(Closed) NWR: Am the only 23 year old who doesn’t like going out anymore??

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I just turned 20 a month ago, and i’ve been pretty much over my partying days for about a year. I still drink every so often with friends, but it’s nothing compared to when i was 17 and 18. I realized it isn’t worth the strain it puts on my body, or the stupid things i had a habit of doing. And hangovers have gotten so much worse than they were when i first started..

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I’m 22 now, graduated and work full-time, and have never once been to a college party. I “partied” in high school (by which I mean, I got a little bit tipsy at a friend’s house twice and watched everyone else get stupid/sick-drunk and then went to sleep)…after that I was pretty much over the whole thing. By the time I started college I was more interested in learning things and getting my shit together in my life so that I could support myself as soon as possible.

Most of my friends are still in college or grad school and all they ever want to do is get drunk. Three day holiday weekend? Booze brunch! Snowed in for a week during Snowmageddon? Get drunk for five days straight! Wednesday afternoon? Ge blasted! Fiance and I have yet to host a party at our house for my friends because we don’t want them to come here and get so drunk that they can’t drive home when the party’s over! Our idea of “party” is: hosts cook food/provide snacks, people come and mingle and chat, maybe sip a glass of wine or a beer, mingle and chat some more, then everyone goes home. My friends’ idea of “party” is: bring 20 different kinds of liquor to the host’s house, immediately start drinking with the sole purpose of getting drunk, gorge on cheeze balls and tortillas and salsa, all sit around the table and have 10 different conversations going at once and speak at impossibly loud volumes, laugh about how drunk they are, drink more, pass out.

Yeah, no, lol. Don’t see the fun in that. Sorry.

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I find that im often a rarity in the party scene anyway, I dont/cant drink alcohol. For the most part, no one ever had a problem with it. I used to be the one driving everyone home or making the decision to intervene when they tried to drive themselves home. A few times Ive had to get out of bed in my PJ’s to pick people up.


My little brother got hit by a drunk driver when he was a junior in high school. We still feel the impact of that accident today. He lost his football scholarship and continues with physical pain to this day. Not sharing this to critique anyones drinking but just saying it had a huge impact on me and I never griped or was annoyed by people asking me to drive them home. Id rather drive them home than attend their funeral.

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@misssydneyj: You are so not alone! I graduated from college at 21 and once I moved out on my own (3 months later) and started working full time, I had ZERO interest in parties, getting drunk and clubs. I am 26 now and I still have no interest in that stuff anymore. I go to a club maybe once or twice per year now, and it is only when one of my close friends from out of state comes in town to visit! And when a random guy wants to dance with me I get grossed out, whereas I used to think it was fun.

I partied A LOT in college and it was fun. Now, I’m at a different place in life. Some of my college friends still go out a lot, but I am just done with that phase in my life. My weekends are spent grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning and doing school work (working on a masters).

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College: Every night, “Let’s go out!!”

Law School:  Friend: “Let’s go out this Friday!”  Me: ugh.

Haha my Saturday nights have turned into watching (and looking forward to) Suze Orman on CNBC.  So lame lol  

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LOL!! OMG MY FH would be sooo jealous of ya’lls SO’s hahahhaa! I’m 24 and partied a LOT in college and since I graduated I still enjoy going out…I’m not a big drinker and one glass of ANYTHING is enough to get me buzzed. I have slowed down in the past 6 months but I’ve been out of college for like 3 years. In college i probably partied 3 weeks out of a month. After college it went down to like 1 party a month. I havent been to a party in like 4 months and I’m having withdrawals, loll! LIke OP said I loveeee dancing and majority of the time I dont drink…I just love music! I tell my FH ALL the time like if I stop clubbing we gon have to have house parties or something, loll! I need to be able to shake my groove thang every now and then! Neither of us are home bodies though so we always find something to do, my MOm HATES it and tells us we are too much of busy bodies but a whole weekend in the house makes FH and I sick to the stomach hahah!

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I had my “party” days when I was 16-17. And that was having a drink at a house where I was staying the night once a week or so. My friends who party don’t even invite me because they know I won’t be interested. They think I’m so boring hahaha. I’m the 20-year-old getting their BA and masters and getting married. Even my fiancé settled down. He goes to the bar with a couple friends maybe once or twice a month for an hour or two and has one drink. (And not because of me, either). 

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Everyone is different…. I’ve never been the type to party on weekends. I’ve never really liked drinking I feel like i’ve been ready to “settle down” for a long time now and i’m only 25. 

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Haha, I turned 21 in Feb, after moving away form a party school my sophmore year. Last weekend I went up to visit some firends and they dragged me form bar to bar to party and I was very over it. I had one good party night, ( mostly because I tried to keep up with the champs.. did not end well) I olnty have one in me for a few months.  I think that mabey because I work a full time job and I am a senior in College going to gradschool, getting married…..
Where as my friends are all still, drink, party, boys, coffee, food, school, work. In that order.

They have allready told me my bachorlette party is gonna be a “shitshow” ( their words not mine) and I’m like…. greaaaat…..

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I never partied but I’m 23 & all I do is work & do school fulltime- about 60-80 hours a week.

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No I am 23 and honestly I will go out every now and again if friends are in town or whatever, but I think the perfect night is curling up on the couch. I used to party all the time, but since I left college and definately since I have had a baby I am a lot more mellow.

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I’m only 21, soon to be 22, but I never like going out anymore.  It’s weird.. When Fiance and I first met we used to go out all the time with tons of friends and family.. He has worked at a bar for 5 years now and his cousin started bartending saturday nights so literally every single saturday night we went there for about a year.  For the past year or so I just really have no interest in going out.. which is funny since now I finally legally can but I just am such a homebody.  My favorite kind of night is a night in with Fiance, cooking dinner, watching a movie and just being together.


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I’m the same,in NZ we can go out to bars/drink when we are 18 but was over it by the time I was 21 – I feel old if I go in clubs etc now, everyone looks so young!

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