(Closed) NWR: Controversial topic…is homosexuality inherited?

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@MsJ2theZ:  Lol! That confused me a bit as well.

I do think it has to do with passing down the family name somehow. But you are 100% correct when you say that having a straight son is no guarantee that name would continue for long. My Grandpa had two sons (dad and uncle) who went on to have only daughters. My cousin has a son with her BF, but the baby has his dad’s last name. And my older sister and I plan to take our FH’s last name. As things stand now, it appears our last name will die out of the family (dad and his brother were the last males born with the name) unless my little sister decides she wants to be a mom and gives the kid her last name.


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It’s not a simple answer.  There are probably underlying genetic factos and developmental factors.  We do know that brain anatomy and activity differences between gay and straight individuals.  Those differences may be shaped by certain chromosomes or by developmental environment, but they are there at birth.

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@peachacid: I’m no geneticist, but I imagine it’s a combination of nature and nurture. It works for traits like height, weight etc, so maybe this too?

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@peachacid:  if we accept that people are born gay, then don’t we also accept that being gay is genetic?

No.  I think it is much more complex there are lots of theories out there if you or your husband is interested wiki is always a good read:


IMO it’s like interests, I don’t think interests are genetic.  Maybe you like the same thing as your parents becasue they introduced you to it, in my case skiing, but my other interests could not be further from my parents or any other relative I can think of.

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@peachacid:  I’m not comfortable with the idea that when a difference can be explained by genetics it’s being likened to a disease.  *ick*

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@peachacid:  I think along the lines of the spectrum theory as well.  I think that we all experience different levels of attraction to different traits – which is why we don’t all fall in love with or become attracted to the same people.  I am straight, but there are women that I will look at think ‘she’s hot’, there are women that can turn me on (but I never fantastize about being intimate with a woman – my mind doesn’t go there), there are men that do nothing for me. 

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I have an old cousin, he’s in his 90’s. He is the only gay person in our family.  He is NOT however, not the only person to not have kids, as in the male line.  Some of the cousins never got married, some people ONLY had girls.  


I have no idea if it’s hereditary or not, I don’t really care either.  Gay people have children all the time so your husband should be ok with his line carrying on, unless his sons are infertile … or he is.


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@peachacid:  thse are things you should def ask your husband.  How would he feel if he didn’t have a son? How would he feel if his son were gay?  How would he feel if his daughter had downsyndrom.

Either he needs to learn perfection dosen’t exist or needs to do some reading about genetics and gender, perhaps both.

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@peachacid:  I have an opinion but I’m too scared to state it because I simply cannot deal with the annoyance of a million private messages 😛 interesting topic though! 

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There is actually a great deal of genetic research showing that there are significant genetic influences to homosexuality. There a lot of limitations to some of the studies, but basically you take a group of identical twins and fraternal twins and compare how often they are concordant (aka the same) when it comes to sexual orientation. Given that they all are sharing the same uterine environment and are being raised in the same home, the difference in concordance between the groups is approximately the amount of genetic influence.

Almost across the board, identical twins are significantly more concordant than fraternal twins when it comes to sexual orientation. Indicating that there are genetic influences to homosexuality.

However, there is still some discordance, even among identical twins, so it is clearly not a strictly genetic trait. There are also environmental factors and some degree of random chance. However, nearly everyone in the scientific community agrees that there is no “gay gene”. Rather, there are likely many many genes which work together to influence many aspects of sexuality and personality, including sexual orientation. Most traits like this are considered “multifactorial”. Meaning that there are likely many genes and environmental factors that all come to together to produce a trait. 

Also, most people that are homosexual are the only person in their family that is homosexual. So not having a family history is not, necessarily, protective and I don’t think your husband should make any assumptions about the orientation of your hypothetical children. Just let your kids be who they are.

ETA: OP, is yor husband’s concern about passing down his name or his genes. Because daughters and sons get the same amount of genetic material from their father. So his duaghters will pass on his genes exactly the same as his sons would. And PPs have made excellent points about infertility, disability, not wanting children, etc. beyond the concerns of homosexuality.

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OP, I would be hesitant about having a child with your husband after your latest update. If you are even slightly concerned he could be an “asshole” as you said, you need to have a serious discussion and really think about this. He assumes he’ll have a boy, doesn’t face the fact he or she or they could be gay? Any child can be born with disabilities. He either is in denial or very narrowminded. Talk to him about this! I wish you all the best and I hope you are wrong and that he loves your future children for who they are, not because of their sexual preferences, gender and whether they carry the family name.




I’ve never thought about homosexuality being genetic, but this is a fascinating thread. My best friend is gay and he doesn’t know of anyone else in his family that is and his sister is straight.






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