(Closed) NWR: Anyone else have bad nightmares?

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Busy bee
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Oh my word, that is a horrible dream to have! I haven’t had any kind of bad dreams for a while, actually I only have had really good dreams lately (I will be 6 months pregnant on the 9th of this month) so they have basically been all about baby, lol. The worst dream I have had it just not having enough for the baby’s nursery. But we have gotten it all squared away.


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Helper bee
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It’s the anxiety about the wedding. Sorry you are having these dreams try doing really relaxing things before bed that way you will dream peaceful dreams. Maybe lighting a cande in your room (blow out b4 sleep) or soothing music, maybe a warm bath.

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Busy bee
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I’ve had that dream before. It isn’t a nice dream at all and I woke up crying. 🙁

Last night’s dream was a doozy too! I showed up at the wedding all dressed and ready to go. Only two people attended! Not even our groomsmen, bridesmaids, or parents showed up. The Fiance just said “Well this is a giant waste of money. Lets just get married at the courthouse tomorrow”, got in his car, and drove away! I am panicked, and then realize it is only 2:00 pm and we weren’t suppose to be married until 4:30pm! So then I spent the rest of the dream on the phone trying to coax the Fiance back. It was weird.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve always had nightmares on occasion, but I recently began having these very powerful emotional nightmares within the past few months or so. I had a dream my brother died and I felt so physically distraught in the dream I woke up hysterically crying and couldn’t calm down at all. I had another dream similar to it (someone else dying) with the same extremely vivid emotions.

I’ve never had dreams with very strong emotions before though. 

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Honey bee
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I have dreams like that. And they are so real. I actually had one last night and made my Fiance hold me this morning because I was so upset. I don’t know why they happen, maybe its something in your subconscience that comes out while you are sleeping. Your worst fears, etc, that you don’t think about during the day, but they are there.

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Busy bee
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I have dreams like this all the time.  It isn’t necessarily anxiety about the wedding, could just be stress/anxiety in general.  I do have lots of dreams where Fiance dies, but I’ve had dreams about murdering my sister with a knife before (we have a great relationship, so that wouldn’t happen in real life!).  They are extremely vivid and seem so real. 

I’ve tried to stop watching “scary” things before bed (including the news, since that’s when they talk about random killers that are out there).  And just spend some time with the TV off to clear my mind before I go to bed.  It helped a little, atleast I don’t have the dreams every night anymore, just once a week or so.  🙁

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Helper bee
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I didn’t have a bad dream to the extent of yours,but last night I had a nightmare that my bouquets were horrible! (I’m getting them made on etsy) and totally didn’t look like what I told her! but I slept bad the night before so it doesn’t surprise me that I had a bad dream.

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Sugar bee
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I haven’t had nightmares in the sense of OMGIAMSOSCARED! But I have had really, really unsettling dreams where I am overwhelmed by this unimaginable sense/feeling of foreboding. When I wake up the feeling tends to linger, and weirds me out.

However, I’ve been comparably stress free lately (not zero stress, but compared to pastsituations, this is a cake walk).

I really do believe that dreams/nightmares are influenced by stress & emotions, maybe talking about some of your fears/worries of late will help resolve this.

Hope you get a good nights sleep!

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Busy bee
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yes maam…all the time… i have any and ever horrible thing u can think of…. regularly, missing teeth/falling out teeth(like all of em), roaches, visit from passed on relatives, Fiance not coming home from war…ever… like permenantly at war… relatives passing… yes….its common, well… i hope or im in a world of poo 🙁 oh…did i mention mass flooding…..this one comes most often…. and oh, very very vivid… like im my dream i swear they r real. once i work up and my face was soaked from crying

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