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I don’t think I would define myself as ‘a liberal’ (and definitely not ‘a Liberal’!), but I’m far from being a fundamentalist Christian, and would be comfortable with the label of liberal Christian.

I gotten more flack from some Christians than athiests when it comes to my beliefs.  I remember when some bible study groups brought in a speaker.  He was talking about how his beliefs work when it comes to science and religion.  He spoke about how he had a greater issue with Christians than scientists when it came to his beliefs.  Many in the group were shocked about that, but I wasn’t.

I think many people could be classified as liberal Christians.  If you don’t ask them, you probably don’t know some of them are Christian.

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@Brielle:  I believe that when I prayed the salvation prayer and asked Lord Jesus to come into my heart to be my Savior that I became a Christian in that moment.  I trust Him completely to lead me and save me.  I also am very, very well-versed on the Bible and scripture, love the Word of God, believe it is inspired by God and strive to live my life as the most kind and loving person I can.  I really don’t care so much about the rest of the “rules.” 

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@This Time Round:    Applause!   Beautiful and Amen!!!

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I consider myself a liberal Christian. I believe in pro choice and I am pro marriage equality. I truly believe that the Bible is a guide, (there is truth in there, however it was put together and translated by man,) and that the greatest message Jesus spread was love. Love God, love Jesus, love one another. Do no harm to others, and lead by example, not by any kind of force or “shoving down throats”.

I also believe in the “who are you to judge” category as well!

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@felixfelicis:  There are tons of us!  I went to a Lutheran college. Almost everyone there was a Christiian and there were all types…conservative, moderate, liberal so I got to see that there were a variety of practicing Christians. 

Now, I think the majoriyt of my friends I hang out wiht the most are Agnostics.  I talk about going to church and church related activities and no one has ever said anything disparaging to me…well, accept one Athiest guy at a party but that’s another story ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I think secular groups don’t like people who try to limit our civil rights, not Christians in general.

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Im christian and im catholic. needless to say im a liberal. i believe gay people can get married and be what ever religion they want to be. thats the beauty of america. i think you can also be gay and christian. its just too silly to think that thats not possible. i am a member of the catholic church and they supposably tell me what I believe in. but i dont think so. i agree with most of what my church says. and the other i usually keep to my self. unless some one asks. we are all humans. bottom line. we ALL make mistakes. its hard to get into a discussion with anyone on religion because of how opitionated people get. so unless its my close friends i usually listen and if they say something like gay people shouldnt have kids,(something i feel strong about) i let them know its better to have gay parents than NO parents at all. or live in an orphanage or dieing! its like “think people! ” i dont run into a lot of hard core christians and the ones i have , usually need to work on themselves more than who ever they are judging. i believe a lot of un conventional things. i struggle some of the things i believe in but that life. all i really know is that i believe in jesus, love, the greater good and helping others no matter who they are.

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Christ absolutely commands His followers to love everyone —  including those whose beliefs or chosen faith (or lack of beliefs or faith, as the case may be) do not align with God’s Word.

Jesus said that the world will know we are Christians not  by our theology, not by our  political party, but, rather, by our LOVE.

Jesus went to so far as to command  His followers to love and show love to even their enemies, the very people who hate and despitefully use them.

He led by example: He showed His love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace to others — even those who mocked Him, spat on Him, beat Him, and crucified Him.  He showed love to everyone, even while He was suffering and dying on the cross for our sins.

There is no place for hating other people in the life of a Christian.  It is forbidden. It is wrong. It is sin. And, it will keep people out of Heaven.

However, showing love to, respect for, and kindess toward other people does not require us also to accept or embrace specific beliefs, thoughts, ideas, actions, doctrines, and practices that Scripture identifies as being wrong, sinful, and contrary to God’s will for His people.

God’s Word is very clear that there are spiritual forces of darkness  that have rebelled against God and have exalted themselves against the Truth of God.  It is filled with warnings about the temptations and deceptions that these evil spiritual forces will bring.

It is not against people, but against those forces of darkness and the deceptions that they perpetrate, that Christians are commanded — through the authority of Christ and the power of Holy Spirit, to stand firm, and fight.








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@Brielle:  This is a fabulous post!   ( #22 )


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I am! I believe in Christ, and I also believe that his word means love. Love those whose views differ from yours. I’m glad there are more Bees who feel the same!

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Liberal and non-denominational Christian here ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel that when God said to love everyone, I don’t think he was shooting the sh*t. He meant it.

Makes me sad when some Christians forget that, and place “Christian” prejudices upon people of different sexualities or religions. Makes us look bad.

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Liberal Christian here ๐Ÿ™‚ I was raised in the Catholic Church and attended Catholic schools my entire life. While I maintain the core beliefs regarding Jesus and what he taught, it is extremely hard for me to agree with the Church on a lot of other stances. I’m pro equal rights, pro choice, I had a child before I was married. Its obnoxious sometimes when I hear comments about Christians cherrypicking what they believe in, because it includes me as well. I just tell them that I don’t feel the laws in the Bible are relevant in this day and age. That technology and science have come a long way since then, and there was no way for them to predict or know what we know now. I’m satisfied with my belief in God and Jesus ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am…After growing up in church, marrying a christian and now going through a divorce. I’m now living in sin but have never felt more loved and still love God and most of his people…

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I am!

I grew up in a very conservative (non-denominational) Christian world and attended very conservative schools.

While I still adhere to God’s word being the ultimate authority, I also think the way the church has handled themselves on a whole host of social issues is appalling.

Primarily, I can’t wrap my head around how we are ALL sinners.  Christ died for ALL of us.  Yet the body of Christ seems to pick and choose which ‘sins’ are acceptable and worthy.  It’s ridiculous.

I also think it’s dicey when the body of Christ starts blanketly defininng what is sin and what isn’t sin (on topics where it is NOT clear).  

Take divorce, for instance.  The Bible is crystal clear that the only ‘approved’ divorce is when a spouse is unfaithful.  Yet how many 2nd marriages do you know where that isn’t the case?  That are blessed IN/by the church and welcomed by the body?  

Marriage is  hot topic for me in general.  When I was single there seemed to be an overall tone of being ‘less’ than because I wasn’t a ‘family unit’.  I think there is increasing awareness of it (as the age of when people get married is much older) and I do see change in the way things are broached, but my guess is it’s still an issue universally.

Don’t even get me started on the gay marriage hot button.

Bottom line – I wish that the crazy Christians weren’t the ones that people remembered.  I wish that people outside the church realized that the people inside the church are not these crazy, judgemental folk… but people who are seeking after God and have been saved by His grace and mercy.  I wish that Christ and who He is and what He did would be the thing people remembered.  And, when it’s not, it makes me realize how sinful we all really are.  

I had this epiphany the other day that it’s not about the church but it’s about me.  I need to grow in my relationship with God and be more like him… and as a result, that should permeate my entire life.  If everyone in the church did that – can you imagine?!

I often think God looks at us and just shakes His head because we try SO hard ( and yet miss what He offers completely.

And, yes – to the OP – I get a LOT of flack from my conservative friends about hot button topics… but, I’m used to it, so it doesn’t really bother me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am a liberal and a Christian, and a Buddhist (not that there are “Buddhists,” I am someone on the way).  I belonged to a very liberal Christian church that welcomed everyone.  I have not found a church like that since, so I don’t attend one where we live now.

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