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Helper bee

I work in healthcare… So, I’d have to say the worst is when parents let their nightmare children act like total animals. Almost nothing makes me more angry. 

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Busy bee
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chemistryBee:  last week i went to get a motion sickness patch to take with me on my cruise. i wasn’t sick and i think that’s why the waiting room was even more miserable–because i felt fine and was ready to go!

there was about 6 older people in the room (though i wouldn’t call them elderly); they were ALL–every single one–farting, burping, and making other bodily noises!! i understand that for some people it’s involuntary, and i’m willing to look past that. but at least say excuse me! they were just sitting there laughing, and engaging in what seemed like a contest to see who could gag me with the smells first!! in that contest, i lost. we all lost. because it was awful.


in general, i hate when people don’t control their children (in any situation, but especially waiting rooms).

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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People talking really loudly on their phones iin any public place drive me crazy.  It’s a phone not a bullhorn, you don’t need to shout!

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Buzzing bee
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When I was waiting in the ER during my MC, a woman brought her daughter in with a sprained ankle. She was sooo damn nosy asking why everyone was there…. Being all personal. Then finally I got taken back after sitting there for 4-5 hours and she made the comment “this is ridiculous my daughters in pain SHE SHOULD BE GOING BACK” . I almost turned around and told her to mind her own fuckin business and that she didn’t know why I was there. I hate waiting rooms

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I think the worst experience I had by other patients was when I was quite sick and in a fair bit of pain, I just needed quiet, any noise just contributed to the sharp, stabbing sensations – a sharp throb.

There was a large group of nursing or medical students there for the vaccines they needed having a large HOW WAS YOUR SUMMMMMMMERRRRR? AHHHHH JILL’S HEEEERRRRE! party.  Disgusting considering their field!

I’ve also had conditions exhasburated due to people smoking/wearing scented products.  If you’re well enough to smoke right beforehand, either choose not to before showing up to the hospital, or don’t go to the hospital.

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Honey bee
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I was in the waiting room for a prenatal checkup and there was a guy with his pregnant wife and what I assumed was their nanny sitting across from me. He was annoying the H-E-double hockey sticks out of me, probably because I was in my first trimester and very irritable, but still… 🙂

Anyway, he was rubbing his wife’s legs and her belly the ENTIRE TIME. He would not stop. Meanwhile, he was telling the nanny all these stories about how “WE had morning sickness,” “WE have back pain,” “WE had a craving for Thai food,” etc. I know he was being sweet, but the whole thing irritated me. haha.

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Honey bee
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I was at the ER with Dirty Delete several weeks ago, and as we were waiting, some old guy showed up and was giving the lady at the front desk the business in a big way. She was Latina (and her English was perfect, though slightly accented), and this dude was loudly saying things like “DO YOU NEED ME TO SPELL THAT? IT’S ENGLISH. WE SPEAK ENGLISH IN THIS COUNTRY. NO, I DON’T NEED TO ____; I JUST NEED YOU TO GET ME MY MEDS. IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE I CAN TALK TO IN ENGLISH PLEASE?” I was like, what the hell is the matter with your head that makes you think being loudly racist and rude to the person who you need to help you is going to get you anywhere? I don’t know how that lady kept it together. I’d have told him to piss off.

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Helper bee

iarebridezilla:  At the exact moment that I was reading this and thinking about what a POS that guy was, and what I would have said to him… A patient walked up and says “Holaaaaa PoliticallyIncorrect! Como esta?!?!?” (I’m not hispanic)… I had to giggle to myself a little bit.

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Sugar bee

To counter the stories about people being loud, I was in a waiting room recently where the only other people there were whispering.  The only people in this room were me and this couple, and we were sitting on opposite sides of the room.  The whole time, they just kept whispering to each other, like even cupping each others ears whenever they had to say something.  I just wanted to walk up and tell them that the waiting room police isn’t going to get them if they talk in a normal voice.  It was also disconcerting since I was the only other person there.  My paranoid self was thinking “oh god, are they talking about me?  Why else would they be whispering?”

Probably not the worst story, but definitely the one that made me feel weirdest.

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Bumble bee
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PoliticallyIncorrect:  I can totally relate here! The worst thing too is when they let them draw on the walls..really!?

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Helper bee

To be fair, they may have been whispering about disgusting symptoms one or both of them were experiencing

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Helper bee
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Ugh mine is when people leave the sound on on their phones while they play friggin candy crush or while they text so its a constant “Tak-tak-tak-tak” as they write a novel on their phone! And also the little “bird tweet” noise when they get a text, and they are having a rapid fire conversation with someone. I dislike phone noises! 

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