(Closed) NWR – Do SO/FI's eating habits affect YOUR weight?

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  • poll: SO makes ME eat healthy/work out
    SO makes it difficult but I'm able to stick with what I want : (49 votes)
    34 %
    SO makes it impossible to eat healthy/sabotages my diets : (45 votes)
    31 %
    SO has no effect on me; I'd eat this way regardless : (26 votes)
    18 %
    We have radically different diets (vegan/crazy carnivore, etc.) Give details! : (9 votes)
    6 %
    Other : (14 votes)
    10 %
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    I gained like ten lbs when I first moved in with my now husband! He was all for ordering takeout all the time and he is picky so it was just easier. I had to get back to my healthy ways once I realized how terribly we were eating. Now we have both lost weight!

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    My Boyfriend or Best Friend cooks really well and he shares my love of dessert, candy, cookies, etc. We can sometimes be bad influences on each other. On the other hand, we influence each other to be more active, go running, work out – not as often as we should but more than we would on our own. I’m hoping it balances out…… 🙂

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    Nope, but probably because we don’t live together and only have dinner and sometimes lunch together. And he’s not a huge eater anyway. He snacks more than he eats big meals. 

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    @MrsDocHorrorShow:  Yes! We’ve been together almost two years now and I have put on 30 pounds. The way I eat has changed dramatically. I used to eat a high protein, high fruit and veggie, low carb diet and now I eat all the crap he does, and dessert (used to be no sugar) and I can’t seem to fix it. It is so hard and frustrating. I have a really hard time not blaming my weight gain on him, because I know only I truly control what I eat, but some days I just wish that he ate like I used to. I hate the weight gain. 🙁

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    We actually eat pretty healthy and encourage each other to do so. However, he really likes beer and larger portions, or whatever and that can get me into trouble, but generally it’s fine.

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    SO makes it difficult: 50% sabotage and 50% I stick with what I want

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    Somewhere in between. When we first got together, I gained a little weight, but I’ve since lost it. Then my thyroid went all screwy, and I gained despite being a good girl. That weight is gone, but Darling Husband does influence me to cheat every now and again.

    Poor guy. He just put on a pair of pants today and now they are way too small. He’s gained more weight than I have.

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    Yes! Ever since I moved in with him 4 years ago I have been eating like shit. I gained 50lbs due to illness when I first met him. I lost most of it before we moved in, I used to eat healthy and barely eat. When we moved in together I gained all that weight back plus another 30! He and his family eat like crap and they eat alot of it. We hang around his family alot so I end up eating a ton of crap. Plus when I try to diet he sabotages it by convincing me to eat taco bell with him all the time and we always end up buying healthy food and eating crap instead. It’s so hard because I have a thyroid issue that makes my weight a problem and I also have serious self image issues and used to have an eating disorder in high school. I always end up upset because of how we eat and how awful I look.

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    He definitely messed up my healthy habits, him and his family. I used to go to the gym daily and eat very well, they started making it almost impossible to have time for the gym and kept feeding me delicious bad for me food!

    Now I’m trying to get back to where I was before we started dating, and it’s difficult.

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    Actually he motivates me to want to work out and eat healthy, and I motivate him. It’s nice to have that kind of support. 

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    Yes.  Darling Husband and I both tend to eat pretty healthy (lots of fruits and veggies and whole grain, not a whole lot of red meat, and not very much processed crap at all), but we eat different amounts.  I’m very rarely hungry and dinner time, and I could quite happily just go to bed without dinner every single day.  I frequently did on my own.  I was still getting enough calories and eating enough, but I just didn’t eat much.

    Now that we live together, though, Darling Husband worries about me not eating.  He tries to get me to eat dinner with him every night (and usually succeeds because even though I’m not hungry, the food in front of me smells delicious), so I’ve upped my caloric intake by 500 calories or so per day.

    In addition, he’s very active (plays hockey a couple times each week) and has crazy metabolism, so he keeps lots of snacks around.  They’re healthy snacks, but they’re there, and I end up eating them.

    We also tend to eat out more often together than when single, and restaurant portions are crazy huge.

    I’ve put on about ten or fifteen pounds since our wedding in January.  I’ve started really cutting out most of breakfast and lunch so I can have dinner with Darling Husband without turning into a landwhale.


    ETA: He also encourages me to be more active than I might be otherwise, so that helps.

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    When my Fiance and I moved in together I slowly started gaining weight.  After about three years, I had put on 35-40 lbs.  This was mostly my fault though, as I started making fresh breads at home and then developed some really bad eating habits on top of this.  At the begining of this year Istarted losing the weight (no more midnight snacking lol) and we have started taking our dog on longer walks.  I’ve lost just over 35lbs now.  My Fiance has even lost about 30 lbs (he’s 6’2″, so it’s not as drastic on him as it is on me).

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    My weight has stayed pretty steady since we got together but Darling Husband has lost a couple of stone. He’s also lost the big dark circles under his eyes and his skin has improved dramatically. 

    All this because I rule the food in the house rather than his mother (who fed him nothing but refined carbs and processed meat from what I can see).

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