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    🙁 hugs!

    when are you getting married? you can have irregular (unpredictable) spotting for 6+ months with mirena which is considered normal.

    have you considered the ring? it can cause similar mood symptoms but it is less likely since the effects are slightly more localized.

    if that is not an option, i would probably use condoms until after you’ve started having sex and decide at that point whether you want to have a mirena placed.

    ps. i have a copper iud, heavier periods but no other problems. that said i had kids already at that point and the procedure is a little invasive. my best friend who has never had kids loves her mirena but i would still wait until after you have started before considering it.


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    Personally love NuvaRing, though I haven’t been on any other kind, it hasn’t made me crazy or anything yet. I

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    I’ve been on Ortho since I was 18.  I’ve never had issues and have never had to switch.  It’s pretty good on your horomones!

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    Mirena contains hormones.  I would recommend seeing if there’s a pill that works for you before going to Mirena.  If you do well on something similar to what’s in Mirena, then I would consider trying it.

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    the really, really important thing to remember about birth control reviews, are that people generally only review if they have a BAD experience with it. So take those reviews with a grain of salt 🙂

    Did you take a break at all on that last pill? Or how long total where you on that pill (like active pill every day) I’ve had spotting problems too, but if I stop, and take a 5-7 day break (like a normal period), it kind of ‘resets’ things and I’m fine for another month. 

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    I wish I could help, but I’m sort of in the same boat, so HUGS! for you. 

    I know I’m not comfortable with taking hormones, and IUDs freak me out, too. Fiance and I use condoms right now because he wouldn’t want me to do anything to my body that might harm me in the end and we have no idea about where to go from there, so I just wanted you to know you’re not alone!

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    I bled for the 50 days deal once when put on one of those new “low dose” pills, it just wasn’t strong enough.

    I went on a regular strength generic ( LO Ovral) and everything has been fine. I personally am hesitant of things you gotta jam up your hoo-ha, because if it was not working properly I would be in the dark, where as pills at least I can know if I have taken it or not etc. Also  there are implants and shots that are pretty strong and don’t have any estrogen ( which makes people quacky!) that are something to look into for an alternative.

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    When do you want kids? If you want them soon (as in the next 2-3 years), I would stick with the pill. I’ve had major spotting issues too. Normally it takes about 3 months to get all sorted out. If you are spotting like crazy, ask if continous birth control is an option– you take the pill every day without stopping for a period. It wouldn’t work with a pill like ortho tri-cyclen, but it is an great option. You also may need a stronger pill– that happens with thyroid issues (and for me without them)

    If I were you, I would take Ortho and give it until your wedding. Even if you are spotting, you are still covered. If you are still having problems when you get back from your honeymoon, ask about switching to continuous birth control.

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    *********I’ve been using Ortho Tri Lo for 5 years and have never had an issue. All pills have different levels of hormones and they use different hormone combinations as well. Some times it just takes experimenting to figure it out.  I wouldn’t want to put an IUD in if already contains hormones. Good luck! 

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    @Eva Peron:  ^^^ yup, very possible the hormone dosage wasn’t high enough. That’s what happened with my first one (and I’m suspecting now too), they start you off lower because you want to use the lowest effective dose, and sometimes they realize they need to up it. 

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    I had to try like 4 or 5 different pills before finding the one that was right for me (linessa). Plus, you shuld take it for a few months before deciding to try something else, since it takes time to regulate with your system. Personally, I’m skeptical of Mirena, I’ve heard some not so positive stories…..

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    PP mentioned a pill like the hormone in mirena… That would be a progestin only “mini-pil”. This is actually what I did. Took the progestin only pill and had no problem for a year then switched to mirena. I have only had bleeding randomly once with mirena. No spotting at all… Same with the progestin only pill. You may have to keep trying different optionsb just like any other medication class, it is not one size fits all… Be patient

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    I have a history of thyroid problems as well and pretty much every endocronologist and  gynocologist I’ve seen has advised me not to even consider hormonal birth control and that’s absolutely fine with me.  THe idea of putting hormones in my body that don’t need to be there and don’t belong there in those doses really freaks me out.

    It sounds like hormonal birthcontrol might not be the right option for you.  Maybe consider a non hormonal IUD or good old fashion condoms.  

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    I have a friend that just got Mirena. She’s 20 and has no kids and she says it was the worst pain of her life. She says she bled for two days and had cramps afterwards. However, she likes that she doesn’t have to worry about taking a pill everyday and she doesn’t have to worry about it for five more years. It was also cheaper than paying for BCP every month

    I was on ortho tri cyclen for about a year and it just did not work for me. The different levels of hormones each month caused killer migraines that would leave me in bed for a week. This doesn’t happen with everyone though.

    I’m on Loestrin now and I love it. It’s also not very expensive. 

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