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Blushing bee
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Definitely wait until later in the year, after you graduate. You’ll need to put all your energy into studying for the NCLEX and starting your career! Don’t add the pressure of a wedding on top of that. Depending on the length of your internship, you shouldn’t have a problem getting time off for the wedding. I know many girls who got married after finishing their internships. 

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Worker bee
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I honestly think it is up to you and what you think will work best for you. I am hopefully (fingers crossed) starting nursing school in August. Our wedding is January 9, 2016, the weekend before classes start up again after Christmas break. So that is how I kinda worked around it. Good luck! 

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My sister is a nurse, and got engaged a few months before she graduated so she obviously waited a while until after her graduation. She ended up not doing much planning until she had a job and then had her wedding about 1.5 years after her graduation when she was easily able to use vacation/switch shifts with coworkers. I guess it was a little longer than the “average” engagement but it really flew by for my family and me! Congratulations by the way! Remember you will be married the rest of your life, so if you need to have a longer engagement to manage your life right now then do that!

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Hi i am a nurse and just graduated in 2013, and one of my friends got married the september after we graduated.   She did fail the NCLEX the first time she took it. Was it because of the wedding planning? I dont know. But i would say either get hitched and have a very low stress wedding or wait unil NCLEX is out of the way.  Glad you are not worried about trying to get married during nursing school, it is hard enough without that added steess.  But if you have a date and you get a job i dont see a problem getting the time off if you hae a reasonable employeR.  A wedding is a pretty big deal!!  Congrats, and some advice for nuseing school:  remember that everyone has their breaking point when they feel like they can’t do it any longer or are sure that they will fail out.  But when that time comes for you just remember that YOU CAN DO IT, and all of the hard work is worth every bit of torture along the way.  Nursing is the best profession.

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This is funny you are basically in the opposite situation I am. My SO is currently in Nursing school and graduates Spring 2015 with his BSN. We have been together for three years and for the last year been living together, mainly because we knew with his school and my work we would never see eachother. We are both in our mid-twenties however I graduated from school this past December so I am pretty antsy over the the whole ‘settling down’ thing, especially since I work as a bridal consultant, however with the toll his schooling takes not only on him but the both of us I understand why he has been wanting to push back the engagement. Between his classes, clinicals, and studying for his upcoming Nclex I think trying to put the pressures of a wedding would be too much. 

He has hinted proposing after he takes the Nclex early this fall, and we would ideally plan a wedding for the following Fall 2016 after her graduates in the spring, since his last semester will be pretty easy in comparison just two online classes and he already has job offers.

I am so happy your Fiance proposed but I would say perhaps wait until after your Nclex since that pretty much dictates whether or not you can even work and the worth of your schooling depends on it. 

Also don’t worry about getting time off when you start off as an RN just let it be known early on you are engaged and will obviously need vacation time, if they have enough warning it should not be an issue since weddings, funerals, and pregnany are obviously considered exusable absents. 

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Blushing bee
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I got engaged a month before I started nursing school so I know exactly how you feel. My husband and I moved into our first home my first semester (yikes) and we began planning and paying for our DIY wedding (i worked 2 jobs, so did he). This year I graduated in December as a deans list student, member of alpha delta nu, and won the outstanding clinical merit award. I graduated in late december (around christmas) and was married early january abroad, went on my honeymoon for 10 glorious days, and returned home for my reception on january 24. I took my boards one week later and passed.

Is it possible? yes. But it is extremely difficult. Especially if you are paying for your morgage and your wedding by yourself (im pretty sure i ended our engagement at least 5 times- thankfully my husband knows me well). Its completely different then what most brides experience. I would not recommend it but its possible. I cried at my graduation. I cried at my wedding. Both were incredible moments of accomplishment 🙂

Good luck!!!

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Busy bee
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I got engaged in May 2013 and started nursing school in August 2013. I knew I was accepted to the program when we picked June 7, 2014 for our wedding date. I did a lot of planning during the summer before school started, but it was still 100% manageable to plan during school and do well in classes! I had a classmate get married in September 2014 and she ended up not passing the semester..I don’t recommend that!

I think a wedding before the NCLEX is doable. I will graduate May 2016 and my husband and I hope to welcome our first baby soon after, as we are TTC this fall! If this happens, NCLEX would have to potentially wait a few months. If you choose to wait until you have a job, make sure your boss knows that you accepting the position is contingent on getting time off for the wedding and honeymoon! My husband started a new job a few months before our wedding and when they offered him the position, he accepted it with those conditions! It worked out perfect!

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Definitely wait until after NCLEX!  I took NCLEX one month to the day after our pinning ceremony and I passed with 75 questions.  I recommend taking NCLEX as soon as possible after graduation while everything is fresh in your head and you still are in test-taking/study mode.  I’m sure most employers will be flexible as far as time off for a wedding if you are up front with them.  I work 3 12’s a week so I can actually take 8 consecutive days off without using any paid time off.  You could always take time off for the wedding and plan a honeymoon for a bit down the road.

Good luck!  Nursing is a great profession, but nursing school sure does kick your butt!  I swear my now fiancé waited to propose until after I graduated and got my license so he could be certain that the crazy woman was gone!

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Yes!!! Def tske your nclex asap after graduation.  Seriously, stats show that the longer you wait the less likely you are to pass on the first try.  I dont recommend waiting on the clex for any reason whatsoever.  A baby and wedding are important but if you can’t pass the nclex then what was all the struggle and hard work of nursing school for?  again, congrats on your engagement but you can get married at any time, you are in the nursing program NOW!! 🙂



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