(Closed) NWR: Anyone here ever gotten bariatric treatment?? HELP (lengthy post)

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@knmw1106:  First question, when did you start your push for a healthier lifestly – working out, cutting out carbs, lean proteins, etc?!  The reason I ask is because results TAKE time.  If this was a more recent lifestyle change, then I think ‘giving up hope’ is not the answer.  In fact, a lot of doctors whom perform bariatric procedures need their patients to devote a certain amount of time trying to lose the weight naturally, etc.  Weight loss, via healthy diet and exercise is a PROCESS.  When you undergo such a change, you want to see results right away, and you will…in time.  The scale can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. 

As women, our weight fluctuates all.the.time…between water weight, bloat, the time of the month, etc.  I can weigh less one day, and go up lbs the next.  The mental game of weight loss then takes over ‘ok, I did not have a good day, but I will not give up, and work toward a better tomorrow…’ type of mantra. 

On the flip side, maybe you have tried for many months or longer to lose weight.  I have no experience with bariatric surgeries,  but my mom was a nurse, and she did.  She would often say that although it can be an effective weight loss took of people, the depression that comes with such a surgery is HUGE.  It limits, in so many ways, the individual.  I think if you take this step, you will need to work on addressing the psychological aspects AND the physical as well. 

You stated your endocronologist recommended the surgery, which is the doctor working on your thyroid issue.  I guess my question is ‘why’ they feel this way?  The thyroid is such a crazy part of our body, between hypo or hyper, etc.  My best friend gained a ton of weight as well due to her thyroid, had it removed, and 1.5 years later they are still working on the perfect mixture of medicine to balance her out, and allow her to lose the weight she put on.  Yes, she is very frustrated, but knows that in time they will figure it out thru meds…and not so much surgery I suppose…

I hope this helps.  Hang in there, and good luck!


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My daughter and I both have had gastric bypass.  She had hers in February 2006 at way over 300 lbs.  She got married in November, 2006 weighing about 160.  Amazing transformation.

I had surgery on September 2011 and lost 100 lbs in 7 months, which I have maintained since.

It is not the easiest thing to go through, but the BEST thing I have ever done.  You must understand this is merely a weight loss tool – you will lose the weight quickly, but you must work at keeping it off because there are a lot of ways to outsmart the surgery.  My surgeon required 6 months of therapy and meeting with nutrionists prior to surgery to teach me how I must change my lifestyle to keep the weight off. 

 I have gained and lost 100’s of lbs over the years prior to surgery, and I was sick of it.  Some people will accuse you of taking the “easy” way out to lose weight, but that certainly is not the case. 

One bit of warning is this will have a major impact on your relationships, particularly with your SO.  As I said, my daughter was married in November, 2006, and was divorced by June, 2007.  Best I can determine is she was willing to take a lot of his crap because she felt because she was fat, the didn’t deserve better treatment.  Once her confidence grew, he didn’t like the fact that she was willing to express her opinions and stand up for herself – he preferred a doormat.  Also, he liked fat women – he cheated on my daughter with a woman who weighed over 300 lbs.

Keep in mind you cannot have the surgery to just look good in your gown. It is a MAJOR lifestyle overhaul for the rest of your life.  And, and the other question you asked – she had two children after surgery.  Gained appropriate amount of weight and then lost it after the pregnancies concluded.

Good luck in your decision.  http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums is a great website to look into.


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I sent you a pm. 

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One caveat I failed to mention.  I would avoid the lap band surgery at all costs.  It has a low success, high failure rate.  Lot of people have had to revise the band to another type of surgery.  My surgeon wouldn’t even consider it unless I absolutely insisted.

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@knmw1106:  I have two friends that have had surgery, one had gastric bypass and the other had the gastric sleeve.  My one friend that got the bypass has lost an incredible amount of weight and is super happy about it.  However, she did make some pretty serious lifestyle changes and has done follow up therapy with a counselor to deal with the unhealthy way she thought of food.  She has not had to get any surgeries for loose skin (lost 150 lbs over 2 years), however she was only 24 when she got the surgery. 

The other person I know that got the gastric sleeve, has not lost any noticable amount of weight, but I don’t think she has changed her eating habits much either.  Initially, she was unable to eat normal foods, however, now that she has healed she has pretty much gone back to her old ways.  I think she has only lost 40 lbs, but needs to lose another 175-200 lbs, and has plateaued.  She was 40 when she got her surgery, but has made no real attempt to exercise or change her eating habits.  I believe she is now inquiring about the gastric bypass surgery.  These are the only two personal experiences I know of, however, my husband has several acquaintences that have had the lap band/bypass/etc and have all had varying results. 

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@knmw1106:  I sent another one!  Please let me know if there’s a problem.

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Are you taking medicine for your hypothyroid? Have you tried taking Glucophage or any other “diet” medications?

I had gastric bypass in March 2010. I lost 130 lbs in about a year and have gained back 50. I wish I would have had surgery on my brain instead of my stomach – the same desire to eat the foods is still there. I dont know if I would do it again because mentally its so frustrating. I feel as disappointed in mself now as I did before. 

Its also about being “healthy” though – not just thinner. If you are exercising and eating right I would think you should stick with that, it has to work sooner or later, I mean the people on the biggest loser can do it right? 

I lost most of my hair and I have severe anemia now requiring blood transfusions periodically because of the malabsorption. 

A lot of people do really great with it, but a lot don’t as well. I’m sure that gaining weight back is a majority of people, not a minority. 

Plus, it takes a long time and is very expensive!

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Sorry to hear that you had such problems, but I disagree that the majority gain the weight back. 

There is no doubt there is a risk involved, but I do what I can to minimize it.  I make sure to take all the supplements and get my labs checked annually.

My daughter is eight years out and has had zero complications and has kept the weight off through two healthy pregnancies.    

It requires a major overhaul in your lifestyle and obviously some luck is involved because there is no way to determine if you are going to be the unlucky one that has complications.

Getting therapy on the food issues is also vital because I agree – I needed head surgery more than gastric surgery.

It is not something to be taken lightly for sure, but I would do it again tomorrow if I had to to maintain this weight loss.  It has had that dramatic an effect on my life.

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Have you gotten a second (or third) opinion? I personally would be hesitant to go through with surgery when it seems like there are other issues going on here. If you’re already eating a healthy diet and exercising, I guess I don’t see how bariatric surgery would fix things.

How many calories per day are you eating?

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@knmw1106:  Speak with your primary care physician and do some research online. If your PCP thinks it’s a good idea, go speak with a surgeon. People get pregnant after weight loss surgery. However, considering your complicated medical history, you might have other options.

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I had gastric bypass at 29 in 2006, and lost 185lbs and kept it off.  I now run to keep my weight down. 

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