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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 2017

When I was a full time nursing student it consumed my life. I did nothing but eat, sleep, travel to and from school, clinicals, prep, study, assignments, etc. For 2 years. (Minus the summer semester in between the 2 school years. So I cant imagine planning a wedding while going through nursing school. Honestly i would just finish school, and then do the wedding planning. Just do your engagement party to announce/celebrate your engement but I would leave the rest until after…

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2016

Im going through basically the same thing.  Im currently in my first year of optometry school.  That means 22 credit hours, after hour laboratory time, homework and just regular study time.  we are getting married in June and it has been extremely busy trying to balance it all.  The best advice I have is to delegate as much as you can.  My fiancé has been amazing at taking jobs and running with them as well as my mom and Future Mother-In-Law.  hopefully you have people you can leave on to help you out.

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2016

I’m not a nurse but my Future Sister-In-Law is and just hearing about her days in nursing school was exhausting! It completely consumed her life. I would just wait till you are done with school. Your education is important, the wedding can wait a bit – don’t make your life more stressful than it needs to be.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: June 2014

Personally, I didn’t find wedding planning to be that stressful. Make sure you find a venue that is easy to work with – they include the catering, set up, a coordinator, etc. Then, really all that’s left is DJ, photography, florist etc which can be short appointments on the weekends. I’d give yourself a longer timeline rather than this summer. 

Engagement party isn’t necessary. Also remember…your Fiance can do his share of the planning too. It’s not all you! 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: May 2016

I’m in my second year of Nursing and my wedding is two months away. This semester I was meant to complete a Placement subject but had to drop out because it was just way too much for me to handle leading up to the wedding; I would have had to have been on Placement right up to the wedding and the thought of organising everything around my roster stressed me out and then the thought of looking like a zombie at my wedding made me so upset… so I spoke to my Placement Office and they were more than accomidating and said I could do next semester. I may have put my graduation off by a semester but I feel it was worth it.

During my planning I have found that I have only recently had a lot to do with my vendors in the last month… I booked them all months ago and we have only really just started to get the finer details out the way which has worked perfectly for me as it has not impacted my studies at all until this semester, which was a personal choice.

Let Maid/Matron of Honor or Fiance do some of the planning. Your friends and family would probably love a chance to help you out with the invites and all the other DIY things 🙂 Reach out for help and people might surprise you.

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Worker bee

OMG Bee!  I cannot believe you are going through the two at the same time!  I graduated in Decemeber and got engaged in Feb, but apparently, my Fiance had the ring and planned to propose last summer!  He saw how stressed i was and decided to wait until after I passed boards to propose because I definitely could not handle the stress of both at once.  That being said…I am now in my first RN job and thinking about planning a wedding (we haven’t set a date) so maybe there isn’t actually an ideal time??  

I’d say to just take it in stride and COMMUNICATE with your support system.  If you want to be more involved with something, tell Mr Love.  If you absolutely don’t care about the color napkins/linens…leave that for someone else!  


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: February 2016

Not sure if this is at all helpful but if you haven’t found a venue…try to find one that just does everything.  My venue, that I loved, included all set up, tables, linens, china/silverware, catering, the cake, accomodations and a coordinator.  They had a list of preferred vendors for florist, dj, officiant etc.  I have to tell you it was perfect because THEY were so organized.  So they kind of just let me know what they needed by when and I went with that.  They even included a wedding planning binder that was kind of fill in the blank with details.  My venue was so beautifully decorated I really only needed to worry about centerpieces and decorting the asile that I walked down.  

So…long story short…my advice to you is find a venue (lock in your date) that includes most if not all of what you need. 

I was just as busy as you are and only had three months to plan my wedding.  Because they did a bulk of the work wedding planning was actually the least stressful part of my life. 

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  • Wedding: November 2016

I know how you feel! I’m doing nursing, work part time, have a six year old and am getting married in November. For me (us) the only way it’s possible is for me to allocate tasks each month and focus on one at a time. We have all our vendors booked and now it’s just fine details that matter. This also makes it easier financially as we are paying for it ourselves. 

We are also not having an engagement party or anything as I get more stressed at the thought of organising that than the wedding! 



just take one thing at a time. Do what you can in semester breaks and go from there 🙂 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: Saint Domingue

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pacificpatsada:  I wasn’t planning a wedding when I was in nursing school but had three children between the ages of six and not-yet-two when I started school and, to this day, I say you couldn’t pay me enough money to go through nursing school again.  

It was most definitely worth it, but there’s nothing quite like it.  

If I were you I’d concentrate on getting school completed and then getting married.  There’s no need to rush, at least not that you’ve mentioned.  If you feel no need to rush to be married then STOP: do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Finish school, pass boards, find a job and then plan your wedding.  

There’s no law against a longer-than-desired engagement and you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding planning.  

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Helper bee

So sorry that you’re struggling bee. I didn’t get married while I was in nursing school, but I swear at least half of my class got married in the summer after we graduated. I did go to school full time while working full time and but I was younger and I honestly could not do that now. I would recommend moving your date so that you can graduate and pass your boards first. Once that stress is out of the way wedding planning won’t be as overwhelming. Or alternatively,  if you’re not into a big wedding find one of those inns or B&Bs that have elopement packages where all you have to do is show up with your dress and a small group of friends and family

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

If you have the summer off I would say why don’t you plan your wedding for next year, and utilize some of the “free time” you’ll have this summer to get a good majority of your planning done. You can and probably should focus on venue first, but then I’d say you can probably wait until this semester is over to start researching and booking the rest. Photographer, music, dress, bridal party, cake.. all of that you could do over the summer break and then it’s not competing with school. 

I agree nursing school is all-consuming, and wedding planning can also suck the life out of you too. 

Either that, or decide if you really want a vineyard wedding, or maybe you do want a small elopment just you and hubby or maybe with parents/siblings? That you could do on much shorter notice (probably this summer?) and with far fewer details to worry about. 



Just re-read your original post and see that you’ll be graduating in December. I think a June 2017 wedding would probably be best in terms of having enough time and mental capacity to deal with finishing school, taking your boards and wedding planning! You still can get a good amount done this summer if you have a break, but then at least you’ll know a big portion of that stress from school and exams will be over with 6 months to go til your wedding. Yes of course after that you’ll still be studying for your boards, but you can’t study 16 waking hours a day.. you’ll want to break it up with something, and by that point, it’ll be the fun stuff like menu and cake tasting which is a welcome break from 83876 practice questions you’ll be doing a day lol

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2019

Oh hell no. I went to a very prestigious nuring school. For me it was four and a half days of lectures per week. Practice was miles away. I got up at 4.30am, left home at 5.30am to work a long day, and I got home at 10pm. Nights were the same. Exams and assignments were intense. There is no way I would plan a wedding whilst completing a nursing degree. I think you should graduate and then plan your wedding.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2014

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pacificpatsada:  Not in nursing school, but finishing up my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I got married in the middle of my second year of school. During this time I was taking a full case load (8:00 am-5:00 pm M-F) and was trying to figure out my clinical placements. While planning the wedding was definitely an added stress it can be done. I was lucky enough that I had kind of a “one stop shop” for vendors and could meet with my florist/caterer/design team all in one space. I think it all depends on how much control you want to have over the planning process (i.e. if you’re willing to delegate a bunch of tasks to your mom/bridesmaids it will be less stressful) and how much of a perfectionist you are!

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