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Oh love. Go to your doctor, or a counsellor. And sit that man down and tell him how you feel is valid, even if he doesnt understand where its coming from.

My dad suffers from depression, and has been on anti depressant meds for some years now. It did take a good while of adjusting the dosage of diff tablets up and down, but he has been quite even tempered and ok for about three years now. I was worried that my mothers death would affect him, but he got through it really quite well. To be fair, he was in a bad way before the meds, and there were a few suicide attempts. The meds have really turned everything around for him.

You are entitled to whatever you need to feel well in yourself, and your mental health deserves the same consideration as any other aspect of your health. If you were having ongoing diarrhoea, or headaches, or something, you would take it seriously.  I am really glad you want to be well and around for your family. You deserve it for yourself as well.

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I agree – speak with a professional.  Ask your primary care doctor for a referral or go through your insurance for someone good and local.  It’s a good place to start!

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Please seek help from a doctor or a counselor as Aunt Pol said.  Also- it may take a while to find the best med and dose for you.  I suffer from depression, and I take meds, and it makes a big difference in my life.  You deserve to feel better. 

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Please talk to your doctor. There are so many great medicines that can work for you.

I have a degree in physchology and this was one of the biggest debates in college, but I always came to the conclusion that most people were leaning towards suicide anyone prior to taking anti-depressants and when those didn’t work they felt that there was no hope.

You doctor can work with you to help you pick the best medicine to incorporate into your lifestyle. My dad suffered from depression and went through years of anger management and the best thing he did was to go on anti-depressants a couple of years ago. It has changed his life and allowed him to enjoy life.

I wish you the best. You are very brave for recognizing that you are suffering and are looking out for help. Your son is very lucky.

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Go to your doctor. If you don’t like that one, go to another. I have taken meds for depression when I was in high school, but they weren’t the right ones for me. I should’ve gone back and gotten different ones, but I didn’t speak up. It’s a constant battle, but I promise you, it’s something you can get through and grow from.

Also, one of my parents tried to commit suicide when I was 19. It’s been 12 years and I will never forget. It haunts me. Please, if you really feel this way, go to the doctor and constantly remind yourself that, no matter the age of your child, he/she needs you.

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I definitely think you should go talk to someone.  There are so many different types of antidepressants and dosages that something will work for you if you truly have a depression issue. 

I’ve been on wellbutrin, celexia, and a few others.  I highly suggest Wellbutrin – it seems to have the lowest levels of side effects.  The suicide issue is usually only those under the age of 18 due to their bodies still balancing out.  If you’re over that age it really shouldn’t be an issue.  Everyone is different but the only side effect that I had with Wellbutrin and/or celexia was sleeping issues (my mind is always going 100 mph, but that’s pretty normal for me anyways).

Definitely talk with your doctor.  Depression (true depression, not situational) has nothing to do with how great your life is or anything like that.  Typically it’s chemically related – neurotransmitters in your brain.

-Good Luck and PM if you would like any more details.

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I’m so sorry you are going through this! I definitely agree with the others, that you should see a doctor right away. Based on what I hear/see, it seems that those who commit suicide while taking antidepressants are actually usually some type of bipolar, but were mis-diagnosed with depression. Anti Depressants are typically not used to treat bipolar, but instead, mood stabilizers are used. (Please correct me if I am wrong, bees.)

I think the key is to be very specific when telling your doctor/psychiatrist about your symptoms, so that he/she can diagnose you correctly.

As far as people treating you differently, there is no law that says you have to discuss this with people. And if they judge you for it, in my eyes they are closed minded. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a real illness, just like any illness.

PLEASE take the next step in getting help. Don’t wait. I think you’ll be surprised how many options are out there! Best of luck to you!

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That’s tough, and it’s especially tough when people tell you that you have a great life and need to focus on the good things etc. because people with depression can’t do that. It’s frustrating because you feel like you should be able to make yourself happy but you just can’t. I don’t have a severe depression (mine is mostly anxiety related) but I do take a mild anti-depressant. I think it has helped and I don’t think that it has made me have increased thoughts of suicide. Depression runs in my family, as in everyone in my immediate family has it, so I don’t really feel ashamed admitting it because I know it’s not something I can help (it’s never something someone can help) and I don’t think people treat me differently. Not everyone knows and no one has to know if you don’t want them to. I do have a few friends who I have shared this with and who also know that I see a counselor. I would definitely recommend seeing a counselor also. It is so nice knowing that I have someone I can just get my thoughts out to and I won’t be judged. I feel so much more emotionally healthy since I started seeing her.

When I started feelnig the symptoms of depression and started thinking about doing something, I was very much against taking meds for it because I thought I should just be able to make myself happy on my own and not rely on a stupid pill. But something my aunt said when we talked about it which made me really think is, would you rather be unhappy like this forever or take a stupid pill and be happier? 

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HUGGSSSS. i am so sorry that you are hurting like this right and feeling the serious symptoms of clinical depression.

i obviously agree with the PP’s that you need to seek help from a medical professional and go on their recommendations on what is right for your in your situation.

good for you for having the courage to face it head-strong and wanting to seek help. you are so much ahead in getting back to your “norm” than you already think you are.

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I suffered from depression for years. It has only been in this past year that I have seemed to overcome those feelings. I did some pretty drastic things at certain points in my life and I am certainly not proud of those moments. However, that pointed me in the direction of serious counseling. That was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. It taught me so much about what depression is and the fact that it isn’t YOUR fault. It is a disease, and even people with all the money, the looks, the great jobs and awesome people in their lives can suffer from it. So, no, it has nothing to do with the fact that your life is bad or not, it is just a mental state. I personally wanted to try counseling before I tried medication. However, I know lots of people who took medication for it and it really helped them. Counseling seemed to do the trick for me, but everyone is different. Explain this to your partner and start taking the necessary steps to helping yourself. In this situation, you clearly have others (your child and s/o, and I’m sure many more) that care about you. You are doing this not only for yourself but for them. You have already made the first step in reaching out for help here in the hive.

You can do it!! Good luck 😀

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@SamanthaSadlier makes a very good point. I went to a counselor before getting on medication. The counselor was the one who suggested that I should try anti-depressants. I definitely think you should start with the counselor first. They can help you through side effects or anything with the medication also if you go that route eventually.

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Also, drag your partner along with you to a counselor and have them explain that depression is a chemical imbalance issue, not an issue with how good or bad your life is.  Antidepressants aren’t about feeling happy all the time, they’re about feeling normal.  About getting that huge, heavy black weight off your shoulders.  Good luck.

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Commiting suicide and thoughts of suicdide is a possible side effect. I know a few people who have been on anti-depressants and they are doing great. I had bad depression in high school, it got a little better once I graduated but when my grandpa passed away and 4 months later my cousin died it got worse. I ended up on welbutrin with counseling. Taking an antidepressant was the best thing I did (if i forgot to take it you could tell). I had to go back to my doctor every 30days where we would decision any side effects in there were any and how I was feeling, he’d then write me another prescription for the next 30 days. You are suppose to consult your doctor before you stop taking them.

I think you should visit your doctor explain your fears with taking anti-depressants. I had a lot going on so I needed the therapy but maybe you could try it and see if it helps at all.

Depression is just a chemical imbalance in your brain and the pill helps even it out in there.

Stay positive! Good Luck.

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