(Closed) NWR: Christians who converted from being non-religious – how did you do it?

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PeachyMama:  You can convert to Judaism.  I know people who have done it, but it’s not something that’s easy.

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MsGinkgo: Interesting. Always learning new things ๐Ÿ™‚

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Try reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Helped me along the way ๐Ÿ™‚

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In relation to Islam, you don’t get to decide if you believe in Mohammed or not. He existed, his life was documented, and he left lots of writings  behind. 

That said, and this is where my knowledge gets patchy, I don’t think he is considered divine in Islam, he is a prophet. 

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laschai:  In Spanish, “sin” means “without”. I find it more palatable to traslate “sin” into acting without God, rather than the (as I perceive it to be) judgement-loaded term.  I also agree that there are denominations that do not believe in the literal sense. For example, you’ll notice that Catholic symbols show Jesus on the cross, non-catholics without the body — focusing on the suffering and sacrifice or how the “spirit” lives on (i.e., Jesus off-the-cross).

You might also want to look into b’hai, which believes that God is at the center, and all religions are the different ways that people interpret God.  Lots of people have issues with the various religions and their contradictions and assume that this means that God doesn’t exist. It really means that peoples’ interpretations may be skewed (there are many denominations within all religions, all of which think the others are wrong) but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the “thing” itself that’s being interpreted (i.e., God) doesn’t exist.

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How did I convert…? Sorta a long story.

Growing up I was raised in a very ANTI-Christian household. Christians were the joke of the day every day. In my early teens and throughout highschool I was searching for something. I tried out and researched a lot of different things – settled on Pagan/Wiccan for a while but then fell away from that after about a year or so.

In early University I met my hubby in a first year class… it came up that he was Christian. Initally after learning that my attitude towards him changed from “oh, hey there cutie” to “oh. You’re one of THEM. bye”. He seemed “normal” though and I guess I was curious how he could be Christian and “normal” at the same time. 

I started asking him a bunch of questions covering everything from why Jesus had to die and what the deal with Mary was, to astral projection and lucid dreaming.

He was very good at answering my questions with answers/questions that got me thinking. And I did a LOT of thinking. There were times when I wasn’t sure what was real anymore and times when I felt like my head was arguing with itself. I started reading the bible a few months after we started talking (online) about this stuff on a regular basis. The reason I started reading it though was with the intent of showing him just how silly he was for believing it and to get evidence to disprove it to him… That never happened ๐Ÿ˜›

Initally I came to a point where I wanted to believe it, but I couldn’t – where it seemed like a good thing to believe it in theory but I couldnt bring myself to actually claim the beliefs as mine.

Then I sorta believed it but still had issues with the whole idea of Jesus/sin.

It was honestly a really long time from when I wanted to believe it to when I could say that I actually did believe it, and and even longer time until I could actually bring myself to even just say “Jesus”.


A really big factor for me was that I felt that I needed undeniable proof before I could believe it. But… I GOT that proof. There was a day when Darling Husband and I (dating at the time) were talking together at my house and he needed to go. As soon as he left I just broke down crying for some reason. I still have no idea why. He came back and as we were lying down together I felt… something. It felt similar to the feeling when he would put his hand over my heart only moreso. It felt like someone was literally (well… maybe not literally) holding my heart in their hand. I knew it was God, and that filled my need for proof.

At that point I was still not comfortable with the idea of Jesus, and couldn’t bring myself to say that I actually believed, but after that I knew it was true. (Does that make sense?) There was still a long time from that point to where I could say that ‘yes, I believe’.

It was a very long journey for me. I’d say it was a good 6-months to a year before I was comfortable calling myself Christian and there are still things that are mental hurdles. Praying in public is one of them… Still haven’t managed to bring myself to cross that mental barrier.



As some other people have said – I think the best thing to do is to just read a good study bible (I like the NLT and NIV translations) and ask God to reveal himself to you.

You could also look into signing up for an Alpha course near you or just trying to get more involved in your church community or perhaps a life/community group or small group of some sort. I found it really important for me that I could talk things through with someone that understood what I was struggling with and was able to help me through.

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I became a christian believer at the age of 16. Before then, I was having a horrible time. When I was at secondary school (high school), I thought christianity was weird and that christians were brain-washed……..but I was brain-washed and had these stereotypes in my head. In fact, at that time I knew nothing about the Bible but yet let those around me and at school influence me against Christianity.

On the day my life changed, I was feeling really down. At the age of 15, I overdosed and was depressed due to problems at home (living with someone who was alcoholic, bipolar and suicidal) and school. One day, I was in my dad’s car on the way to McDonalds’, one of my relatives was at home and was in a foul mood (bipolar) and drunk. My dad was telling me in the car that he had a passenger the night before (he is a taxi driver) who told him that Jesus can help you in your time of need if you pray to Him. I was so desperate (no-one else had been able or cared to help me) that I prayed to him in my head there and then begging Him to save me and to sort out everything. 

After that moment, I threw out all of my old spell books (used to have them for fun….but actually they were the worst thing for me) and started reading the Bible. I was sharing a room with my sister at the time and I would read the Bible out loud and she would tell me to shut up….as I guess it annoyed her. My mum was freaking out that I had turned Christian too and said I was brainwashed. 

Things got better and my mum has not relapsed for years, I have two lovely nephews, my mum is getting closer to knowing God, I met my husband who also is a christian and now his mum has become one. My dad is doing better and is a christian now too. 


God really turned my life around, I went to Uni got a brilliant grade, I met my husband there and am really blessed to have him in my life. 


Try praying in Jesus’s name for salvation, faith, wisdom and for Him to work in your life. His name is powerful. 

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” – Matt.7:7.


God has always spoken to me though Jer 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”.


My life was in darkness and now it is in light thanks to praying in Jesus’s name. 


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Also to add, I recommend Lydia Prince’s book called “Appointment in Jerusalem” and Saama Habib’s book “Face to Face with Jesus” as these are personal journeys as Christians and show a relationship between the follower and God. They are very readable and hard to put down.

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I came on wedding bee just to look for a wedding dress and ended up on this post!  Found all the comments so interesting that I felt compelled to reply…

Please watch the video at: http://www.three-two-one.org  its tje video on the main page and is a really succinct explanation of Christianity,  the Trinity, sin and Jesus all in one quick video!!! 

I just want to quickly explain that I am a Christian not because I’ve forced myself to believe it, and take part in ‘religious’ practices like going to church. No, I’m a Christian because when I was in a very dark place, I realised how my life had no direction and I couldn’t find perfect,  consistent love that I so desperately craved.  I read into the Bible and Christianity and realised how it was just not only what I needed,  but that it was true,  God was real,  he made me, loves me and sent his Son to die for me so that I can know Him today and for eternity. Over time I realised that Christianity is not about doing religious things at all- the whole point is that Jesus did everything for me so that whether I’ve had an awful day, a great day or whether I’ve been to church- God loves me regardless.  His love his not based on the good deeds I do, but on the fact that He is an always loving God. Being a Christian now for me is not about me willing myself to believe something.  It’s about how through everyday,  by His Holy spirit, God gives me the faith to know He is always loving,  good and sovereign. It’s about me giving Him back all the glory he deserves,  and doing what I was created to do, worship Him and be in a loving relationship with Him.


Honestly,  reading up about Christianity and then praying that first prayer to invite God into my life and accept Jesus as my Saviour was the best decision I ever made. And everyday I realise  that even more. 

Just wanted to share my opinion, hope that’s okay.  Xx


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I was brought up in a christian home, went to church, and truly believed. I am now an an atheist and have tried to find religion again, as I always thought it was comforting growing up. I honestly cannot make myself believe though and don’t think it is something that you can change about yourself. I try to be more spiritual and find myself relating more to buddhism, but can’t bring myself to believe in any organized religion. 


Best of luck finding what you’re looking for!

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How I did it:  it wasn’t so much me as it was Him. I realized how completely helpless I was and also I thought one day I’m really going to die what will happen to me then? I realized if I died in my present state of unbelief that I would go to he’ll. Nobody gets into heaven by being a good person. You MUST have that saving faith in Jesus Christ. It is by this faith alone that determines your eternal fate. So anyway in my heart and with my mouth I confessed “Jesus please help me! Save me! You are Lord!” (Paraphrasing)   You see, it didn’t matter whether I believed it or not it didn’t change the fact that Christ is the king. Sometimes I struggle,I am just  this tiny person! But that’s ok because Christ is the author and perfector(finisher) of my faith. Meaning he will never leave me alone! Truly it was an life changing experience. I’m not even the same person I used to be. I am just grateful for Christ bc without him I am nothing! Anyway that’s how he did it!

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I think you are just over analyzing every detail. You say Jesus is the son of God, that part you believe? So by our terms doesn’t that also mean he is part God as any son* is part of their father*? Technically speaking in our terms even I am part of my father(earthly). The trinity is a hard concept but I don’t think you have to necessarily decide over night if you believe that part. You believe Jesus is our savior and that’s the first step into Christianity. I would start sat a non denominational church and once you start building a relationship with Christ you will find your specific place.


laschai:  also your mother is correct in that sin seperates us from God. Its unfortunate but every sin pulls us further away and into more sin. I lived my life that way for years, even as I claimed to be Christian. Honestly it wasn’t until two years ago that I started to put in the effort and my whole life has changed. Its a beautiful change and I’m a much better person for it. I still sin and fall into phases of sin where I can and do feel further from Gods presence but those days are much less frequent.

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