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Start by doing something similar, but just leading discussion groups and worship events to start.  It will give a better feel to see if it’s something you’re really serious about and can keep up for the long term.

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@kris325:  Sorry but if there are donations at all, how is the church meant to fund itself? I agree Christians should tithe. However I disagree with churches making tithing a major focus, and I agree that some churches handle this very inappropriately (i.e. preach too much about it). We tithe about 1/10 of our income, but that tithe does not all go to our church.

You do not need to be ordained, or to have a degree in theology – or anything, really – to start your own church. But you might need some of those things though if your church wants to join a Christian denomination.

In churches I am familiar with, you do not need a degree in theology to be ordained. But you do need training or experience. I know of no “reputable” denomination which will just let you get ordained by filling in a form. Because it defeats the purpose: ordination means someone has decided you are a fit person to be a pastor (or some other church worker).

You could start your own church meeting in your house, if you can find enough like minded people. But at your stage in life (a young mother) it would be hard! I suggest you either persist in your church and ignore the heavy tithing preaching, or keep looking for another church. If you end up in any church, I do encourage you to at least tithe a bit. It only seems right to me that if you are sitting in the building and listening to a paid pastor, you should help finance that, to the extent you reasonably can.

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Try not to look at the sermons as lectures. They are lessons straight from God. I fully beleive that what my pastor speaks about is from God, if my pastor is listening to God.

Our stories are very similar, I was raised Christian and went to church on Sundays and youth group on Wednesday. I stopped when I was a teen and started going again about three years ago. I was raised in a southern baptist church and hated it. They wouldn’t marry my mom and step-dad because it was an interracial marriage. So judgemental.

My husband and I started going to a church here in town when we first decided we wanted to start going again. We weren’t too excited about the tithing idea because we were pretty tight on money and didn’t see how it would work. There was this service where one of the elders got up and spoke about tithing and giving money to the church. We were completely turned off and never went back to that church.

Now we have found the perfect church for us. It’s a non-denominationl church and is supppppper laid back but still extremely Christ centered. They do sermons on tithing every now and then but it’s talked about so differently. They use scripture from the bible about tithing and it really opened our eyes that God wanted us to trust in Him.

It was pretty crazy actually. We got into a HUGE fight about it because I thought we needed to start tithing and my husband wasn’t into it. We finally did and that very week we received a check in the mail from our car insurance company for money they owed us. God really showed us that He would take care of us.

Okay, so back to your original question. Pray about it. Don’t ask bees because honestly, we can’t have a real answer for you. This is about what you think would be cool or laid back. It’s about what God wants for your life. Make sure you aren’t doing for the wrong reasons. If God wants it to happen He will tell you. Listen to Him. If your heart is in the right place and you are really listening to God then you will know what to do.

Sorry that was so long!

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@kris325:  And never feel like you are stuck in a church. I 100% beleive that God tells you where you are supposed to be and if you aren’t comfortable in a certain church then you should try a new one. God is putting it on your heart to make a change!

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I feel your pain! You know what I thought when I read that first post, though?


You wouldn’t even be asking advice if you hadn’t had the calling. This is obviously something you have wanted to do for a long time.

I grew up in the North of England, the original birthplace of Methodism and many of the non-conformist denominations. For those not in the know, the 1800s Northern England non-conformism was extremely socialist and very left wing. They believed that modernisation and science went hand in hand with faith and rationality, and that we are called to poverty and service of God. I am one of the last followers of this faith… most younger people have been seduced by the “American style” right wing evangelist style of worship where I am. It is not accidental that I am marrying a Catholic, either… I wanted to marry a Christian who did not have far right politics, and that’s how it ended up.

Anyway, I digress. Maybe it really is your calling to cut through the BS and provide a service which the people of your area are sadly lacking?

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follow your heart and dreams, good luck!

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@kris325:  Starting a church requires a lot of study and a lot of prayer.  As a Christian myself, I would suggest you studying 1st and 2nd Timothy in which a lot of guidelines and warnings are laid out for persons who desire to teach the Word of God.  It is not a light matter – there are eternal consequences if you handle the Word of God inaccurately.  I would suggest you study what God has said in His Word on this subject and make this a matter of earnest prayer before arriving at a decision.

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@kris325:  Pray and see what God wants you to do. Just because we want to do something it may not be the right season. So just pray! I will not give my opinion on giving…

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I agree with PP’s. In my experience, something that’s been eating at you that long probably isn’t just coming from you! Sounds like The Big Man Upstairs 😉 is nudging!


I’m also wondering if you’ve ever been steadily involved in a small group/sunday school/bible class/etc. What you’re describing sounds like a perfect small group. People with similar views, a laid-back atmosphere that facilitates discussion among friends! Sometimes when I was attending a church where the sermons weren’t up my alley, the small Sunday school classes were spot on and totally worth bearing the sermon! But if you want to start your own church, you could just start a small group and grow from there. Read through some devos, have dinner, take group walks on the beach, whatever. Just something to break the sit, stand, sing, pray monotony of the church setting. There’s no reason you have to be ordained to suggest that kind of get-together. And if the thing grows and needs more “official” leadership that you don’t feel comfortable providing, I’d bet money God would send someone your way. And I would be there in a heartbeat if I could. Sounds amazing.


I’m sorry about your frustration with the traditional church setting… In the past we have bounced back and forth between a Southern Baptist and Non Denominational church. We’ve had issues with the Southern Baptists’ obsession with rules, but found that this particular church is challenging in a way that no other has been. We grow here, and only get complacent other places. And despite the occasional nitpicky leadership, the people in general are fantastic. I finally realized that there is never going to be an organization where everyone agrees on the same thing, particularly a church! Even if the sermons aren’t agreeable, the people and small group discussions can be extremely beneficial. So, if it does turn out that starting your own church isn’t the path for you, I’m sending lots of encouragement and hugs your way on your church hunt! and patience… lots and lots of that too 😉


Good luck! and pray over this like crazy!

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@kris325:  I think it is great that you want to start your own church.


I’d like to add that some of your ideas sound like the practices of a few established churches: Unitarian or Quaker (Society of Friends).


The modern Quaker meeting house has its origins in colonial days. In a lot of these meeting houses, people only speak when the sprit moves them to talk. It is basically informal.


Unitarian churches are loosely based on the Bible and are very accepting of people in every walk of life. Even non-Christians will visit these churches and feel comfortable. 


Both of these churches are too liberal for me but they have their own merits and bring people closer to God.


The outdoor settings you speak of sound like events that churches often hold for young worshippers. But a consistent ongoing outdoor worship setting I haven’t heard of. I am sure you will have an audience that loves this idea.


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I grew up in a place where churches were very judgy and very money focused, too. I will say this: your faith exists within you, and your relationship with god doesn’t need a specific church to flourish. Practice your faith on your own in the outdoor places you are imagining, or start a prayer/bible group that meets there. (full disclosure: i’m an athiest, but believe that everyone should have the faith/religion experience that they want!)

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@kris325:  Idk about this. What you are describing sounds like a Bible study, so maybe you can start that, but filling out a form to get ordained doesn’t sound right at all.


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