitors so that was why I didn’t care I wasn’t wearing a bra).  I waited about 4 more days for my milk to come in and be well established and then went bra shopping 6 days postpartum. At home I also skipped a bra unless I needed to leave the house for a short trip.

If you really want to wear a bra before you know your size when accounting for milk, I’d suggest doing as some of the other posters suggested like the sleep bras (medela has some too).  Don’t expect support with the sleep bras if you are larger chested, just more like wrangling them to stay generally in place than anything.

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i would recommend waiting until your milk comes in to buy nursing bras. my milk didnt come in until day 4 or 5, so when i was in the hospital the first two days i just slept with no bra at night and wore the bras i packed from home during the day and that worked out fine.

one thing i would caution is getting a really pricey bra or a lot of bras as soon as your milk comes in. your breasts will probably get really engorged for a few days, and then go down some and still be larger than normal but not as big as when the milk first comes in. for me, i’m normally a 36C, when my milk first came in i shot up to a 38Dirty Delete and then after about a week settled down to a 38D, which i still wear 8 weeks postpartum.

i got a few inexpensive bras from target (gillian o’malley brand i think) – 2 sleeping bras that are softer without underwire, and 2 daytime bras with underwire. they’re comfortable enough for now, i might spring for 2 or 3 nicer ones when i go back to work. 


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I have not had the baby yet but I was asking the moms in a moms/preggo group that I am in.

They recomended ones from Pea-in-the-pod

They said they really liked the “sports bra” type that they sell. Said that are not the most attractive and are a little pricey ($40-sih)….but they are really comfy. Most said they bought 2 bras and wear them daily and just trade off for washing. 

I am SUPER cheap but I think I may invest in a good bra since I will wear it every day. Figure I will get my moneys worth

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I have a couple nursing bras but honestly find it too much of a hassle so I just unpocket without unclipping so all my bras are nursing bras now.

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For the first couple weeks, I was topless half the time anyways since it felt like I was always feeding DS!

I have a couple of the Medela sleep nursing bras, and they’re good for sleeping (duh) and just hanging around the house.

My regular nursing bras are underwire ones from Anita (ordered them on Amazon) and I love them. Pre-pregnancy I was about a 32Dirty Delete, and when I bought one nursing bra at about 38 weeks pregnant, I ended up with a 36F. After about three weeks post-partum, once my milk had come in and supply settled down a little, I’ve ended up a 34G and stayed there (DS now 5 months). Hope that helps to give you an idea of how you might fluctuate…

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I bought inexpensive ones from WalMart for the first two weeks – no underwire (apparently that’s bad for when your milk comes in and I found the no underwire ones great for when I was engorged, they weren’t too restrictive and were pretty comfortable) and to be honest I was leaking so much and trying to get used to everything that I wore the crap out of them and they were pretty “done” by the end of two weeks, lol!

I bought “nice” ones from Motherhood for once I got used to everything and could wear underwire (and I need it, to be honest!).  I still have to use pads though because like Sugarbell I still leak all the time!

As for size, I think everyone is different, but FWIW I needed one cup size larger when I was engorged (just the first week or so) and wore my regular size since then!

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@red_seattle:  Here’s the thing- you’re probably not going to need many really great-fitting nursing bras right away, because (unless you are a better and more put-together woman than I, which is of course entirely possible) you won’t really be going out all THAT much, and when you do, everyone kinda expects you to look mildly frazzled and crazy. So I think you could easily get by with a couple “sleep bras” (which have more flexible sizing) and maybe one “real” nursing bra, and wait on buying more until a few weeks post-partum. (That’s what I did)  My lactation consultant also said that after 3 weeks or so, my supply should be normalized enough to get a bra fitted properly.

I actually went to a fancy bra store and tried on the bra (that I now buy on Amazon), so I knew it fit before I ordered 4 of them on Amazon, so I didn’t have the problem of wondering whether or not it would work. I do really love these bras though, and I have tried on many.

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