(Closed) NWR: Anyone have Lasik/Lasek etc in Boston area or at TLC Laser Eye Center?

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@kmarie719:  I had LASIK in 2005, after I graduated from college.  I went to a TLC in NY, but did some research about the surgeon I used.  He had an awful bedside manner, but was quite skilled as an eye surgeon.

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I had Lasik in 2005 and paid $1200. Here’s the thing though- I went to Canada!! It was more than half the price it was in the US at the time. I’m not sure what the driving time is from Boston, but there is the Canadian equivalent of TLC in Kingston, Ontario. You only need to stay one night- get there and have your consultation (I already knew I was a candidate because I’d gone to TLC in NY) and the next morning you go in for the surgery. It is like a factory. Two family members of mine had it done in the US and we all had the exact same results. You can do follow-up visits with doctors in the US.  I know it sounds a little crazy, but if can make the trip you will save a lot of money. My insurance did not cover it here though, so if your insurance is covering it then it may not be such a cost saver.

By the way, I would not be worried about TLC being a chain. The whole procedure is basically done by a machine and no matter where you go (private doctor or chain), I’d bet it is the same machine. I was incredibly nervous about doing it and waited a couple years after my famly members had it done because I was sure something would go wrong, but it’s so common now i think the risk of something going wrong is minimal. You will love it!

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I got LASIK done at Boston Laser in brookline with Dr. Melki in January 2010, and it was the best investment ever, and I could see 20/20 pretty much almost immediately.  I was around a -4.5 or -5 in both eyes, and had astigmtism in my left eye.

Here is info on what I paid back in 2010 (copied from some emails back then when my friends asked for some info).  I have no idea if this website thing is still legit, but you might want to check it out.

I booked my appointment through a website called Qualsight:  http://www.qualsight.com/ Basically, if you sign up through this website, they will make the appointment for you at Boston Laser, and it will cut down the cost of the entire procedure by around $2000.  I’m not sure why, but it’s a referral program, and this discount I think is better than most insurance policies (mine didn’t cover anything).  Overall, I got Custom LASIK done, and also opted for a lifetime guarantee for an extra $400. What this means is that if my eye vision gets worse over the next 10 years, I can go back in 10 years, and get a correction done for free.  Without the lifetime guarantee, they will only do free corrections for one year after your surgery.  They say approximately 3% of patients will get a correction done.

In total, I paid just under $4000 for the entire thing (out of pocket) using Qualsight.  I signed up through their website, and it took them a few days to call me and make the appt, but it was defintiely worth it because of the money saved.  Try to hold out on calling boston laser directly because then you won’t be able to get the discount.

In that appt, they will do some tests to make sure that you are a candidate for LASIK to begin with, and you can ask to meet with Dr. Melki for the consultation to make sure that you have all of your questions answered.

Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any other specific questions, and I’d be happy to answer them.


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This is a slightly old thread, but if you are still interested, I had it done at TLC in Waltham and am 100% satisfied. I was also nervous about it being a chain, like it would be the SuperCuts of LASIK or something, but my coworker went there and highly recommended it (and she was sort of crazy paranoid with her reserach, too) so I checked it out. They really, really explain everything to you, walk you through the whole procedure, and do realy careful screenings. Supposedly they have a pretty high rate of telling people they aren’t candidates, so if you aren’t an ideal candidate, they will let you know and won’t do the surgery. Because they are a big corporation, they were also really organized and were able to tell me all the cost details very early on.

I don’t think the cost was dependant on your personal prescription, but I can tell you what I had– in 2010, for custom LASIK (it’s all custom now), with a VSP (vision plan) discount, my totaly cost for 2 eyes was just $4500. This includes a lifetime guarantee– as long as you follow up yearly with a TLC approved dr, which my regular eye dr is, if you ever need an adjustment it’s at no extra cost. I was able to use flex spending so pre tax dollars, which also really saved a lot of money, so that’s an option, but then you would have to wait for next year probably. 

In my specific situation, my eyes were really bad, like -6 and -6.5, with very slight astigmatism, and they told me that people with a higher prescription have a higher chance of needing an adjustment, like 5-10% vs 3-7 or someting along those lines. I am in the unlucky 10% and I need a very, very light prescription glasses for distance– like movies or theater is clearer with them, but I can see without, and for driving, especially at night. If I knew that for sure going in, I would 100% still have done it. 

Sorry for the novel– obviously I’m really happy with TLC. I never looked anywhere else so can’t compare it. 

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I wouldn’t rule out a doctor because they are a chain.  Call both of them and ask to come in for a consult.  I was able to do this and talk to the doctors at a few clinics.  The ones that turned me off didn’t let me see the doctor.  They should be able to give you an estimate by talking to them.  I ended up going further away for surgery since I liked the doctor better and it was less expensive.

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I just got Lasik a month ago with Dr. Violin in Norwood


I got a livingsocial deal for 2900 and now I have perfect vision!! Best thing that every happened to me besides my Fiance 😉

affordable and worth it.

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I had planned for Lasik this year but my eye sight has changed.  So, I decided to hold off until my vision is more stable but I was scheduled with Dr. Melki and his staff. Definitely go to Qualsight.com like @Emilie. You will save some money on Lasik.  Dr. Melki has awesome reviews and the staff there has been very easy to deal with.

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