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I don’t think it’s bad to take it for those reasons at all!  But you definitely need to talk about these concerns with the doctor.  They can start you off on a lower dose of it to let your body adapt to taking it.  But be open with the doctor and tell them everything you just wrote.  Only then can they put you on the right one. 

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From what I read and experienced, it’s a hit and miss with BC and acne. I use other stuff like zinia and acne products (nuetrogena wash and proactiv glycolic acid toner) in addition to Yaz. It’s certainly not silly to get BC for acne. I’ve done it….and went to a derma.

However controlling the cycles are a very good thing!! They def make them lighter too 🙂

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In my opinion, it’s worth it to experiment with how your body does on birth control. I love it for controlling my otherwise ridiculously painful cramps. It also cuts down on also PMS symptoms, and makes my period itself much shorter and lighter. 

I didn’t have any side effects except for low sex drive. I could really live without that one!

ETA: you can go to a regular doctor in most cases, although many people prefer a gyno because they’re more specialized and it somehow feels less awkward. I’ve done both, and prefer the gyno. 

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@kate, I’d suggest an OBGYN just to have everything “checked out”. I prefer my OBGYN and actually ended up really liking her! They’re so used to it that they make you feel very comfortable. 

As for your insurance question, look into maybe going Planned Parenthood or another women’s clinic. They will work with you on price and their Drs are also great

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I would say to really do your research. I just got off a hormonal BC that was also used for acne, and it really helped clear up my skin. Unfortunately this particular kind (Yasmin and the generic Ocella) was also causing strokes, blood clots and death in some people (very few users, but enough to make me uncomfortable). So for me the risks weren’t worth having clearer skin. A friend of mine got off her BC because she was too emotional and anxious on it. 

That said, there are some different kinds that are lower dose, and each with impact everyone differently. If you do go on BC though, you’ll have to get an obgyn check-up every year to renew your prescription- not that that’s a bad thing, but if you don’t like the doctor… So it’s up to you based on what you value. There’s other possibilities for dealing with acne and you could always go to a dermatologist. I know my dermatologist was able to prescribe certain birth controls. 

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I know plenty of women on BC for those reasons.  I schedule the appointment with a gyno ASAP.  Discuss your options and tell her/him your fears.  i’m sure they’ll start you off on a low dosage.  You’ll be fine, just track any symptoms you might have and be sure to discuss it at your follow up visit. 

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for me, my paranoia about getting pregnant far outweighed any concerns i had about side effects/risks. i don’t really trust condoms 100%. i also used it to skip my period during my wedding/honeymoon, which was awesome. and like others have said, it makes them lighter and shorter when they do come. HOWEVER its just like antidepressants – there are tons of varieties that work differently on different people. perhaps 1 BCP will really impact your mood, while it did nothing to a similarly predisposed person on the same pill.

i have been on a few different ones. as the years have gone by, i’ve had to increase the hormone level. but even what i’m on (OVCOMM) is very low dose compared to what they were using 20 years ago. most of the modern BCPs are extremely low hormone and are very safe. i also struggle with anx/dep and no BCP has ever impacted it as far as i know.

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Not to be the crazy lady, but you NEED to be seeing a gyno once a year, if you are not already.  If you have a regular gyno, sometimes you can just call up and get put onto a pill.  It’s sort of trial by error until you find one you like.  It takes your body 3 months to get used to a pill.

But to stress again, if you have ever had sex or are over the age of 21 you HAVE to go to the gyno for a pap every year.  It is only safe for you and your sexual organs!  And every other year after the age of 30 they should be screening for HPV.  Guys have no way of being tested for it, so if they don’t have warts, they could be carrying one of the three types of HPV strains that can cause cervical cancer.  The only thing that keeps it from getting out of control in your body is screenings.

So I’ll get down off my soapbox, but beleive me, it’s worth the investment to get your annual pap.. it’s SOOO important.


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People go on birth control for a lot of different reasons and yours all sound legit to me.  I would definitely have to support going to a planned parenthood or gyno as you really should be getting an annual pap smear.  Weight gain with the pill for a majority of people is insignificant.  From personal experience I have found going on monophasic birth control (one hormone level for the whole month) typically helps level mood swings.  I have a bit of a medical background but I think ultimately talking to someone face-to-face about your overall health is a must.

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So, I did go on the pill for a lot of the reasons that you were mentioning above. They put me on a low dose of hormones, and it honestly couldn’t have been better for me. I used to have cramps so bad that I would throw up from the pain. They were diminished, my skin cleared up really well, and I became like clockwork on my cycle. I did gain about 10 pounds on the pill, but it was mainly in the places that you want to gain the pounds…the ladies got a bit bigger along with my hips.

You do need to go see an OBGYN though. I know you haven’t had a physical since you were 14, but you need a well woman exam every year. I don’t like going to the doctor either (I don’t know many who do enjoy it), but it’s necessary to be sure everything is ok there. If you’re sexually active, you need to go once/year.

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I went on BC two years ago to regulate my cycles.  I had severe cramps and nonstop bleeding for like two months, I quit b/c I was starting to get dizzing just walking from my room to the kitchen.

Anyways, your first pap smear will be interesting.  Just let them know how you feel every step of the way, if it hurts, they’ll stop.  It doesn’t really hurt hurt, but it’s more uncomfortable.

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