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My mom did it for a while, and I tried some of the food.  It’s disgusting.  Good luck if you can actually eat it.  Maybe that’s why people lose weight on it!

I don’t remember if she lost any weight or not, but if she did, she gained it all back.  She’s been trying to lose the same weight for a while now.  

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Ive done nutrisystem. Most of the food doesn’t taste that great and you might feel a little silly taking it to work. But if you stick to it, yes it works. I think you’d find making your own food to be an easier meal plan.

You don’t have to grow cut and boil your own vegetables to eat healthy. Start with those microwavable veggies in the frozen food aisle and stir in a little yogurt based salad dressing for taste or go to your quicktrip/ 7 11 etc and get a cup of fruit to snack on during the day. Most of all, dont buy foods that trigger you to mindlessly snack. I would also strongly encourage you to make a myfitnesspal account and track everything you eat and drink.

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My mom, brother and SIL did it. Mom didn’t lose much, probably because she found it nearly impossible not to cheat. My brother and SIL lost a ton of weight (my brother probably lost 100 lbs) but as soon as they stopped, they rapidly gained back everything they lost plus some more. 

The food is really atrocious. I was pretty broke back when my mom did it the first time, and she gave me her leftover food so I could save money on groceries for a few weeks. It was atrocious. Like, I’d rather just not eat anything. The second time she did it, my human garbage disposal husband and I were visiting them and he wanted to try the Nutrisystem hamburger. He couldn’t even finish it. (And this is a man who loves his processed mystery meat burgers.) 

In my experience, the only diet program I’ve ever seen really work for people is Weight Watchers, because it really teaches you how to eat and sets you up for sustainable good nutrition and good habits. 

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I started using weight watchers and also bought a fit bit! Maybe check out weifhtwatchers, it’s nice because nothing is off limits, it’s more about portion control. Good luck!

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SarinaLove:  Maybe try some different types of excercise until you find something that you actually enjoy?  I *never* did anything active for any length of time until I started doing activities that I loved doing 🙂  7 years ago I was 30lbs heavier and very unhappy.  I started with different types of gym classes (I got a 3 month membership so if I hated it after 12 weeks I gave myself permission to quit 😀 ).  As my confidence grew I moved from classes to lifting weights, then when I found that was becoming a chore I started running, then cycling.  Now, living my life in an active manner isnt something I “have” to do because Im “trying to lose weight”, its a part of my daily routine.  Every day I feel the benefit in my physical and emotional wellbeing.  That doesnt mean that I want to excercise hard every day, sometimes I skip a day (or two or three or five!) but I go back to it because I appreciate how good it will make me feel.  Forget about weight loss and focus on the immediate and lifelong benefits of excercise.  Good luck and ENJOY!!!!!

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SarinaLove:  It absolutely works, if you use it correctly.

I lost 40 pounds using it a couple of years ago and kept it off for two years while eating non-Nutrisystem food. Then I got depressed due to being unemployed and put it all back on, but that was no fault of the program itself.


– It’s effective.

– It’s stupidly easy to use. You eat what you’re given for that day, and then you’re done.


– I didn’t mind the food, but it doesn’t taste WONDERFUL — but I’m of the opinon that how wonderful can you expect food in packets to be. C’mon.

– I found it very challenging for friends to accept going to non-drinking, non-eating centric activities. I didn’t want to go to dinner cause a) I’d already eaten my noodle packet and b) given the opportunity to eat non-noodle packet things, I was going to mow thousands of extra calories down.

– The food, as many preserved foods are, was sodium heavy. Just be sure to drink tons of water to keep things moving.

– It doesn’t teach you how to eat, you have to figure that out yourself. But many people know conceptually what to eat, they just need a jump start to be motivated enough to choose the salad over the hamburger when they go out. If that sounds like you, then it could be a great fit.

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Also maybe look at your diet before deciding to opt out your food choices from someone wanting to make money from your good resolutions.  Research shows that we generally need more fat and less sugar in our diets!  Most “diet” products are either packed with fake sweetners (proven to increase weight gain) or using sugars to replace fats.  Eating generally less processed foods, cooking for yourself and eating more plants than anything else may leave you feeling fuller, healthier, more satisfied and with more $$$ in your pocket than Nutrisystem.  

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SarinaLove:  if you like tracking stuff, maybe MyFitnessPal would work for you?

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Nutrisystem is disgusting!! And so expensive!!  I could only tolerate being on it for about two weeks– I got awful headaches from all the preservatives in it.


Basucally, the program helps you to whittle down serving sizes– I’d recommend Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones for helping with that.


Also, once you start up with NS, it’s damn near impossible to cancel.  Don’t do it.  Just shop for groceries smarter– make meal plans and stick to it.

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My mom did it and found that it was the only diet system that worked besides the very very intense and restrictive Dr. Bernstein program. Since she was used to Dr. B, she actually enjoyed a lot of the food and lost quite a bit of weight. When she stopped though, she gained it back. I think it can be a successful program, but it’s expensive and the results are short-term.

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SarinaLove:  I second roseapalooza:. If you want long-term results, really experiment with your exercise routine.  I always used to try fad diets, but I would get really obsessive about what I was eating and my calorie intake, that it was unhealthy mentally for me and I would gain it all back as soon as I stopped.  My workout routines would only ever consist of going to the gym.

I decided to lose a few pounds after buying a dress just a tad too small for me in December.  I had been wanting to get healthy for awhile, but that was my push.  I started doing workouts at home, then I started going to a women’s cardio kickboxing class at a local MMA gym.  I fell in LOVE and now I can’t wait until the next class!  I still workout at home doing videos from DailyBurn two or three times a week, and/or go running or to my campus gym – but it’s all to get in better shape for what I love to do!

I’m actually going to try a Muay Thai class this week at another local gym… incorporate more combat sport classes into my routine and improve my technique 😉  It’s fun being in shape all of a sudden!

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